The party is over.

I can’t drag out my birthday for more than 2 days like I used to. 
I know; injustice.

I am playing catchup today…or am I playing catch-up or ketchup? I dunno anymore. You know I have been playing Words With Friends for a while on my phone. 
{I am getting better, but I still kinda stink}
My MIL gave me a cool game for my birthday {along with wine} bananagrams.

Lolo and I played about 15 rounds yesterday. 
{I must say that I won most of them…why I MUST say it I don’t know.} 

Yes, I can spell complicated words like pickel without spellcheck. 
oops. I just realized I did not spell pickle correctly. Oh well. Lo did not notice this…I hope she learns something in college. 

Surely I only won because I did not mix the wine with the game.  Or perhaps I won because Lo did not check my spelling. 
Again, she’d better wise up in college. 
Oh snap, I forgot to tell her not to take any wooden nickels.  

My other MIL and FIL drove 2 1/2 hours to deliver my birthday gift and fresh baked cookies…had a little visit with us and then drove back home. 
I know. They are incredible people…I will share this unique and cool gift later. I am trying to figure out where to put it.
The cookies will not be shared 
And of course, we had two full days with this cute little man. Such a joy.

I asked very nicely if I could have him. His selfish parents declined my offer. 
Next time, I won’t even ask.

His second birthday will be later this week…I could not resist a lil’ party for him. 

See those Sesame Street figures on top of that bakery purchased cake? {I could not get my act together to bake one myself}

Would you believe those are from a cake Lolo had a long time ago…maybe when she was 2 or 3? Yes, I save all the silly cake toppings and we re-use them. 
No, I am not a hoarder. I am a saver. 
I have Pooh…Tarzan…clowns..balloons…barbie…you name it, I got it.

So, this almost 2 year old loves him some Sesame street. Since my cake toppers are SO old…they don’t include one of the most popular SS characters. 
And it took the little man about 4 seconds to ask: Elmo???

 Can you believe he did NOT like the cake. We tried to force him, but he was not having it. This kid only eats fruit, veggies and whole wheat such and such. 
NO sweets. 
I don’t know about parents these days…how is he ever going to know what a sugar high is?
The girls loved playing with him…and I think he likes them more than me. But they did not think of purchasing a balloon for him…I did. Buying kids things should bring me love. Right?
 Don’t you love Banyan trees? If I had on better shoes, I would have climbed this one. Next time.

We had a great weekend and I already feel like I am 45…not 44. Going to double check my birth certificate, my Mom lies about her age, why not mine?

Did you have a good weekend??? 
Like Elmo says: sharing is caring.

29 thoughts on “The party is over.

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! I kept meaning to post on your wall. I hope it will still count if I thought of you eleventy eleventy million times but did not post : (We have bananagrams and I can't figure it out. I know. I am totally embarassed to say it.What is wrong with me? I downloaded the directions. Someday I will be smart like you. Perhaps when I am 44. Love, your favorite 35 year old DummyPS OH MY GOSH! The baby is so cute. I can't believe he has grown that much. I remember his teensy tiny pictures. Why the heck does that happen?


  2. It sounds like you had a great weekend filled with lots of love and laughter. How sweet of your in-laws to drive all that way for you! But then again, they do have a wonderful daughter in law. 🙂


  3. I saved all our cake toppers, too. It's one of the most fun ways to recycle, don't ya think?I LOVE Bananagrams! Your in-laws are awesome.You should have sent me Cutie Pie's cake. I would have made the sacrifice and ate it for him. Next time…


  4. i guess i worked you too hard on friday? too tired to make cake!! but i love that you saved lolo's little toppers from all those years ago 🙂 and that sweet face just makes me smile!!laura got bananagrams for christmas… so much fun! maybe we'll have to make time for a round (or 15) on friday love you!


  5. Gosh, you kill me! Hoping Lo learns something at college…like how to spell pikle or pikel or pickill or pickull or whatever.I seriously love the Sesame Street characters on the cake! I would LOVE that for myself! To heck with any cute-as-can-be, hungry, birthday-celebrating, toddlers….


  6. Oh my! What if you really are 45 and you Mom just made you younger to fit into one of her sick plans? Like, what if she stole you out of the maternity ward and dyed your hair blonde to fit into the rest of her clan and then made you younger so Authorities couldn't track you. I mean, it was 1967, babies were stolen and dropped off at Convents all the time. You really should question her.Okay, gorgeous baby. And you're right, that was rude of them not to let you have him. They're young, they can have another. Some people. Honestly!Your Friend, m.p.s. Have I wished you Happy Birthday yet? I looked it up and here's what was playing as your \”mother\” was giving birth to you.Enjoy!


  7. There's that Qi word again! I remember the first time someone played that on WWF and I thought \”cheater, cheater pumpkin eater\”, but then I discovered that Words with Friends is all about just making stuff up and trying it! You just never know…Glad the weekend was so wonderful, but I'm not sure what to make of a cute little boy who won't eat sweets. 🙂


  8. What a fantastic weekend! I cannot get over how selfish those parents are – I mean, you asked nicely!! They must be cut from the same cloth as The Boss Man and Prima Ballerina;)I remember the first time I saw a banyan tree. I thought (and still think) that it was the most fabulous tree I had ever seen!!


  9. Happy Happy Belated Birthday! I am a saver too, I'm sure it's not called hoarding when it's useful, right? 🙂 He is SO CUTE! So is your fam! And I am sure she didn't notice pickle was spelled wrong because who can read the word pickle when there are pickles to be eaten, am I right?


  10. Happy Birthday to you!!I love bananagrams – possibly more than scrabble because in our house scrabble gets too competitive and takes way too long. I can relax with b-grams, in fact I do better if I drink a beer while playing 🙂


  11. Since YOU are the birthday girl, I think those people should have given you your wish, and let you have that scrumptious boy! 😉 As it was, you were very generous to give HIM a party and share all the love. It does seem to multiply that way, rather than divide, doesn't it? Glad to hear you had such a great weekend – you deserve it! xoxoxo


  12. i am so glad your birthday weekend was great! it sounds like you had so much fun. i think your friends are VERY selfish, not lettin you have that boy… reminds me of someone else who's name will not be mentioned, who is equally as selfish with her boxers… but i dont know whooooo that could be.that boy is darling. yeah, who feeds their kids healthy stuff these days, so they grow up not to enjoy desserts… hmmpff!i love that tree, and would like to know where it is, and what you know about it. think of this request as an arbor audit. i love it too and i would try to hug it but its huge!


  13. A 2 year old who doesn't like sweets? What is this world coming to?!I love bananagrams, but I do try to spell words correctly. It's embarrassing when son-in-law catches my errors.


  14. So nice to have a cute young man to party with on a birthday! We agree he is adorable. My sister was good like that with diet for her kids but they so went off it as adults.Sweet in-laws to drive the distance. That increases the value of the gift tremendously. The only thing that would have been better is if all your blogger buddies had driven to see you!


  15. I played bananagrams for the first time last weekend with my sisters. I wasn't going to play, but they made me. I was thrilled when I won a round, but I'm pretty sure I cheated! 🙂 (Got away with it, didn't I?)


  16. I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday, Suz!! I love Words with Friends. My aunt and I have 8 games going at once. Lame?! Not about the 8 games, but about the fact that only my aunt will play with me?! lol… If you feel pity, my handle is JME563 =)Love the pic of your sweet 3 in front of that tree!!


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