Letting Go Of My Aggression.

I stopped my car and I waved the group of teenagers across the mall parking area, they stared blankly at me as they sauntered sloooowwwwly in front of my car.

It appeared that they were walking as slow as they possibly could without falling over.

The nerve.

So, I did what any sane person would do. I hit the gas pedal as hard as I could and I ran them over swiftly.

Bam. just like that.

Ok, I fantasized the running over part. 

Yes, It felt good.

21 thoughts on “Letting Go Of My Aggression.”

  1. We always laugh about the folks who step right out in front of us and then DON't look – like I would not run them over if they aren't looking!!!!!


  2. I cannot stand when people do that – kids or old folks alike. My VAN will ALWAYS BE BIGGER THAN YOU and I CAN run you over. I have plenty of family that will come visit me in jail… I won't be bored. In fact, it might be a real vacation for me. 😀


  3. if you just happen to beep your horn as they walk by you, some will poop their pants but all will jump outta their skin. them blow them kisses. we'd be a great duo on the prowl.


  4. My recurring fantasy is to have a button on my steering wheel that would blow up cars on the road who are not following my rules! Like…if there are 12 cars behind you when you get to the \”slow traffic pull-off\” then it just might mean you, you stupid jerk. I press the fantasy button and \”poof\” there they go, blown to smithereens! Don't use your left turn signal? \”poof\” Another one blown to smithereens.


  5. we live near a high school and the teans walk slow as molasses, drives me nuts…I think to myself (in honor of you) don't their parents teach them to hustle a little in front of cars…


  6. You need to drive big diesel pickup truck like Vol Fan. If that big grill and revving engine doesn't hurry them along, you can always pay them back as you pass. Diesels will blow a cloud of black smoke out of the tailpipe if you gun the engine. He will proudly tell you of the times he has paid people back for being inconsiderate with a puff of black exhaust smoke.


  7. We have a crosswalk downtown at Lee University. It activates blinking yellow lights when the students are in the crosswalk. Cars have to stop if they don't want to be ticketed – – – but as in your scenario – – – they saunter. If I were them, I'd be 'hoofing it' because I wouldn't trust drivers to not hit the gas pedal by mistake!


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