Irony And The Blondest Moment Ever.

I recently signed up to be a paperless customer with Verizon. {this is the second time} and don’t you know…they sent me an envelope full of PAPER in the MAIL to thank me for being PAPERLESS. 

I had our ‘bug guy’ here recently. I won’t scare the poop heck out of you with what our bug issue was, but it was an ‘outside issue’ at least. While I was talking to the ‘bug guy’ ‘splaining our bug  issue, a BUG crawled across his chest. 
{Not my bug, he brought this one…I know MY bugs} 
I swatted it off his chest.

I’ll be sending him an invoice this week.


Linds and I were on our way home from school the other day; she is driving. We are on our street and almost home. {By now, I was so ready for sedation of some kind, her driving is not getting easier for me} 
She asks me:
 “Why do you think the gas pedal is skinnier than the brake pedal?”
Me: {just let me out of this car already!} “I have no idea honey”

prepare to be shocked

Linds: “Oh, I bet it is for blind people, so they can tell the difference.”

I waited about 30 seconds before I gave her the look and the question: 

We barely made it home, she was laughing so hard at herself. 

This is the future, people. Prepare yourself. 🙂

Actually, this is MY future…she will be in charge of me when I am a little ol’ lady. 

Have a great weekend….I hope you find tons of things to laugh about too. 


30 thoughts on “Irony And The Blondest Moment Ever.

  1. Don't you just love a spontaneous statement that ends up being funnier than any joke you have ever heard?!! You and your girls have such a great relationship.Blind people driving – – – not too far-fetched. We have a man in our church who lost his sight due to MS. He misses driving. Some of his male friends will take him to a field – – – or even in the church parking lot and occasionally let him take the wheel. So your daughter is not too far off the mark! However, perhaps the brake is larger so we will remember to slow down rather than go faster!


  2. Let Linds know she owes me some new jammie bottoms. They're a little damp in the crotch area. And real baggy in the butt area cause I LAUGHED IT OFF!!! Just sayin…Have a hilariously goofy weekend Suz:) xoxox


  3. BLIND PEOPLE! Gooooood one… 🙂 I remember when I was 16 a friend of my dad said I could drive his antique convertible, worth a TON, on a dark night. I don't know why he and my family trusted me to drive it safely, but I did, even though it was a stick shift with 3 teeny tiny pedals on the floor…… 🙂


  4. Well, at least you know that your old age will be liberally sprinkled with laughter! What a gem is your dear girl…the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.P.S. David has been driving for a few years now, and it is not getting easier for me to ride with him – not at all.


  5. It's a good thing it will be a long time before you're a little ol' lady. Actually, I have a feeling Linds' grandmother may have faced similar situations. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Tell Linds not to worry. At least it might get rid of the POGO story for a while.BTW: She might not be all that wrong. I swear that last week I saw a woman with coke bottle glasses in the grocery store. She had a white cane and a guide dog. Imagine my surprise when I saw her get into her CAR and drive away. At least she did have a handicapped sticker on it.


  7. Anonymous

    Linds' hair is so long and pretty! You know those little orange/yellow plastic cars that every kid in America has in their yard? Mama used to dream that she was driving one. In her dream, she always worried that she did not have a driver's license but not that she was blind!!!!!!!!You all enjoy the weekend.


  8. Yep…I guess those ridges on the sides of the road are for those same blind people! Hahs. Well, we have geckos inside…I've been calling them lizards this season cuz that sounds scarier than the 1 1/2 inch speed demons that they are. I even had one in my dishwasher…note to self…keep the door snapped closed,


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