Whoop. THERE it is.

I was going to keep quiet today. WAS.

I could not keep quiet today cause someone special has a birthday.
I know I know… someone special has a birthday EVERY DAY…but this someone special reads my blog everyday.

{{Hi Patrick!!!!}}

Today is my Cuz Patrick’s birthday!!!! 

 Patrick, you are my fave Cuz…please, lets keep that between me, you and a million other people. ok?? You know…don’t tell your brother!

Patrick is 29 today!!!! Yikes…cuz you are getting old. 
I am just pulling your leg. (did you feel that?)

Birthdays for Patrick are quite the holiday….big breakfasts, lunches and dinners with fun activities in the middle too. Usually a movie, bowling, trapeze flying or mountain climbing. 
Ok, I was exaggerating with the bowling. 

Patrick is SO excited about Lo going to college …a few weeks ago he sent a care package of school supplies for her. Isn’t that the sweetest???
Yes, it is. 

Patrick, we are wishing you a bright and beautiful day…I hope you have a smile on your face all day…cause that is what I am wearing on mine when I think of YOU.

I can’t hear this song and NOT think of my Cuz Patrick. 
Hey Patrick, turn up the volume your parents LOVE this song too!!

Now, try and get that song out of your head today. Mwaaaahhhhhhh

23 thoughts on “Whoop. THERE it is.

  1. Aaaah, sweet, handsome Patrick. How do you do it? How do you stay so 'hood? A straight gangsta thug (whoop there he is!) with a million dollar smile. 🙂 Happy Birthday and may you have a thousand more!


  2. what fun for patrick today!!! you are probably his fav cousin, too!! i loved meeting him (finally!) at lolo's graduation 🙂 happy birthday patrick! i hope there is a baseball game tonight!!


  3. Happy Birthday to a super special relative of our blogger friend! It looks like your families have enjoyed some great times together. I love seeing the age progression of everyone.


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