Love bites.

Or should I say: I heart hearts??

I dunno.
but anyhoo…..

While we were in Wyoming, this love muffin was sending me a message. 

You know that love is the international language…right? Needs no translation. Even in Muffin talk. 

I recently took a bit out of this plum and it immediately told me: I LOVE YOU Suz. 

While it said I love you, it dripped juice down my blouse. 

{yes, I still wear blouses. don’t you?}

I promise, that was ONE random bite…love…it is meant to be. BTW: LOVE IS MESSY!

This tater attracted my attention while we were still in the store. It called to me across the produce dept: 
 Hey little lady, come hither. 

And I hithered….

Some people have the nerve to say carbs are BAD??? 

I hope that today YOU are also feeling the love. And remember, if you are about to love on a plum, put on a bib and save your blouse.

{I am totally going to design chic adult bibs!} 


25 thoughts on “Love bites.

  1. Your blog is back to normal! yay! So – one of my mom's Bunco ladies makes a \”thing\” that goes around the back of your neck, and on each side of the \”thing\” (they fall to the front) it has a clasp – to clasp on a paper towel or napkin. I did a horrible job of describing it – but the fabric was cute and I think she could sell those babies (says the women who dripped butter sauce down the front of her shirt – JUST IN TIME FOR PHOTOS).


  2. Do you know why the heart is that shape? It's not because that truly is the shape of a human heart. It's because that is the shape of a woman from behind bending over.Obviously a man designed it ;)Seriously, that's what I was told.Now I can never look at hearts the same way again!!


  3. Wow! Interesting. I read once that every time you find a rock in the shape of a heart, it's God's way of saying, \”I love you\”. : )Awww, I see that your Lo is off to school now. I hope you guys are doing ok with the adjustment. Why do kids have to grow up???But the \”closet topic\” made me laugh. That's always the coveted possession when someone flies the coop. Take care,M.L.


  4. Hi There, Your post today reminded me of another blog friend, Cheryl in Maine. She collects hearts everywhere she goes. She constantly shows us pictures she takes of the hearts. They just jump out at her. You have found a great group yourself… Spread that LOVE.Hugs,Betsy


  5. Love is definitely in the air around you, Suz…but because it's so messy, I think we should wear Hefty bags, with holes for head and arms.That first one looks a little bit like a rooster too. Head looking off to the right….like a wind thing-y on the barn roof.


  6. You should really feel loved, my friend. But you really don't need food to tell you. We tell you every day by coming and commenting on your fun posts. Hugs and LOVE! : )


  7. I love the LOVE – – – but I want one of the fashionable bibs to wear when I eat spaghetti. Seems like I generally have a light-colored blouse – – – I wear them, too – – – when the craving for Italian hits.


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