If you stare at the sun too long, you will laugh hysterically.

We had an impromptu Christmas photo session on Saturday.

Testing the lighting…nope not so good.

Testing the quirkiness….perfect.

Testing the action shots….she is too quick for me. OR I am too far behind?
Guess which is the dancer and which is the softball player.

yeah, she CAN jump though!
Do you know how many years I waited to see them laugh together like this? 
15 years.

I said 15 years!!!! 

So, yeah, I can throw some attitude NOW!
I’m not looking at you.
I’m NOT.
Ok, I am. 
You are beautiful. Inside and out.

And you laugh just like your mom….full on belly laughs with your mouth wide open to the world.
You poor things.

They are like SUNSHINE to me…I can’t help but stare!
Oh, and this cute guy was there too, who else could take us to dinner and a movie afterwards…cause we were exhausted from all the smiling, leaping, laughing and giving attitude!

Happy Wednesday. 
My wish for you is that you find something that makes you leap for joy (leaping on the inside counts) and that you laugh at least 32 times today. 
And remember, the big wide-open-mouth laughs are the most fun and they burn the most calories!


Friends, Family and Family Spirits.

Our Thanksgiving week in a nutshell.
We shopped. We laughed. We ate. We shopped. We Laughed. We ate. We shopped.

You get the picture.

My Mom arrived last Friday and our East coast peeps arrived on Wednesday. 

Thanksgiving DAY was just lovely. A bit on the hot side…especially with that oven going all day. Next year, I am looking into one of those big roasters….that I can leave outside for the day.

The good news?  I did not injure any one.
{I tend to get a little territorial of my kitchen on holidays!}
I did however, injure myself; opening a bottle of wine.
Perhaps 10 am is too early for my wrists?


The early bottle was for the bird.  I feel better about things if I get him intoxicated before I ruin his day.

Inside dining and outside dining. Whatever your pleasure. And no kids tables…we mix and mingle because I don’t want to be the only one at the kids table. 

Linds is in charge of table decor and set up…Martha Stewart never had it so good.

Linds and Heather.

Dinner was to be at 3pm. We ate at 3:07. 
Not my first rodeo, but it was his last.
Again, he felt nothing after that cheap bottle of chardonnay.

My Atlanta peeps were not able to visit with us this year….we missed them dearly.
My Uncle Jim is usually in charge of our dinner blessing….but somebody came through for us.

quite appropriate.
We were able to get ONE family shot of the four of us. Do you see the others that tried to join in with us?
Perhaps my Grandma and Brother? They both loved Thanksgiving, and we DID have room at the tables for more. 

We’ve got spirit(s) yes we do, we’ve got spirt(s) how about you?

We had pool splashing too. Did you?
My mom had to leave on Friday. Black Friday. We were dressed appropriately.

You know I don’t mess with all that shopping madness on Friday…not.on.your.life.buddy!
We had a beautiful week….I am truly blessed!

I hope your Thanksgiving left you feeling thankful as well.