Weekend Smeekend.

Thank you all for the well wishes for the Coach this weekend. I think he had a good birthday….hard to tell with someone who really doesn’t care for birthdays one way or the other. Me? You’d better fuss over me or expect a shanking, but he could really care less.

We were busy Friday and Saturday, and come Sunday, it was pretty mellow. It was actually a cloudy, gray, and dreary day. I liked it. How many sunny days can one endure???

Lo had a few games on Saturday and in her ‘off time’ we had a family lunch. Coach’s Mom and Stepdad drove to our neck of the woods (2 1/2 hours) to watch a game and have buy lunch. I know. THEY Are AMAZING.

My MIL, The birthday boy and my FIL. {I love them more than words can express.}

My favorite children. So far. {Lo has to ice her shoulder after each game, attractive huh?}

 My MIL got her nails done in honor of LoLo.

She had her nails decorated few years ago in Lo’s high school colors:
She is SO dedicated, I am waiting for her to mention a #99 tattoo.  I just don’t want to think of where she might put it.
How was your weekend???

23 thoughts on “Weekend Smeekend.

  1. Our weekend was quiet. We rarely leave the community on weekends when the town is flooded with tourists wanting to look at autumn color. So it was a little reading and lots of sports…college football, NFL (Go Packers!) and the baseball playoffs (woe is our favorite team, but we still love you, Brewers).


  2. You have terrific family support and sounds like you all enjoy being together, too. Your daughter's shoulder – – – praise God it got her a scholarship but I pray that her shoulder doesn't get injured.


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