–Tid-bits– Dirty Dinner, Sweet Sisters and Depressed Dogs.

Bits of Tid?

Twice this week I was halfway through the cutting of a ‘mater for our salad…when I realized the sticker was STILL on it. 
Which means, I did NOT wash them. 
Which means, we are going to DIE.

{I wish I could grow tomatoes in 97 degree weather}

Aren’t dramatic people annoying? 


Linds has had a great first week as a sophomore. 
She is liking all her classes and is loving being a part of the Varsity dance team. {Go Bears!}
If I could have her hair, I would never complain about anything. ever.

Did I tell you that she has ALL honors classes?
 I don’t know where the stork left my real children, you know, the ones who don’t like school. Oh wait, they are probably those loud kids who hang out at the mall all day. never.mind.

She is also taking a child-care class this year. 
{Now that is a class that should be mandatory before giving birth!} At some point soon, they will have actual children that they care for during the day. Her choosing this class baffled me; she does not really care for children…unless they are related to us. And even then, she is iffy. 

Linds informed me that she has to take out all her piercings prior to this class so she does not scare all the kiddos. 

That was a trick statement…she doesn’t have any piercings. that.I.know.of.

I wonder if anyone has ever failed this class? I’ll let you know in June. 

LoLo is loving college life. 
{although two of her roommates are party girls. THIS bugs me}
She sent me a text this week: 
“My math teacher has pink streaked hair. LMAO. I love this place!”

She made an impromptu visit home this week. {She was retrieving a letter from her boyfriend who is at boot camp in TX} 

They miss each other….THIS floored me.
Did you know that absence makes the heart grow fonder? 

I’m going to trademark that saying, so don’t quote me. ok?

She was home for a few hours; she enjoyed a home cooked meal, watched Tangled with her sister, decorated a t-shirt to wear/support her sister while she’s dancing on the football field and washed a few loads of laundry. 

And these two? 

Don’t they look depressed? actually, that is how they always look. 

They knew something was up while Lo was packing up her stuff…and for the next few days, they both acted really weird. Cocoa kept going in Lo’s room, looking around and Ozzie spent a good part of one day sleeping in the mud room by the garage door. HE never lays in there.

Now that I think about it…they must have been confuzzled about the cleanliness of her room when she left. 

I forgot what color the floor was in here. It’s all coming back to me now.

Oh, and that Ozzie. He has been having more health issues. I’ll spare you the details right now, but we should have purchased an extended warranty when we adopted him. 🙂

Aye caramba. 

{gosh, I love Mexican food!}

Well, that is enough bits of tid for today.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends! 
And for heavens sakes, don’t eat any dirty ‘maters!

28 thoughts on “–Tid-bits– Dirty Dinner, Sweet Sisters and Depressed Dogs.

  1. A math teacher with pink hair? Oh my gosh.I am old.I love your absence makes the heart grow fonder line. You are a brilliant poet for sure.Your dancer is the best. LOVE her hair and her pretty eyes.Love your dogs and the clean floor and the drama around your tomatoes.Happy weekend.


  2. WTH!!! I mean…wth. Didn't mean to shout so early in the am. Linds is just awesome. Along with her lil sis. Along with her folks. Does that make ya feel old, being called *the folks*? What more can I say…you got some keepers Suz. And you're one of mine. So I'll keep coming back to harass you..for life… That is, if the computer will keep up with me for a while longer….it's a folk too. TGIF! And I'm gonna trademark that one:) Have an adventurous weekend..


  3. Anonymous

    Glad to hear Linds is enjoying school and her hair is so long and pretty! Lo looks very happy and I imagine the pups miss her a lot! Hope Ozzie will be ok. Enjoy the weekend.M. Lane


  4. I never get tired of looking at those beautiful babies of yours. Gorgeous!!!Now that I know you've been eating dirty tomatoes, I'll have to remember not to kiss you on the mouth. *snicker*xoxox


  5. I want Lind's hair too. In fact, I would take anyone's hair at this point. What the hell is happening to me???And although I won't quote you, I will remember you as the woman who came up with that marvelous quote. You're so smart!m.


  6. We have one person in our family whose absence causes rejoicing from his siblings. Perhaps I could send him to your dogs and they would perk up a bit (or else they might attack him – but the gamble might be worth it.)


  7. You've made me feel older than I usually feel. Times sure have changed — I'm a former college math professor, and I can't imagine a math teacher with pink hair.But you should be proud of both of your daughters. They are both keepers. I hope Ozzie gets better soon.


  8. Okay – – – now that I am off your page, I will forget half of what I was going to say – – but our girls who are five years apart, became better friends after the older went to college.Bummer for the dog – – – and also your pocketbooks. Our cats – – well one of them – – – really misses our older daughter who just moved into her new house. She can't take him there because she wants an inside cat and he loves the outdoors. He is older and would get confused so we get to keep him!


  9. Ew on not washing your veggies. I am a weirdo about washing stuff like that before we eat it. So yeah, wash those veggies. : )Your girls are so sweet…and missing each other is a sweet thing. I'm glad you captured it for us. Aww factor of 10! So sorry your fur baby is having troubles. That is never any fun…cuz the money you might have fun with ends up going to the vet! : /


  10. I actually wash the softer fruits and veggies with the sticker on them. (Don't you just hate when the sticker peels some skin?) Then it's a quick clean at the spot when we are ready to use the fruit or veggie.


  11. Hi, Suz,Love your post here…that is so sweet that the girls are missing each other.Yes, I can vouch for the fact that it is possible to fail Child Development…and Independent Living…and Fashion…and Basic Foods. But not your daughter. She is smart and she is motivated…Hope your fur baby will be OK…Take care ~Natalie


  12. hi suz and crew… PLEASE stay safe during the hurricane, if it comes near you, my peeps, i will KILL IRENE! i will gladly stand between you and the storm to protect your dogs, i mean you. 🙂


  13. Hey there BBSuz,Just making the rounds and wanted to say hi.. I just loved this post- it was really uplifting and it's so nice to read about your family and to hear what's been going on.. The girls are just darling and I loved the pic of the dogs.. Hehe!Sorry to hear about Ozzie and I hope his health problems aren't too serious and can be resolved…Anyhow .. a very wonderful weekend to you and I'll be back again soon…Hugs, Leesa


  14. you know, as i read i think of what i want to say in the comments, but then you make me LAUGH and i forget what i want to say. fist though, i love how this commenty thing is a window now- L.O.V.E. it is my favorite commenty- way 🙂 so back to you 🙂 i think you might be ok after the tomato scare… you looked decent yesterday and i think you are probably going to pull thru!!! and if i had linds' hair? i would not ever complain about anything EVER again. i would even take half & then WE could share. loved seeing her dance last night!!! and lolo's shirt was AMAZING! did you let her do glitter??? cuz it was very sparkly 🙂 i sent you some pics :)xoxo


  15. I'm so glad you didn't die from unwashed tomato poisoning.Then who would make us laugh?The kids sounds like they are doing great.How are you doing with the whole new school year thing.


  16. Congratulations to that HONOR student! That's hard work, and to be able to keep up with all of that and still be on the dance team is quite an achievement!So glad that your college girl is having fun and still has time to stop by the old home place. Doing laundry has never been such \”fun\” as when the college kid arrives with it! (Our guy goes back this weekend.) xoxoxo to all the Bees in your family.


  17. Dang it. I was checking to make sure my comment came through from this weekend and obviously, it didn't. 😦 Now I can't remember what I said!I think it was something about feeling that way about my son when he got into a roommate situation with party people. One day I'm gonna tell that story….I feel so bad for Ozzie. 😦


  18. Mine didn't make it either – but what I wanted to say that this was truly a FEEL GOOD POST. I felt good after reading it. Lots of love, and the like! 😉 You have a special life and family Suz… Linds' great hair is just the icing on the cake! 😉


  19. Reading about your daughter going off to college takes me back to my own experience of going off to school for the first time…scary…but wonderful. In hindsight, some good times. Doggies always know what's up, don't they? I remember my dad telling me, \”Do well in school…we are storing stuff in your room now, so you can't flunk out.\” Haha.


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