How sweet it is, to be loved.

We had a beautiful and sick weekend. What? You CAN have both.  {I am feeling better. I think}
Well, wait a minute…what am I thinking? beautiful?
A semi-hurricane hit us Friday night. {hurricane Rina} Ok, maybe a tropical depression? It rained HARD for 12 straight hours. I should have known it was coming….if only I read the paper or watched the news.
But I prefer NOT to do either of those.
And really, I slept about 9 of those hours.

So, we had a little flood outside when I awoke Saturday morning. Cocoa was excited that we finally had waterfront property. That’ll bring back the housing market. No?

This is a hazy shot at a little after 7am.
and a few minutes later, I realized my neighbor was also outside looking at his flooding.
and a second later, I remembered I was wearing leopard print boxers. 
No wonder he always smiles at me. I just thought he was a nice guy.

We are also dealing with a lil’ leak inside our house….inside my our closet. Yucky. On the upside, we will get the roof leak repaired, and I am promised a new closet! Really, it is good to be me.

The beautiful part? My MIL came over Saturday and visited….and Lolo came home for the weekend. We attended a band show and watched all of our local bands including the MOST important band. our school band.
Lots and lots of fun.
Of course, we think our band is the best. We might be a little biased. Or as Coach says: “I am SO biased, that I don’t even know it”
Honestly, they ARE the best.

And for a ‘feel good’ moment….Linds said earlier this week: “I am so lucky that I have so many people who come watch me when I perform. Some kids never have anyone come watch them, not even their parents”
I agreed.
It is one thing to know you are loved. And it is another thing to know you are loved and LUCKY too.

Anyhoo…today is Halloween. Did ya know? Are you giving or getting candy? We don’t get any trick or treaters here. I wish we did. I miss seeing all the cute lil’ boogers.

Linds is going T or T-ing with a few friends. Not sure of her attire….yesterday she walked around the house in a black tutu…..she was quite cute showing all her Toddlers In Tiaras poses for me.  Along with the fake/plastic smile. Scary.

BUT there will be blood. In her words: I’ve never been anything scary or bloody before.
So, I suppose we start now??

Gone are the days of me throwing a butterfly or a princess costume in her direction and her loving it.
Have a great {and not so scary} day!!!!

15 thoughts on “How sweet it is, to be loved.

  1. Seriously, could alligators crawl on to your property? That's one of my biggest fears about living in Florida. Well, that and wrinkled leather skinned women with bleach blond hair. They both give me nightmares.I know you love it when both of your babies are home. That must be a great feeling.So what are you going as tonight, a Trick or a Treat?m.


  2. Anonymous

    Glad you are better and how fun to have your MIL and both girls with you this weekend. Mr. Maple is still minus his front tooth and that is his Halloween \”outfit!!\” We were at the dental lab at 8:30 and go back @ 12. I wonder if there is a chance the dentist will give us candy?? Nah!!!Trick or Treat from me and Harriet!


  3. You'd better take a picture of her costume! We don't get little candy getters either. :(I can't believe you got that much water out there in just 12 hours. Wow! But if it gets you a new closet, it was a win!


  4. Enjoy your waterfront property while you can. I suspect that the fact that you had both daughters at home has something to do with the fact that you're feeling better. I'm sorry to hear about your roof leak.


  5. Yikes, that's a lot of water in your backyard. Guess at least the puppies enjoyed it…I'm taking the girls trick or treating, not sure if hubby will be handing out candy or not. We used to go all out on Halloween, but since we live on a dead end street we only get a few trick or treaters. Hardly seems worth the effort…


  6. Bummer – – – water in yards and in houses!!!! Not good, not good.Praise God you got to sleep so long – – and also to bring happiness to your neighbor! hahaI know what your daughter means about being fortunate you are there for her. My mom worked long hours and missed a few of our choir & band concerts. My husband's family missed a few of his Little League games for the same reason. We understood but guess that is why we probably went to everything for our daughters.As for Halloween, we don't get anyone anymore – – the houses in our subdivision are far apart for walking – – – but it's a good thing this year since we have a ten foot deep trench around two sides of the house – – – I sure would hate for someone to miss that step!


  7. So glad to read that you are feeling better, even a little bit. Take it easy and keep resting if you need to. We'll all wait, we promise!You know I'm partial to waterfront property, but that kind is a little scary – the accidental kind. Is that your neighbor I see, reflected in his own \”pond?\” Aiiee. Did the dogs go swimming? Does that water attract snakes?Okay, now I'm freaking myself out.We rarely get ANY trick-or-treaters due to this long, steep, dark driveway. But I have candy and granola bars ready!


  8. My daughter went as a little girl–it was totally cute. It was really funny when she pointed out that too many little girls were wearing \”slutty\” Halloween costumes while she, a \”big\” girl was dressing as a little girl.Lots going on with you–all kinds of injuries and flooding to boot. I hope this isn't a sign of the apocalypse!


  9. Waterfront property huh? Cool:) Glad the scary night is over and that it only comes once a year. Something about all the candy ya know..haha You'll post a pic of Linds, right? Been away for a couple so I'll check more later, work is pulling me out the door. Into the cold air. blah!


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