23 thoughts on “On Being Different.

  1. Different IS good.And you are different.Thus…uhoh.this is sounding suspiciously like a mathematical equation.Before the hives break out totally let me just say, \”I think you're awesome and I like you!)


  2. you mean everyone in florida isnt like you? WHAAAT? you ARE unique and cute and squeezable.. no one could ever take your place.did i say you were cute?


  3. Oooooh, so artsy fartsy, I love it! There is nothing \”art\”ificial about you, Suz, and your art definitely IRREPLACEABLE. :-)I just finished trolling through some of your latest posts since I've been M.I.A. So relieved you're not afraid of Muslims. 🙂 Yayness! But, you're terrified of spiders. They don't bother me either way. Perhaps you'll feel better if I told you that it isn't in a spider's nature to attack humans. No? Well, how about the fact that they don't fly or jump, so if you seen one in a corner there's no need run. They'll never catch you. The only flying spider in North America prefers to live in dense forests up north. You're safe. 🙂 I don't hate spiders, but I do strongly dislike Hello Kitty. I don't know why, but that brand irritates the hiss out of me. For that reason I would prefer not to live in Japan, but you may send me a square watermelon or two. I need a biodegradable gardening stool. I've been on TV more times than most I think. The most memorable was when I was in high school. It was during the Gulf War and my feminist friends and I decided to take part in protesting Amoco Oil. My parents forbade me from going downtown to the protest rally. I snuck out anyway and chanted & protested my little heart out. Lots of folks were arrested after a fight broke out. When I saw my parents the next morning they asked how my evening studying went, and I said great. That's when I found out the evening news cameras had captured me for all the world to see, including my parents. My favorite blue car sweater was a dead giveaway. I got in SO MUCH trouble. I still shudder when I think about how angry they were. Ooops. :-)I love yoga pants. I have to call them yoga pants because I literally wear them anywhere and everywhere. Ed says that's a cop out. He calls them 'housepants'…haha!Linds can never be in any corner, and neither can #99!!! Your girls rock. So do your furbabies…the pictures of them sleeping are just too precious. Almost kissed my monitor. 🙂


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