I Really Love Your Peaches…..

…..want to shake your tree….

Happy Friday ya’ll!

First I just have to say: I LOVE OCTOBER! I wish I could give it a big ol’ hug. Our weather has been glorious….clear skies, light breezes and my face does not melt off while getting the mail!

The Coach and I went to see a living legend last night!!!

Wait, what constitutes a living legend?? I may have to take that back. 

Oh, Steve….you rock. OLD GUYS ROCK!!!!

{Mom, I just realized you and Steve are the same age….he could be my baby daddy. oh wait, he could just be my daddy?}

It was only a few years ago that we had another date with Steve. 

Inflation who???
The price to see Steve Miller has only gone up $53.00 in 23 years. 
I wonder if he remembers us? 
Who am I kidding…of course he does. 

The show was awesome. our seats were amazing. I know how to work ticket master...I am just saying….we had a wonderful night out!

You may be shocked to know that I have saved most of our concert ticket stubs and they are chronicled in acid free albums by year. 

Do you hate me now?

 Of course you couldn’t really hate me.
I have a disease. It is called ataxophobia. 

{fear of disorganization or untidy spaces}

I wonder if there is a medication for my disease? 

Oh, yeah, it is called chill.the.heck.out.suz.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and tidy weekend. 
Hey, go organize your undie drawer….it will make me feel better!
And remember, it really IS about ME. 

One of my fave Steve Miller songs:


18 thoughts on “I Really Love Your Peaches…..

  1. Anonymous

    Glad you enjoyed the concert! I'm curious, do your daughters love or hate SMB? We always get tickled at the reaction of my niece when we talk about groups that we liked in the 70's!!!Hope you have a great October weekend!


  2. Wow, you've been to a lot of concerts!! There are a few people I'd love to see live, but hubby is not a concert person. 😦 The last concert we saw (hold on to your hat now!) was Michael Jackson in Wuerzburg, Germany. I don't think we were even married then, so it must have been before 89! Do you feel sorry for me now…


  3. the joker…? REALLY????i'm a picker, i'm a grinner, i'm a lover, i'm a sinner… i'm a joker, i'm a smoker, i'm a mmiiddnniigghhtt toker… just dont call me late to play poker!bwahahaha


  4. I love the fact that those concert dates with Coach mean so much to you that you save the ticket stubs. Your descendants may be on Antiques Roadshow with that album in 100 years, talking about their rockin' granny. I wish I could see that episode!Have a wonderful (\”keep on rockin'\”) weekend with your peeps, Suz! xoxoxo


  5. Whoa. Another reason we might be related. I may not have been born here, but I do love me some SMB!!! In my spin class I do the \”battle of the decades\” from time to time where I play tunes from one decade and pit them against another to see what makes riders pedal harder. SMB is a favorite. I start off with Jungle Love, throw in some Rock'n Me, Abracadabra, The Stake for a deep, grinding monster mountain climb, and then cool off with Winter Time. American classic rock is my favorite. They don't write & produce them like they used to. 🙂 I wish I'd kept all my concert tickets as well organized. I noticed Eddie Murphy in there. What the helicopter is that all about? LOL! \”My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, paaaaaarty all the time!\” I sing that to Shirley Bird in the mornings when she's hip-hopping around the kitchen. I love your disease. Wish I had more of it. Your crisp chronologically collated concert collection gave me a bit of a girlie boner. 🙂


  6. My sister saw the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl for $4 way back when I was in kindergarten! I had the ticket but it got thrown out when I moved to college and my nephew moved into my old bedroom…but I do have my concert tickets…not nearly as many as you though.TGIF!


  7. Oh – – I do hope you inspire me to get my photos labeled and in albums – – – BEFORE I am standing before Jesus face to face! Believe it or not, that is one of my goals – – – which is a bit side-tracked for a bit now.You enjoy life and I'm glad you share that fun with us. – – – the guitar slides in that song make me smile!


  8. haha! you would HATE being in my house then…it is the epitome of disorganisation right now….and messy, lets not go there! WHY is it when you decorate ONE room… the whole house is upside down??Anytime you wanna jump on a plane for an \”organise\” fix… there's a house here waiting ;op~have a great weekend sweetie ;o)hugshello gorgeous xxx


  9. I never shook peaches with anyone…really. Never been to a concert like that. Oh wait, I went to see 'Playing for Change' in Boston last year. Did that count? You're way too….silly to be chillin out Suz. Keep on keepin on:)Backtrackin….


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