Fighting over the silver.

When my brother and I were kids, we fought over silverware. I’m talking, tripping, wedgie giving, knock down, drag outs.
{Times were tough back in the 70’s.}
Well, really we fought over one spoon in particular.

The Golf Spoon.
I don’t really know the intended use for this type of spoon…but it looks like a golf club.

The golf spoon was located at Grandma’s house, so it was super duper special and she only had ONE…and it certainly would not work out for a ‘lefty’.

In the mornings at G’ma’s house, Mark and I would race to shout out GOLF SPOON to use with our cereal. 
In the evenings, when G’ma would spoil us with a huge bowl of ice cream, we would shout GOLF SPOON!
It was our version of ‘shot gun’.

Everything tasted better with the golf spoon.

My Grandma also had grapefruit spoons. Sadly, we never fought over those..for she had more than one. And frankly, they were a little sharp for my taste.

About 12 years ago G’ma transferred to me the golf spoon, with all of it’s magical powers.
I was in silverware heaven.
I told the girls our golf spoon story…and they tried to reenact my childhood by shouting “golf spoon” in the mornings too…(minus wedgies and tripping) but it fizzled out shortly afterwards.

My kids are not diehard with the silverware like Mark and I were.  {Spoiled sissies with many silverware options}

Their favorite piece of silverware in our house?

The pickle fork. {And we have more than one}

Which is hardly ever used for actual pickles…it makes a great fork for applesauce and crushed ice….they are so weird. 

Do you have any special coveted silverware?

28 thoughts on “Fighting over the silver.

  1. Suz, are you freaking kidding me? I have two golf spoons! At least I think it's the same kind. I'll take a photo for you and include it in next month's photo dump. In the morning, I use one of those spoons and will only eat cereal out of a used coolwhip bowl. I had the same bowl for 15 years until it finally wore out. So I had to buy more coolwhip and eat it just so I could have a new one.Johnny gets the biggest kick out of using my big-ass spoons. Sometimes one goes missing and I start to freak out.I think I'll go have some cereal now. I used to eat only Lucky Charms but now I eat Fiber One. I'm old you know!m.


  2. Suz, we had a golf spoon when I was growing up! Now I have to see if my Mom still has it… As far as I know, it is supposed to be for feeding baby's, at least that is what I was told… My kids don't fight over silverware but they do fight over a cereal bowl. You know, because we only have one… :-}


  3. I actually liked the grapefruit spoons. And we did fight over it quite often {I think there was only one?} The most fought over kitchen item in our house? We had a freezer mug to make slushies. This thing was old. I think it belonged to my brother {he is 15 years older than me}. And we fought over that thing all the time!


  4. Is it possible that the golf spoon is a soup spoon that was bent accidentally, and your grandma invested it with a magic name (and powers)? Some grandmas are creative like that.Yes, I have a \”thing\” for silver, china and glassware. I love to set a beautiful table, and there is something special about eating with heirloom items. If your family didn't have any heirlooms to pass along, thrift shops can be a source for starting the tradition for your own family. Antiques Roadshow, anyone? 😉


  5. We have my baby fork and the wife's baby fork which is MUCH coller than mine, because it has a rabbit! We had grapefruit spoons too when I was growing up. They were fairly clever, but as an adult, I just eat grapefruit whole (except skin) like an orange, so tasty!


  6. My Grammy had this tin cup. OH MY GOSH! We loved that cup. We all fought over who could have their drink in it. We used it at every meal. All of us cousins LOVED that cup. When my Grammy died I went to the thrift store and found cups like hers to mail to all my cousins. I miss her so much.I love your special spoon. I never saw one like it in my life. You are special.


  7. I loved your spoon story! We fought over a cereal bowl because there was only one with a picture at the bottom. I think it was a picture of a farm—I guess we argued about it since all our other bowls were just plain. Mom gave me the bowl years later, but the picture gradually washed off in the dishwasher. 😦


  8. No golf spoon but here we have a fork with a bent prong…no one wanted it so I began calling it the \”Love Fork.\” If you got it at the dinner table it meant you were loved more than the others…so if you sat down to dinner to find the Love Fork in your spot you knew you were extra loved that day. Then all 3 kids wanted to set the table 🙂


  9. Will you save our silverware story for.another day? We do have one fork I.kinda love. I have no idea where it came from… But it & set it place for dinner! PleAse make sure you.hide the golf spoon when we come over… And I will do my best to hide this post.from u-know-who!


  10. Welllll…at my other mom's house (my aunt) we fought over chairs at the kitchen table! Ya, cause if you didn't sit on one, you'd have to stand up to eat…really. And I think we fought over food too cause….mwahahaaaaaaaa


  11. What a great story. I got a kick out of your brother's comment, too!Lately, I'm taken with rootbeer float spoons (since the handle is so long). Now when I eat things like yogurt or pudding my hand never gets any of the contents on it thanks to the extra long handle. I'm such a weirdo! 😀


  12. Anonymous

    My grandma's silver was stolen from our garage, boo hoo! So no one got to fight over it.The spoon looks like a sauce/gravy spoon. Thank so much Suz for your kind words. It's good to be back!


  13. well, no golf spoon here, BUTT i have my moms wooden red handle ho-made french fry slotted spoon. and i only use it to make ho-made fries where you peel the taters, cut them up, and deep fry them on top of the stove in a pot. no fry baby's for my fries. and her trick was letting them cook at least 30 minutes, slower than a deep fryer, and they come out white and crispy, melt in your mouth wonderful! course, had to have a big pile a ketchup wiff it. yep, no one better ever take my french fry spoon.


  14. You mean you can purchase forks and stuff NOT IN PLASTIC in Florida?! How cool is that?! Just kidding, we have silverware. Maybe.All I know is that the plastic stuff is much easier to get rid of at the end of the meal! =)


  15. Anonymous

    You are so funny! No golf spoon in our past. My mother always hated the spoons with BIG heads, that restaurants use with soups. Every time John and I see one, we remember how vicious mom would get over those spoons!


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