My legs are DOWN here!

The coach has many talents and is SO good at so many things that I almost hate to point out his one fault. 

 But if I don’t, then who will? 

We are more than just pretty heads. 

{For years, I have been telling the Coach: “please please look AT all OF ME…not just the brain part”} 

Ok, better. 

Yeah,  we have lower limbs too. Yes, Lets get the whole package, shall we?

Good job honey.

{lo looks like a glama-zon next to me}

We attended the wedding of a very close friend this weekend. Well, it is our very close friends’ SON. 
{You know you are getting old when this happens, right?}

We had so MUCH fun! 
I danced so much…it was almost like I was 20 years old again. Although when I was 20, I did not have to wake up in the middle of the night and pop an advil (or three) for my aching knees!

I’m lucky I didn’t break a hip…NOW, that would have caused a scene. 

*One more week until school starts. Both my girls are so excited….I going to have them tested for alien-ness*

PS. I watched Urban Cowboy yesterday…did you love that movie too? Is is just me or did John Travolta make living in a trailer and hanging out in bars look like fun?

I’m just joshin’ you. 

How was your weekend? I hope you took photos…cause that is what I told asked you to do. 

If you let me down, I can’t be responsible for my actions. Actually, I just can’t be responsible. 


28 thoughts on “My legs are DOWN here!

  1. Wow, the three of you look gorgeous! Coach is one lucky guy. He must have been the envy of the entire room when he walked in with the three of you.I never realized how tall Lo is. Hmmm….Stud is about 6'2\” now…they're going to make such a cute couple. 😉


  2. If getting only your brainy part in a picture is Coach's only fault, I would think you have a real keeper. I'm glad the advil was handy to help you get over your good time at the wedding.


  3. There you are with all your goodies hanging out again.I haven't been to a wedding in awhile and if it ran all night, I don't know if I could handle it. I'm getting up there, ya know! But don't tell anyone, that's just for you. I want them to assume I'm as young as I look. You will never see a shot of me from behind. I'm not enjoying my inreasing bald spot.This weekend, I took a few photos. Went to the drive-ins and saw Cowboys and Aliens(mostly for Daniel Craig) and Planet of the Apes. Not the best movies in the world but the kids like them.What else? What else? Oh, went to Ikea in Baltimore yesterday. I always like to go there to see if there is anything that I need but didn't know it.Well, that's about it. You're totally caught up with my life eventhough you didn't ask for it.Sorry to hog up all your Comment space.m.


  4. Oh my GAWWWWWWD!!! I am in love, love, love, LURVE with your puh-pul dress!!!!!!! Red and purple, I do so adore those colors. Suz, you look stunning, such a great party dress. The three of you are knockouts. How in the world did Coach not bring his shotgun to the wedding to ward off all the nutbags? I was always excited for school too, Ed says it was just because I was an immigrant nerd. The nerve!I did take pictures. Now I just have to get my lazy arse on top of uploading and organizing. Happy Monday!


  5. Anonymous

    You three have the most itty-bitty waists!!!!! You all look gorgeous in your pretty dresses! I think Coach did a pretty good job on the 3rd try!Larry always places us where we look like we were wearing a lampshade in our photos!!!!! Mildred


  6. thanks for ALWAYs making me laugh!!! that bit about not being able to be responsible!!! love it!the three of you look beautiful! i think digital must help coach's photo skilss cuz at least then you can check what he took and then immediately tell him what he did wrong 🙂


  7. Great photos, Suz…. Coach has THREE gorgeous women in his life…. Talk about feeling old though… As you know, I'm now on Facebook. WELL–today I caught up with a student I taught in high school in 1965, my first teaching job out of college. This little girl (student) now has two kids and five grands…. GADS–that makes me how old????? ha haHugs,Betsy


  8. You girls look fab! I love it.You've followed my doings on Twitter-though I didn't tweet that I danced and danced Sunday night at a concert in the park. That makes two weeks in a row–I don't know myself anymore.Which is making me think–when we finally do meet \”irl\” dancing will have to be on the agenda!


  9. The three of you are truly breathtaking. Coach had to be in his glory, walking into a church and reception with the three of you on his arm!This reminds me of the times my mom, my sister and myself had our photo taken together. You can never do it often enough, Suz! xo


  10. Hi, again, Suz,You all look beautiful here. I bet you did have fun and that the pain was worth it.You have a week till school? I start tomorrow. Be sure to take pictures of Lo in her dorm room…that will count as her first day of school pictures. What a special time for all of you.Also, be sure to enjoy that 'back to school' shopping with your girls. We made a deal about it every year. This is the first time in 24 years that my girls are not going back to school, so that shopping event is not necessary.However, Emily helped me find some comfortable shoes and pants that actually fit me!Talk to you again soon. Make a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie


  11. the little plums dont fall far from the tree! if you notice, (and why wouldnt you?) both girl's hands are poised just like da mama's!sooooooooo cute..


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