How sweet it is, to be loved.

We had a beautiful and sick weekend. What? You CAN have both.  {I am feeling better. I think}
Well, wait a minute…what am I thinking? beautiful?
A semi-hurricane hit us Friday night. {hurricane Rina} Ok, maybe a tropical depression? It rained HARD for 12 straight hours. I should have known it was coming….if only I read the paper or watched the news.
But I prefer NOT to do either of those.
And really, I slept about 9 of those hours.

So, we had a little flood outside when I awoke Saturday morning. Cocoa was excited that we finally had waterfront property. That’ll bring back the housing market. No?

This is a hazy shot at a little after 7am.
and a few minutes later, I realized my neighbor was also outside looking at his flooding.
and a second later, I remembered I was wearing leopard print boxers. 
No wonder he always smiles at me. I just thought he was a nice guy.

We are also dealing with a lil’ leak inside our house….inside my our closet. Yucky. On the upside, we will get the roof leak repaired, and I am promised a new closet! Really, it is good to be me.

The beautiful part? My MIL came over Saturday and visited….and Lolo came home for the weekend. We attended a band show and watched all of our local bands including the MOST important band. our school band.
Lots and lots of fun.
Of course, we think our band is the best. We might be a little biased. Or as Coach says: “I am SO biased, that I don’t even know it”
Honestly, they ARE the best.

And for a ‘feel good’ moment….Linds said earlier this week: “I am so lucky that I have so many people who come watch me when I perform. Some kids never have anyone come watch them, not even their parents”
I agreed.
It is one thing to know you are loved. And it is another thing to know you are loved and LUCKY too.

Anyhoo…today is Halloween. Did ya know? Are you giving or getting candy? We don’t get any trick or treaters here. I wish we did. I miss seeing all the cute lil’ boogers.

Linds is going T or T-ing with a few friends. Not sure of her attire….yesterday she walked around the house in a black tutu…..she was quite cute showing all her Toddlers In Tiaras poses for me.  Along with the fake/plastic smile. Scary.

BUT there will be blood. In her words: I’ve never been anything scary or bloody before.
So, I suppose we start now??

Gone are the days of me throwing a butterfly or a princess costume in her direction and her loving it.
Have a great {and not so scary} day!!!!

I’m a loser and so are plastic bags.

I have been fighting a cold ‘tooth and nail’ since Sunday and I’ve lost.
What the heck does tooth and nail mean anyway?? I dunno, but it has been rattling around in my head all week. And I am a loser.
The cold won on Thursday morning.

*fists in the air*
Damn you cold!!!!!

I had been drinking tons of this vitamin C supplement:

And yes, I got the kind with joint juice in it. (I swear, my hostile knee feels better!)
I’ve also been diligent with my meds. AKA: childrens vitamins.
I ‘ve got plenty of rest, drank NO wine and even worked out 3 days this week.

The lesson here: If a cold virus wants you, just give in and get it over with. Go ahead, lick the germy escalator handrails at the mall.  twice.

Now, after all that medical advice, please send me your insurance card and co-pay. I accept cash. dirty, germy cash.


And now for a lesson in environmental awareness.
You know how many times I have told you people to stop using plastic bags? tons and tons of times, I am sick of saying it really.

See this pretty face? Notice the two pretty eyes?

Well, on Friday night of last week, one of those two pretty eyes were almost ruined by a plastic bag.
I swear.
During a band competition, Linds and her dance-mates were sitting in the stands waiting for their performance time. One of her friends (earth killer) was walking around with a plastic bag…all willy nilly and accidentally hit Linds in the eye with the corner of the bag.
It hurt her.
And several hours later… after she performed on the field, the pain really came to fruition.
Her eye was bloody red (broken blood vessels) and she was a’hurting. (scratched cornea)
After some meds and cold compresses, her eye was much better by Monday morning.

*Damn those plastic bags*

Blog friends have a special place in my heart….as do our ‘real’ friends. And I’ve lost one of each this past week.   RIP Lakeland Jo. 

A few of my blog friends are being challenged right now by health issues….and that weighs heavily on my heart as well. Oy. 
If only I could quiet my mind and tell my heart that everything will be ok.  Which, I probably could, but those other voices in my brain are so loud and annoying. 

Have a beautiful weekend doing something fun with those you love. And vow not to use plastic bags!!

 (or blind anyone accidentally on purpose) 

Hey, I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer…but I’m all hopped up on Children’s Dimetapp.