I Think To Myself

When I see someone NOT wearing a seatbelt, I think to myself: ignoramus.

When I see guys with their pants hanging way down on their rumpus, I think to myself:  Dude, you look like an idiot.

When I see girls with their bits and pieces hanging out of their clothes, I think to myself: Where were your parents when you left the house?

When I see someone with crap strewed all over their yard, I think to myself: Imagine what the inside looks like.

When I see Mothers yanking their kids by the arms and yelling at them, I think to myself: Someone needs to break that cycle.

When I see a homeless person, I think to myself: You poor soul, how did you get here?

When I saw someone buying beef at the dollar store, I thought to myself: Don’t invite ME to dinner!

Thinking exhausts me…not my favorite sport.

Share some sights and thoughts with me. I did.  

26 thoughts on “I Think To Myself

  1. I think we were separated at birth, those are my thoughts exactly! I only need to add, that when I see guys with their pants way down, I get the urge to get a staple gun…


  2. Early in Fitzgerald's GREAT GATSBY the narrator tells us his father would say \”don't be quick to judge others, they havn't had your advantages\” and I do try to remember that although I havn't been dealt all aces, they have been very good cards and I have been able to play them to great advantage. BUT, yes, it does seem that young guys and gals are displaying a great deal these days, hmm? And, well, junk all over inside and outside? Is it craziness or laziness? Oftentimes, though, lately, you meet somebody who seems so awesome you want to make them your friend, that is what I think, although it is not as easy as when we were all little kids, is it?


  3. How about…when I see bacon for sale in the back of a gift shop, I know I'm in the smoky mountains. (the cooler for the meats was right next to the Lodge skillet display LOL)


  4. Beef at the dollar store?!?! Yikes. It's nearly impossible not to think some of these things and even harder not to let our initial reactions keep us from showing compassion. I'm sure people are thinking things about me…that's a scary thought!


  5. Since when do they sell beef at the dollar store? That's just not right! I really, really thought those low riding pants would stop in a few years, but there are just some who insist that's got to be a permanent fashion statement. Hate it!


  6. Beef at the dollar store? Stop it right this second. OH MY GOSH! One time when I first became a social worker I found Haagan Daz ice cream at a dollar store in Philly and I thought the world had come to an end. SO exciting : ). It tasted pretty good too. I bought like ten tubs and SADLY, ate most of them before the week was out : ( Too bad it was all one flavor.


  7. When I hear of someone getting in trouble with text messages, I think to myself: IF YOU DON'T WANT IT POSTED ON THE BULLETIN BOARD (OR WORSE) DON'T EVEN THINK OF HITTING \”SEND.\”When I see someone being rude to the wait staff I think to myself: DID THAT MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER, YOU IDIOT??? IT CERTAINLY DOESN'T MAKE ME THINK BETTER OF YOU.When I encounter someone driving in the middle of the road I think: ANOTHER FLORIDIOT! (no, not really.) I really think: YOU CANNOT TAKE YOUR HALF OF THE ROAD IN THE MIDDLE.Now, this one is awful. When I see food stamps being spent for very expensive cuts of meat or expensive packaged foods, I think to myself: I COULD GIVE YOU A FEW POINTERS TO MAKE YOUR MONEY STRETCH A LITTLE FURTHER AND STILL HAVE DELICIOUS MEALS FOR YOUR FAMILY.This one is really bad, too. When I see someone going to the food pantry with a carton of cigarettes in the car I think to myself: MAYBE IF YOU GIVE UP THOSE EXPENSIVE SMOKES YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO DO BETTER BY YOUR FAMILY.I could go on and on. Sounds like I have a lot of pent-up hostility trying to break out.


  8. When I hear the 'back stories' of former prison inmates, I understand why the recidivism rate is so high.When I watch a 'dry' addict rebuild their life as a house of cards, I understand the fear of a windy day.When I see someone slip through the holes of the justice system just because they couldn't afford an attorney, I think, \”How can I fix this?\”When I see someone whose medicaid temporarily lapsed right before they were hospitalized…and they got socked with a humongous hospital bill…I think, \”WTF is wrong with this country?\”I've been counseling some very fine people who have drawn the short straw in life…and I feel impotent.


  9. You're a people watcher too, huh? Ditto to all the above. This isn't my day to think so I gotta kype everybody elses thoughts… (why isn't elses a word? Or kype?) Hmmm…guess I did have a gripe. Spell checker that don't know words that are words. Hmph, Guess the don't live on my side of town….Told ya it ain't my day to think..or speak proper:)


  10. i love this post, and i ditto everything!!! i think the same as you in all of these areola's lmao…when i see little kids crying i wanna hold them and tell them it will be ok, and they are safe and loved in my arms.when i see a stray pet, i wanna bring them home and fill their lil lives with love and security. when i see abuse of ANY kind, wheather to a person or aminal, my heart breaks, i cry, and pray for them. i C.A.N.N.O.T. stand knowing, seeing, or hearing the abuse… or someone just being mean…when i see bella my doggie when i get home and she's all excited, bringing me her fave toy, i would if i could, pick her up and twirl her around and hold her close.when i see 4-5 year olds i miss my jujube and cry. i also wish my kiddies were little again. when i poop i take my phone in and text Jo my sister. she gets a kick out of every place i have texted her from.. lmaowhen i see someone picking their nose at a traffic light, i throw up in my mouth a lil. if i see them eat it, i throw my car into park, get my crow bar and bash them until they learn their lesson. and i cut off their fingers. no mo nose pickin' for them…if i had a paintball gun, i would shoot all those stupidos with their pants hangin low as i drove by. ignoramousesesess.when i see anything penguin, i think of cheech.finally, even though there's much more, when i feel lonely or alone, i come onto my blog and think about you and the others and how i really am not alone, i have some good friends across the country, and feel connected.:)


  11. Oh yes….When I saw the baby drinking chocolate milk I thought \”WHY, that baby doesn't need CHOCOLATE in his milk, what have you got against WHITE milk\”When I see teens cursing a blue streak as they walk down the street with piercings on every surface I think \”Where is your Mama\” It is tiring…You are not alone!


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