Frogs, bee’s and a topless birthday boy.

Have you seen anything as cute and unique as this? 

I knew you didn’t. 
Tres’ cool??? Si. 
This outdoor piece of art was given to me by Coach’s Mom and Stepdad and made by Coach’s aunt. I know, a family full of cool peeps. 
I wanted to rip it apart and take the coffee mug off because of the bee’s. But I resisted. The plates are pretty spectacular too…and a margarita glass and martinis….
I could not decide where to put this baby….I wanted to put it out by my feeders and put seed on it for the birdies. Then I remembered I had dogs. And squirrels. And crashes happen. 
 So it will reside on the lanai on our dining table. Have you seen a cuter frog surrounded by friendly bee’s?? Of course NOT. 
Guess who has a birthday today???
Mr. Man himself; Da’ Coach. 
I wish he still wore this outfit. 
Did you know, he actually did NOT wear a shirt until he was 35. Most of our old photos are of him topless. 
All my topless photos are missing. 
If someone had told me 20 years ago that I would be madly in love with a 46 year old man, I would have said: “Ewww….grody, I’m gonna barf!”
You’ll be glad to know he never ever makes me want to barf. I’m no marriage counselor, but we’ll  take that as a good sign.
Happy birthday Sweetheart…you are still the best boyfriend ever!!!
I hope everyone has a happy weekend. And if you are over the age of 4, keep your shirt on. 

23 thoughts on “Frogs, bee’s and a topless birthday boy.

  1. I was going to go shirtless today….you know, since it is Friday and now I will heed your advice.Happy Birthday Coach : ) He is a cutie for sure!Love your pretty present.Happy freakin' weekend!


  2. I don't know, Suz, you're almost topless in that last photo yourself! Your Aunt is pretty talented. If I were you, I would have her whip up a new elephant jumper for the Coach. That would be hot!Happy Birthday to that \”boyfriend\” of yours!I'm thinking he should comment on your site.Your Friend, m.p.s. Your blog finally appears in my Reader. I now have no excuse to ignore you.


  3. I never get tired of seeing that picture of Coach. He is just such a chunk of deliciousness, I would bite him & gobble him up if he were still 4!!!! LOL! Now, I guess I have to leave the biting and gobbling up to YOU, his beautiful bodacious babycake bee.Happy Birthday to Da Man! His birf-day is the day after my baby sis' birthday. She had something like a million bday wishes on her wall and declared that October is now her birthday MONTH. Does Coach know about birthday months? If not, I've got get him a message in a bottle!Ok, total envy of that art piece. TOTAL ENVY. I love art that speaks and has a real story to tell. Your family is stupendous. It is gorgeous, and it is all YOU!!!! Have a bee-utiful weekend pretty lady!!!


  4. Happy Birthday, Coach! You were really rockin' your toeheaded blondeness and that outfit…my favorite part is the shoes, with the little rubber toe caps to prevent stubbed toes or holes. Love those!You two are the cutest couple! I love it when people are still crazy in love, even after decades together. That's the best. Have a great weekend! xoxoxo


  5. aww whatta cutie patootie!!! the girls look so much like him when he was little! i could just pinch (gently) those cheeks!! happy birthday, coach! you are the cutest couple i know, and deserve the bestesests of everything.hugs to you both…


  6. Awww, what a cute pic of your hunny!! He kinda looks like my hunny when he was little!! White hair and all!! Same era and outfits and shoes!! Lol Happy birthday Coach!!! Have a wonderful day, and make suz pamper you!! I do that on my hubs' birthday, he is the king for the day!! You two are so adorable together!! You are a great pair, even after all these years. I like to think that when we are older and greyer, we will still be holding hands, kissing, and grabbing each other!!! Lol. I love that lil frog and plate center piece!! Too cute to think it was made!! You guys are one talented family!!!!


  7. Oh my freakin' hell! I want to go back and time and eat him up!! So stinkin' cute!!!!That \”sculpture\” is awesome!! I really thought you were going to say YOU made it. The only thing that would make it better is if it was covered in cupcakes. 🙂


  8. That is some cool \”art\”! I thought maybe it was a many tiered serving tray and i was envisioning putting cupcakes on it and how good it would look at a party! Okay – I ramble on. Happy birthday to your man. I agree – over the age of 4 is the limit for being topless. ha,ha!


  9. Happy Birthday to Coach. I hope you and the girls spoiled him rotten today. (Speaking of spoiled, that is a pretty neat gift you got from Coach's family!) And thanks for showing that Coach has always been a handsome guy.


  10. Late Happy Happy to ya Coach! Ya, you gotta tell him for me…More awesomely pics of everyone. Topless? Lucky you. Or him. Shirts, shoes and bras are so over rated sometimes.Ok, more backtrackin later. It's snooz time. I've missed ya:)


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