Weeding and driving…and not being able to walk afterwards.

How was your weekend?
Mine was good..thanks for asking. I did a load of weed pulling {2 + hours} in the garden and some other outside cleanup…which by the way is NOT a good task to attempt while it is 97 degrees. {and 436% humidity}

I felt as though I was overheating. Like a yugo, with no a/c. 

Once all the weeds were gone, well, there is really nothing left to my garden….I’ll start again in February.

I did try to cool off in the pool…but being that the pool is 89 degrees, well, you can imagine how cool I was….

but am I complaining? 
hells to the no. 
It is all good in the hood. NO hurricanes at my back door. Groceries in the fridge. AND my a/c is working. Hallelujah.

I will say though, that one day later, my hamstrings and lower back are crying out in pain…as if I had never bent over before!!!! How can I be this out of shape???

{Mark, no comment about the bending over part!}

Someone is getting some more driving time under her belt this weekend. And I…well I need a back massage. And a pill of some sort. You don’t realize how much you tense up while someone else is in control of your vehicle. 

 The whole braking/turning thing is a challenge to learn. I advise helmets for all parents at this time. {and a muscle relaxer perhaps???}
{and why don’t they have brakes and steering wheels on the right side???}

As my Jewish mother used to say:
Oy Vey.  

And you know, I only had a Jewish mother on my pretend sitcom. 
My real Mom is a Catholic travel agent. 

Yes, she sends me on a lot of guilt trips. {free of charge!}

tune in later this week for:
Who knows what.

24 thoughts on “Weeding and driving…and not being able to walk afterwards.

  1. I don't envy you those practice hours behind the wheel. Oy vey is right.I don't envy you anything about this last weekend actually, all that weeding, etc….Oh wait. I do! The fact you didn't have a hurricane at your place. That I envy, because we sure did!


  2. Ha Ha Ha! Love your Jewish mother. And your car driving tales. I don't believe that for a second. Lo looks like a supremely gentle driver : ). Wishing you the happiest day. Love, Becky


  3. Glad you got your garden patch cleaned out.. I can understand an aching back and hamstrings… Been there!!!! Love your pool… It reminds me of my son's pool in Texas. He has that separate little round hot tub also… I could live in there —year 'round…Take care and wear your helmet when 'she' drives!!!! haHugs,Betsy


  4. When I first saw your post I thought it was \”Wedding\”. Ha! \”Weeding\”. Okay. Well, weeding is never fun. Hate to tell ya. And I think you're on to something there, with the pill for parents who have a learning driver in the house. Market that before Sierra is a teenager, would ya? 😉


  5. I have a feeling that the practice driving was harder than the weed pulling, even if your chariot does have air-conditioning. I'm glad you had no hurricanes at your back door.


  6. Shouldn't the older sister be in charge of teaching the younger sister how to drive? No? Oh, my bad…Sounds like it's Dad's job then. Or anyone else who didn't carry them for 9+ months in their uterus, and then push them out their woo hoo. Just sayin'…


  7. so, I've read your post…and re-read it and I'm sure you said there was a wedding?? Strange how there's no photo's of all that gorgeous-ness,just a tidy back yard and a pool…a very inviting pool I might add…so I re-read the post, and then BAM! it hits me….I have to make that appointment at the opticians…. and SOON!hugshello gorgeous xxx


  8. Anonymous

    Just wait til you are as old as me – my bender overer broke a long time ago!!!!!John says to try Aspercreme! We take a bath in the stuff!!!Take it easy and enjoy the week.M. Lane


  9. I remember when I took driver's ed, they had a brake on the passenger side for the teacher. Not something they let you install for parent taught driver's class though. Maybe a Xanax would help! : ) Maybe you need to float some big honkin' ice cubes in your pool. Even if it didn't help, it would look pretty.


  10. Something just isn't right about moving one girl into a dorm and then having to be the parent while the other is driving! Yup – – – one of the scariest parts of parenting – – letting them learn to drive!Your yard looks great! It would be nice if the compliments and visual appeal could heal your body.


  11. Your house is gorgeous. I hear you with the \”wow I'm a lot sorer than I should be.\” I can barely walk after a long school day. Andy says I have a gansta lean. ;0


  12. Catholic & Jewish have the guilt trips in common, FYI.When I read your headline quickly, I thought it said that you'd been to a WEDDING; I didn't see it as WEEDING. That's the kind of gal I am. I imagine you at parties all the time, Suz!So glad you have that pool for chillin', even if it's not chilly. Will some time in the jacuzzi help those sore muscles? I hope so!


  13. WOW, I'm doing so damn good at catchin up on your posts this morning! Ya, I'm proud of me too, thanks:) The closest thing to a garden I have is a tomato plant in a pot. But the wind went schizoid the other night and it knocked it over and now the lawn has cute little green things laying all over it…Sorry your back and stuff is grieving. Did you know ants are blown around in the wind? I didn't either till they all started biting me. Whythehell am I putting a post on your comment thingy? Ok, I'll go away now. I'm on a guilt trip of my own….OH, btw, SO GLAD you changed the way we can comment! Now I can go back and see what I missed.Ya, I know……bye bye xoxox


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