Well she did it. Lo chose an education over living under our roof. 
Kids these days. 

I did not get any pictures of her dorm because the lil’ camera I brought with me was having issues and my droid is mad at me for dropping it 57 times. It now refuses to take photos. Whatev. Sissy phone. 

Here is her loot prior to leaving the house, plus a suitcase of clothes suitable for a year long visit to Europe. 

(Jenn, not as organized as your sons. The beauty of throwing it all in the car.)

Did I tell you that little sister asked big sister a few weeks ago: Are you taking ALL your stuff to school with you?
Lo: NO, why?
Linds: Well, I really wanted to have your closet. 

Silly girl, that closet has my name all over it. 🙂

Overheard in the dorm:

Lo to one of her roommates while standing in their fully equipped kitchen. (very sweet young lady, also a softball player)

Lo: I really don’t know what I will be cooking in here. I don’t know how to make anything….     (she is exaggerating, I swear!)
Roommate: Me neither.
Lo with a light bulb over her head: Oh, wait, I can bake cookies!
Roommate: Oh, yes, I CAN bake too.
Together, no longer worried: Oh, yeah, we’ll be fine.

Cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Freshman 15 anyone? 

A former high school-mate is staying on the floor above Lo.
He comes in says hello and asks the girls present:
Can someone help me put the sheet thingys on my bed? I have never done that before. 

I quietly laughed.  Surely his Mom would be appalled. 

I was reluctant about leaving her, but then I heard this voice in my head saying: SINK or SWIM. 
She became a strong swimmer at five.

Have a beautiful weekend, it might be a good time to change your sheet/thingys!

29 thoughts on “TGI~College

  1. I am so jealous of her full kitchen…not that we would have used it. But it sure does beat a mini-fridge and an illegal microwave. We weren't allowed to have ANYTHING to cook with in our dorm room! During inspections, my roommate would hide it on her bed and we would pile pillows on top of it:)


  2. OMG, Suz, just reading this made my heart pound, and my eyes tear up. How is your baby in college? I'm so glad Stud has no desire to go away to school. I know how selfish that is on my part, but right now, I don't care. I just dropped him off about 10 minutes ago for his first day of senior year, and I was teary-eyed as I pulled away. I know, I'm a loser…


  3. You are in my heart…as is your young swimmer. It's going to be a wonderful, exciting, fun, horizon-expanding, maturing, hilarious, friend-making, EDUCATIONAL experience! You did a great job, Mom & Dad! I hope that you will take a moment to rejoice, while you are missing her. You prepared her well, and she is swimming on her own…but still within driving distance to home, which is a great thing, especially freshman year! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}


  4. I seriously would have been all Rodney Dangerfield-like. I have tears FOR YOU. How did you do it?! Brave, Suz – really brave!But still – HOW EXCITING!!lol abt the closet… 😉


  5. I didn't realize college dorms came with kitchens nowadays. I had to make do with a hot plate, and I had to keep that hidden when not in use. How times have changed.I hope you and Linds don't have to go to war over the closet. Have a great weekend.


  6. Anonymous

    These are exciting times. I wish Lo a great first year. I still stay in touch with a group of college girlfriends. When we get together some 35 year later, it's as if we are still 18 again! Blessings to you all this weekend, M. Lane


  7. Ha, the boy who wanted help with sheet/thingies was probably just trying to get attention from the girls!Hope it goes well for her. No doubt she will have no shortage of cookies to provide nutrition.


  8. When we took OS to college, he was more interested in seeing his friends than letting us settle him in. When MS went last year, he moved himself in (he was only 15 minutes away and his roommate is from our \”twin city\”). I went up later in the day and their room was a mess. I walked into his suitemates' room, and his dad was hanging curtains! Their room was completely organized and looked great. Wonder how awful they thought MS' & his roommates' parents were for not helping?


  9. Oh the fun of dormlife!The best is when I saw a family moving their daughter out in a U-Haul and the dad fretting the stuff would not fit…then two guys walked out with a box with 2 plates, a baseball glove, a frisbee , a toaster and a pot and each carrying a duffle bag of clothing and they tossed the stuff in the trunk and said, \”Where should we stop for lunch?\”Everyone survives…(or sinks some in the process.)


  10. Good Morning, Suz,Oh, how did I miss this post…I was about to cry then I got to the part about the \”sheet thingys\” and I laughed out loud. Too funny! That would have been the perfect opportunity for you to run up there and teach them all how to make a perfect hospital corner!(Remind me to tell you my can opener story sometime.)Anyway, I will keep you in my thoughts during this tough transition time. She is going to be wonderful at college life!Enjoy the rest of the weekend. ~Natalie


  11. That is hard. I am beginning to watch my friends send their kids off to school and it scares me. But I know your swimmer will do great. She's got a good head on her shoulders and she's got great parents too. And it doesn't hurt to know how to bake cookies.: )


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