Have Barbers gone extinct?

Linds introduced me to this guy the other day.

I have laughed 423 times over this very photo. 
I’d call this a hilarious caloric burner. 

You are welcome for the workout. 

**someone needs some man-scaping**

I am just going to guess {pray} that this man does not have anyone to kiss at this time. 


I have a hard time deciding what color nail polish to go with.
Purple, silver, hot pink…. 

{and everyone can see my dilemma}

My right hand has 5 fingers of hot pink. 

After a day of this look, I will most likely just go with clear. Clear is one of my favorite colors. Yours too?
We have so much in common. 

It’s Friday. {It’s Friday, gonna get down on Friday}
I know you all know that annoying song.

What’cha doin’ this weekend?
I hope it’s something fun and that could only involve air conditioning. Can I get an amen?

The Coach is working; again….and we have a wedding to attend. I love a good cry wedding. I found out yesterday that the wedding will take place outside. While the sun is still out. 
Do you think they will notice if we skip the clothes wearing part?

Whatever you do, take lots of pictures and share on Monday. 
{Monday, Monday, gonna get down on Monday}

Bee colorful.
Bee funny.
But please whatever you do, trim your face!


24 thoughts on “Have Barbers gone extinct?”

  1. haha! ;o)it has to be hot pink! well, that's what colour my toes will be on holiday next week! Gotta have a bit of hot pink on the beach, right?Have a fab weekend…hugshello gorgeous xxx


  2. HA! That stache would hold a lot of soup and ice cream! I had a stache for ten years, God bless my wife for putting up with it, and it sure is hard to eat with all that dragging through your food. As far as air-co goes: here in upstate New York I had to wear a sweater yesterday evening and we walked the dogs this am with jackets on: 52 very cold degrees this morning. It will be snowing in just 2 months, in October….


  3. Gah! Mustache man looks like one of those little kids' activities where you use the magnet to put hair on the bald guy!TGIF! Happy Weekend!


  4. It is the commentary on pictures like this one that really make me laugh…who comes up with this stuff!??? They must have a comedic degree! Dude might be part Taliban, cuz I know how them there Talibs love them some 'stache. Eewwww.Go for the purple! It's a color of royalty, my Queen Bee. We're dogsitting for 2 furbabies, so we're all headed off to dog beach tomorrow. Weather is mild and boring, typical San Diego. (hee hee) We're going to swim, swim, swim, swim! And then I'm gonna get my guest bedroom ready for out of towners….we're having a surprise 50th b-day party for one of our closest friends on the 28th. His family is coming into town and staying with us to surprise him. He was the best man at our wedding!If I have time, I'm planting succulents and kissin' and huggin' on my doggies. I send kisses and hugs to your babies too! xoxo


  5. All I can say is that he probably doesn't have a lady in his life. Poor dude. And if he does, then poor girl. : pI like hot pink polish..but only on my toes. I never do my fingers. : )


  6. Yipes—-I didn't laugh at that first picture much, but did say YUK… Can you imagine watching him EAT?????? Gads!!!!Have a great weekend. We have no plans other than the usual weekend stuff…Hugs,Betsy


  7. Can you just imagine what that looks like after every meal?We'll just hang around the house tomorrow, then have steaks on the grill. Too many tourists around to go anywhere.Hope it isn't terribly hot and that you enjoy the wedding.


  8. You are funny – – – even with just ordinary stuff going on – – you make it comical.Our weekend plans are delightfully uneventful – – – and hope nothing messes that up. We have had enough excitement for a while. Prepping walls for painting sounds like fun to us. hmmmmmmm – – do we need therapy? That's what we are calling painting! Ha!


  9. Suz, I love how you write just to me and make it seem like you care about your other Followers at the same time. You are one sneaky girl!How did you know that my favorite color was clear too? I mean, the other colors were fine if you were moving into a trailer court or hanging out at Walmart all day or you just happen to be my Mom. But if you're not any of those three, stick with clear.Your Friend, m.p.s. That man's mustache would tickle my thighs. m.


  10. a wedding?! i can't wait to see the pics :)i have felt the heat really setting in… i think august is the hottest! ugh! were you playing that ring-around-the-rosie nail polish game???


  11. I have learned that it is trendy now to have different colored fingernails on one hand. Who knew? So, you are very trendy! I change my polish every saturday. RIght now I am wearing a pale beige color with silvery tips. Next, probably a deep peacock color. Orly and OPI are my faves.That mustache is gross!


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