Everyday I’m Shuffling.

Happy October. 

I hate it when people complain about their weight. 

**Insert witty yet whiny post about me complaining about my weight and my new fondness of wearing yoga pants 4 to 7 days a week here**


OY… most days lately you will find me in 
Black t-shirts and black yoga pants. I have become a lazy and non-musically talented Johnny Cash. 
And no, I don’t do yoga, so why do I continue to call them yoga pants? 

I still hate it when people complain about their weight. 
Enough of me and my whining. 
{While wearing yoga pants}


Linds had a great night of dancing on Friday night. Some people attend the football games for football. But mostly everyone goes for the band’s halftime show. Well, of course all the cool peeps go for the band. 

And I am totally cool like that. 
{While wearing yoga pants} 


Lo had her first college scrimmage game this weekend!!!!

So nice to watch a game without the crazy obnoxious parents screaming! 
{While wearing yoga pants}  
College ball is a whole new ball game. Yippee!
Go LOLO! Go 99!
I was just kidding on the yoga pants. I only wear them to the grocery store and around the house. And of course, you know when I go to the store, I run into 46 people. 

We had a nice weekend. It actually cooled off to a balmy 86 degrees.  I started winterizing the house. 
And by winterizing, I deflated the pool rafts. 

How about you? yoga pants? dancing? softball? football? 

22 thoughts on “Everyday I’m Shuffling.”

  1. Great pics of Lo and Linds! Glad you had a good weekend….yoga pants and all!We had lots of wind this weekend – no chance of John or I blowing away, but Harriet was at risk! ha


  2. Your daughter has a look of killer concentration, waiting for the ball! Awesome photo of your other daughter dancing, gosh, maybe get it framed?(sorry, I get dyslexic when trying to remember which daughter is which, horrible isn't it?)


  3. Me wear yoga pants, never… but that's only because I'm in love with my sweatpants. 🙂 You'll find me wearing those every evening and most weekends. There's also nothing wrong with my weight, I'm just not quite tall enough for it. 😉 See, I didn't whine at all…


  4. Ahh yes, this is the point in the year when I start to turn green. You are winterizing by deflating your pool raft, we CLOSED our pool. It has a big old ugly cover on it and it is a balmy 5 degrees out today. Shiver.PS Yeah for Yoga pants! Down with scales.


  5. No yoga pants here either…I don't like clingy things. But I live in my cargo shorts all summer long. Wearing them this morning and it's only 61 out. What will I do when it's too chilly for my beloved shorts? Sigh…


  6. I can't think about yoga pants, dancing, softball, or football. I'm too worried about how I need to lose weight. 😉 lolYou live a wonderful life in your yoga pants, my friend!


  7. I love my yoga pants, too.I do, I do!I work from home, as you may know, and only have to drop Nic off in a drop-off line. Most days, I stay in my PJs.(why am I rhyming my comment?!)HaHaHa abt the deflating the pool rafts. It's still just above 100* here… so it might be closer to November before we do that.


  8. Both of my children were in the band, so I was at every game. I was often working in the concession stand, so I didn't see much of the game itself.I'm not sure I know what yoga pants look like, but I'll bet you look good even in those.


  9. Hi Suz, Oh that weight thing… GADS–the story of my life… I could carry some 'extra' weight when I was younger –but the older I get, the more my legs and back ache. SO–I'm trying my best to do something about it… Dang it!!!!! haLove seeing the girls… Sounds like a fabulous weekend… We are going to see grandson Landon play in his band at their game this week… Can't Wait!!!!Yoga pants are okay… I just hate seeing people in those ugly 'pajama' pants at the store…. Gads!!!Hugs,Betsy


  10. Yoga pants are not sufficiently forgiving for me. I must admit I've never tried any on, but I tend not to like things that cling too much. So it's jeans with tee shirts for me. The tee shirts are likely to be almost any color.


  11. Eat Skinny Peeps? Naw, I look like I ate Fat peeps:) OOPS, not complaining. Yoga pants? Naw, I just wear Big comfy tops to hide the bulge of eating fat peeps. oops….Love the girls pics. They sure didn't eat any fat peeps:) Cute!


  12. um, yoga pants make my butt look big…and well, a video of that darling doing her stuff would be pretty cool and softball…really…I am ready for snow season…I can't believe it is still ball season!


  13. one thing i have always lerved about you is how much pride and love you have for the fammalamma. you n coach are such great parents. whether you have a huge home or not, can afford yoga pants, or not- your parenting and involvement wouldnt even flicker when it came to the fam.if only you could of been me mama, 😉


  14. Gee, I have to do research to keep up with your blog. I had no idea what Yoga pants were until I googled them. How fun that you now have college baseball to attend, along with the football halftime shows.


  15. this reminds me, i should totally dust off my yoga pants and wear them again… um… ok maybe not. they're too comfy in the back of the drawer like that.your girls look terriffic!!!


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