Breakfast; It’s what’s for breakfast.

Did you know that I have my very own breakfast chef???
 He usually only works on Sundays, but considering what I am paying him, I don’t complain. 
And cooking breakfast for me, really isn’t a walk in the park.
  • I can’t even think about breakfast before I have my cup of coffee. Coffee for me is an appetizer and breakfast is my main course. The two can never be shared together. 
  • I love eggs, but you’ll never catch me eating a yolk. Nosirreebobcattail. 

My chef knows these important points. 
He knows just how I like my vittles, and this past sunday, he brought it up a notch with the ‘presentation.’

Sliced ‘maters, egg whites over-well, salsa and crispy bacon. He added some italian seasonings for the fun of it. 
Yes, I noticed the chef made a mess on the table, but I refrained from complaining, I know a good thing when I have it.

Do you do breakfast???

16 thoughts on “Breakfast; It’s what’s for breakfast.

  1. Anonymous

    Hmmmm….I see that you and Betsy both have cooks; I think John needs to read more blogs!!!We have 2 low sugar choices for breakfast: Rice Krispies or Cheerios!


  2. Your chef created a work of culinary art for you! Good thing you photo'd it before eating.I am like you – coffee first, and please hold the talking until well into the 2nd cup.Breakfast for me is usually \”brunch,\” because I'm not hungry until at least 11:00 – unless I got up around 5:00 A.M. Weekdays, I usually have nonfat yougurt – plain or vanilla – with a scoop of flaxseed meal, and possibly some frozen cherries mixed into it. Thanks for asking. 😉


  3. Great looking breakfast! I could even have that for dinner. Now why couldn't you have shared this when we had those fantastic fresh, out-of-the-garden tomatoes???I fix breakfast, if one calls making oatmeal six days a week \”fixing.\” I do fix a boarding house breakfast when we have house guests and occasionally for the two of us.Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. Around nine or ten when I've had my coffee and come to life once again.


  4. Always. But, as I've gotten, ahem, older I can't do a sweet breakfast. So, before school I'll have cereal, whole grain waffles, or an english muffin. I eat breakfast first, then drink my coffee. Speaking of coffee…I haven't had mine yet!


  5. Very pretty and very sweet of him to do this for you. I don't like egg yolks – – – except a dab in deviled eggs. My breakfast is usually boiled egg whites, a high fiber muffin, and some fruit – — and sometimes a piece of cheese.


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