The Goose Drank My Wine!

Yesterday I was most productive. One of those days where I didn’t HAVE to leave the house…which means, the house was my beyotch.  {is it bad that I cuss so much?} I got loads of stuff accomplished. 

Straightening, weeding, organizing, laundry, vacuuming, dusting. 
I should have dusted sooner.

bonus: I even showered. 

Somewhere in the afternoon as I was making my 47th trek from the back of the house to the front, this hit me  and it would not leave my brain until I spewed it from my lips:

3, 6, 9…..

The goose drank wine, The monkey chewed tobacco on the streetcar line, The line broke, the monkey got choked And they all went to heaven in a little rowboat.


I sing-songed the lyrics OUT LOUD and then I looked around and said: Wha…wha…wha???

And the dogs just stared at me. like they do. 

Where did that come from??? I have no idea. But I want this to be stuck in your head too.

This song came out two years before I was even born. There I go, bragging again. 

I really don’t know how people made music back then…what, with NO auto tune??? *snicker snicker*

She said clap so many times in that song that I started a round of antibiotics. And you should too. 

Shirley Ellis is also the artist that came up with that catchy song The Name Game!

I was never good at the name game…Suzanne! Suzanne bo nuzanne fanna fo fuzanne fee fy mo ho fo….blah blah blah…yada yada yada…

Do you remember either of these songs?? Do you think Shirley somehow penetrated my brain yesterday? Of course she did…I just wish she sent me winning lotto numbers instead of song lyrics. 

Shirley had it going on.
So, what have you got going on???
Nothing too exciting around these parts, and that is just the way I like it!!!

clap. clap. 

25 thoughts on “The Goose Drank My Wine!

  1. You got a lot done yesterday… Any chance you could come help me out a bit? 😉 Besides work, not much going on here today. This weekend is going to be a busy one though. Hubby and I will be doing the trail of tears ride again on Saturday, and Sunday we'll all be walking in the juvenile diabetes walk with friends. Busy, but should all be lots of fun. Have a great weekend!!


  2. Occasionally a song I learned in preschool will just bubble out.It's a hap-hap-hap-py day.Tootle-lootle-lootle-lootle-ay.The sun shines brightAnd the world's all right.It's a hap-hap-hap-py day.:)


  3. I was just singing that song last night! But, that's because it's in a commercial, although, at the moment, I can't remember what commercial. I would imagine that's why it was stuck in your pretty little head. It's a pretty catchy tune, I must say. And, I LOVE the Name Game!! My parents always sang it with us when we were kids. Naturally, we sing it with our kids, too. And, every year, I teach it to my babies. It just cracks them up!


  4. Anonymous

    You are getting even with me, aren't you Suz??? You try my name with this song!!!Nothing special going on this weekend…..just enjoying cooler temps and humming this song in my mind!!!Love to you all!


  5. We're in busybee mode at our place. I wish my house was as clean as yours sounds now. No, I won't play that video clip, because it will stick in my head and stay there all day! But thanks for sharing the memories.Have a wonderful weekend, Suz! xoxo


  6. I was so tired I was going to skip commenting but then I said to myself \”Becky, Suz LOVES comments. And she comments on your posts. Get to it.\”It worked. I listened.; ) You are so productive. Can you come here and be productive for me?


  7. well thanks to you gorgeous I guess I have a song going round in my head! Just when I am off to bed too….noooooo!I tried, I really tried to stop myself going any further when I read the title…but nope….tooo late!have a great day….while I TRY and get some sleep!hugshello gorgeous xxx


  8. Suz, you crack me up! Our dogs don't seem surprised when I break out in song…alone in the house…just me and the dogs. Just don't sing \”Whistle while you work.\” I HATE THAT SONG!!!Have a great unexciting weekend.


  9. Guilt.Guilt.GUILT. It's not a song, it's how you've gotten me to post after that last blog where you peeked into your stats and saw that I am visiting but not talking. Me, specifically. All my fault. Yup, all about me; you'd close up shop if I didn't say anything. I'm such a crumb. Thanks, Suz.(Har-har! I love, love your sense of humor…Diarhea of the mouth on FB! I'm with you, just don't get why I'd want the world to know my play by play or why the world would want to know!)Now as for these 'stuck-in-your-brain' songs, I didn't know the Goose drank wine, but I think it's a fun one to channel!! Thanks for that one.Could never do name game, either. I could barely remember Roseanne Rosanna Danna…recall what show that's from? I knew you would!Have a great weekend!


  10. I have a sneaking suspicion that, if you go back a ways, our ancestral lines cross.\”She said clap so many times in that song that I started a round of antibiotics. And you should too.\” – I'm still laughing, choking and laughing.I remember both of these songs. Before I broke my first smart phone, I used the name game for some of the personalized rings. Spoken, not sung, in a droid voice.


  11. I won't tell you I remember both those songs. We got my brother in trouble having him sing the name game to my grandmother because we told him to sing Chuck. That was rotten of us, wasn't it?!!!The neat thing is they were both fun songs that seemed like no one had a care. Days like that are wonderful.


  12. We totally were weeding yesterday too (alough that would have been Saturday, not your Friday, but still). Anyone, I feel your pain.And re: that SONG. WOW. That is weird that it just popped into your head, from no where. I have that happen a lot. As you know, I've been MIA. Off to check out what other stuff you've been up to!!


  13. I did inventory of my stored winter clothes yesterday, and four loads of winter laundry. I also stored away my super summery clothes. Time for fall in Utah– it's actually a beautiful season here, probably my favorite. But the snow will be falling all too soon. Time to winterize the rest of the apartment, too. I am currently listening to the Frank Sinatra station on Pandora, one of my faves. Oh, could they sing!


  14. suz suz on a cruise…pukin while we watch the news…i agree with whoever said up there that YOU drank your wine…. lolhere's a lil ditty to keep your brain working today… a wingawet, a wingawet, a wingawet, a wingawet.. in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight…. ahhaahahhh weeeeeee all together now!!!


  15. OK, here's another one I posted a comment on and it's NOT HERE! You must just be ignoring me shamelessly, cause you're sitting there drinking wine with the goose and slapclapping with webbed extremities. What a vision….mwahahahaaa


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