Sleeping With Dogs.

Where there is order, there is joy.

Animals are funny. 

Cocoa and Ozzie have their own beds in our bedroom. If they had it their way, they would be on the king sized love-bed with us. But I do have some say in this house. Just some.
See Cocoa on the back bed? 

That is HER bed. She declared this a long time ago.
See Ozzie on the front (and bigger) bed? Cocoa declared this HIS bed a long time ago. 

Ozzie has not a chance. 

On some evenings Ozzie forgets is place. He will blindly go to the back bed and settle in for the night. Shortly after, Cocoa will come and realize that her brother is once again a nit~wit.

She will stand in the doorway for a minute or two and just stare at him. 
When this results in no movement on his part, then she will move closer and stand about a foot from him and give him the stink eye. 
Still, he like so many others of his gender, does not get the hint. 
This is where I intervene. {what else do I have to do?}

I say: Ozzie!
he jumps to my call.
I say: Move! C’mon, MOVE. 

He picks up his sad face…looks around and wonders what the heck he missed now. 

He moves the 12 inches to the next bed, settles down with a big sigh and continues with his sleep.

She goes to her throne bed.  

And my bed remains hair-free.

And all is right in the world again. 

The end. 

Who rules your roost?? male or female??

24 thoughts on “Sleeping With Dogs.

  1. Anonymous

    Oh how funny! Cocoa and Ozzie are such beautiful animals. I love your bedding ensemble too!In our home, Kaboodle the Queen rules – ALL the beds are hers and they are all covered in her gray cat hair!!!


  2. I'm with Karen…our cat rules the roost around here. She meows and we open the blinds..she begs at the bowl and we feed her or get her fresh water. Wow..we're pathetic. LOL BTW.I love your bedding. : )


  3. morgan is the boss, but to her chagrin, she is a midget and cannot jump on our king size bed!! bless her lil wimpy legs. also she sleeps in her kennel at night. but we do have some special cuddle time in bed. she doesn't shed at all so its cool. your babies are so adorable. i could eat them up!! send them up to see us and visit!! you too!! morgan would love some company!! lol


  4. I am with you on no dogs on the bed. Our younger dog did used to sleep in a crate in my son's room–since he's away at college she's been sleeping in the family room with our other dog. And she's been sneaking onto the couch at night!


  5. Our younger beagle has always slept in a crate in my son's room–now that he's way at college, she's been sleeping in the family room with our older dog–and lately I have the suspicion she's been sneaking up on to the couch to snooze.


  6. My cats have their own dish…how they decided I don't know…but that is how it is.As for my ribs…they hurt- but my back….since last Thanksgiving from a bad cough it still hurts. So I finally got a referral to see a Dr for some physical therapy…and now this…so I will wait until the ribs heal.Happy Tuesday…or Wednesday in conflict free NZ 🙂


  7. bella has claimed \”every comfy spot\” as HER domain. she IS the boss. We bow to the queen.and i will nevah stop wanting your of these days, suz…. ONE OF THESE DAYS…you should sleep light…


  8. Haha, this is so funny! They are totally cute in their beds, and I like the decor in your room. VERY pleasing and restful looking.In our house, its funny. Penny came to us from (who knows where before) the shelter. She was very healthy and had not been abused or neglected, but beagles wander, and who knows how far she had wandered before she got picked up and we adopted her. ANYWAY, she came home and got into bed. We were like NONO! Obviously her first house let her in bed. But in our house our bed was for the cat only. HA! 3 and a half weeks we tried to keep her on a pillow on the floor…….anyway, up here in the north, most of the year it is VERY cold, and, well, to have a small warm dog under the covers next to you is awesome and cuddly 🙂


  9. Cocoa and Ozzie are just the cutest! Just looking at his sad face makes me want to cuddle him. Our roost is definitely ruled by females. Two girlie dogs (the smaller of the two is top dog), two daughters, moi… Poor hubby only has the male guinea pig on his side… 🙂


  10. Order, Joy and Rulers? Hmph, never heard of em….I'm with Ozzie, some rules were made to be broken. Love your hair free bed though. Do you perhaps find a loose feather or two occasionally?I know, I'm sounding rather educated this morning. Getting myself ready to visit civilized peeps soon. mwahahahaaa


  11. I LOVE these two little {well not so little} cuties! they are so adorable ;o)Hubby gets to play good cop while I'm left with bad cop…it works to a point {when hubby is nowhere to be seen} however…bed time is pointless…there's only one place queen bee sleeps and that's on the bed….it's not Millie I have to train on this, it's the other half, grrr! {I make sure it's his side she sleeps on…I ain't missing out on bed space, uh-uh!}hugshello gorgeous xxx


  12. i had not seen your beautiful new bedding!! so pretty!!!! now i don't remember what else i wanted to say. darn! oh yeah… you crack me up that you are quoting YOURSELF!!!! love you!


  13. Female of course… At least, that's what GE would say!!!! ha ha….I remember when your Boxers WERE in your bed with you… I'm sure there was no room once they were there –plus Coach!!!!! Many people don't realize that dogs are smart –and can be trained what furniture they can and cannot get on!!!!! You have done good with this one!Hugs,Betsy


  14. Que belo , eu adorei seus cachorros. tenho um cãozinho aqui na minha casa também que dorme comigo no quarto. Eu amo esse meu amigo cão. Gostei muito do seu blog, e ja estou seguindo. Convido a conhecer meu blog e seguir-me se gostares. Um abraço!Smareis


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