"Only Ugly Girls Need Pretty Dresses."

That is what my Maternal Grandmother used to tell my Mom and Aunt when they were little girls.  It made the fact that they could not afford new or fancy dresses easier to swallow. 

I could save myself some moolah with this advice…but I don’t. So what if we eat canned corn this week?

Homecoming 2011

She had a blast!!
But after a week full of student government activities, homecoming week, prepping for the homecoming dance, a pep rally, the Friday night game and the dance on Saturday…she was wiped out on Sunday.
She was a couch/bed potato all day…you know, like a real teenager. 

Her sweet college sister came home for the weekend….we love having her home.
On Sunday she was doing gobs of laundry. 
She disappeared for a long time and I went and checked on her, this is what I found. 

Domesticity is exhausting. 

She wasn’t even talking on the phone…just laying there, her head propped on the laundry basket reading. 

I’ll admit that I have napped in the coat closet next to my vacuum before. 
Only because I could not fit in the dryer. 

And then she worked up the energy to try out a new nail technique. 

You know how we don’t like to get newspaper print on our fingers? Well Lo put it on her nails. Intentionally. 

The writing is on the nail. But I can’t read it. 

So, how was your weekend???? 
Ours was full of good people and fun…and the Coach and I even had a movie night!! 
{Money ball is great, but super long!}

p.s. I loathe canned corn, so we’ll just say that this week we are fasting


25 thoughts on “"Only Ugly Girls Need Pretty Dresses."

  1. Anonymous

    Lindsay is adorable and what a beautiful color her dress is! Her hair is so pretty.So funny about Lo passing out on the laundry pile!Glad you all had a great weekend.


  2. Those nails are so cool! If I was 20 years younger, I might try it.That picture of Lo on the floor in the laundry room is priceless.Linds looks GORGEOUS in her homecoming dress!! And, so classy. Eesh, some of the dresses I saw at Stud's homecoming last week made my eyes hurt. I wanted to ask them if their mammas knew they left the house looking like that!!If you don't like canned corn, you might want to try rammen. That'll let you keep those gorgeous girls in pretty dresses for a while. 🙂


  3. She looks beautiful in her dress! We'll actually have to go buy our first \”party\” dress this year. Our oldest will be going to the 8th grade dance and is already looking at dresses! Maybe I need to start laying down next to the washer when I get tired, nobody would be looking for me there…


  4. Hi There, I'm back after a few weeks off from blogging. Hope you are doing okay. I have missed all of my blogging friends –but needed that break! Such gorgeous daughters. I enjoyed seeing her picture with her friend on FB also. Hugs,Betsy


  5. It may be true that only ugly girls need pretty dresses, but pretty girls in pretty dresses sure look great.It was nice to see that LoLo can be a typical teenager. I'm glad you were able to have a movie date wit Coach.


  6. awww more wonderful pics… as i looked at her laying in the laundry, i flashed back to a similar moment in my teens when i felt \”all growed up\” and her casualness is priceless. you done good, suz…


  7. Great dress….and pretty girl!Canned corn…blach!Warm laundry room floor? I would hang there if it was warm 🙂 Especially with my sore, sore ribs.Had a great weekend….aside from the ribs 🙂


  8. Such a lovely girl and a dress that it just right! Great color on her. Both of your girls have such radiant smiles – they just light up their photos. I love seeing their sweet, happy faces.


  9. I love that she was doing her own laundry! I am so protective of my machines I might be tempted to do it if they brought it home–so maybe it's good they're too far away for that.The outfit works and she is working the outfit! Love it all.


  10. I love that she was doing her own laundry! I am so protective of my machines I might be tempted to do it if they brought it home–so maybe it's good they're too far away for that.The outfit works and she is working the outfit! Love it all.


  11. You know what's worse than canned corn? Creamed corn! Ewwww! Baby bird, baby bird!Your girls are both gorgeous…I can never get over it when I see each new photo…and there they are again, gorgeous. I've always wondered what it would be like to have that natural, effortless beauty. It's rare. Yet they both have it. Great genetic pooling. Amazing genetic pooling. For real. It's almost scary.The dress is very pretty too…but no where near as beautiful as the Lindsay wearing it.


  12. Pretty girl and pretty dress! That's a great combo, well worth a weekend of canned corn and/or fasting. I can understand taking a nap in the laundry room. Dryers make me very sleepy…


  13. Gorgeous dress on a gorgeous girl! I understand the advice about helping justify the lack of money to a kid – – – but – – – how would you know a dress was pretty if it was on an ugly girl? It would have to be pretty just by contrast – – right? The only way to know if the dress is really pretty is to put it on a pretty girl because then it has an equal standard for comparison! Compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges!


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