Starry starry day.

Monday Smonday. I don’t do Mondays….I think the song goes something like that. But maybe not. 
Late Monday morning,  I had a text from Lolo: Can you meet me at my Dr’s appointment today? 2:15?
Luckily, on this day, I could. 
Having health issues is never fun. And having health issues when you are busy trying to enjoy your first year of college…well, surely that is a fun suck.
Lolo has been having some respiratory problems while doing her mandatory runs….not that she really likes to run, but her lungs seem to like it even less. {She will be fine} So, she has had a few appointments last week about that…and now, well now we are back to the shoulder. This poor shoulder has been giving her grief for two years. And now, her athletic trainer and coach are sending her back to the shoulder guru. 
I have never been a fan of Dr’s offices…and the waiting room is really torture. BUT waiting over 2 hours in the waiting room….and then spending another hour with assistants and the actual Dr. Well, that could put a person over the edge.

UNLESS….unless you were spending this time with your daughter who you adore and enjoy. We moaned and groaned about it here and there….but we also talked. 
We laughed. We were us. 
I love us. 

There was a very funny/awkward moment when Lo was thumbing through a magazine and found a page of orange fashions. We both made a lil’ face….and I said,  too loudly: 
“Nobody looks good in orange”

And then we looked around and three people were wearing orange, including the lady closest to me. Dang…it WAS Halloween!

Open mouth. Insert foot. Insert many giggles too.

It wouldn’t be her if the x-ray were plain….unadorned.   She is a shining star. 

The extraordinary ordinary. Those are the days we will remember. (especially if you blog about them!)

BTW: surgery is being postponed….but will be inevitable. A cortisone shot is the temporary bandaid….and really, do those shots make everyone laugh like a crazy person? Cause it did for her.  She laughed so hard that the Dr. made her lay down for a few minutes before she could leave.  I don’t know where she gets this silliness from.

{That star necklace was a gift from her Dad and I on her 16th birthday…still her fave thing to wear.}

I am linking up today with Just write. It’s easy. Just like Sunday mornings, which are much better than Monday mornings. 

27 thoughts on “Starry starry day.

  1. I'll have you now that I look good in orange! But I'll argue with you about that some other time.Right now, I just want to wish Lo the very best. Glad you were there for her.m.


  2. There are many Tennessee Vol fans who would disagree with you about not looking good in orange. I'm sorry to hear that surgery is in Lo's future. Her necklace looks great in that X-ray.


  3. The only thing I recognized in that x-ray was the necklace. Good thing I'm not her doctor. So sorry there's any surgery in her future. Yuck. Now I'm going to take off this orange shirt.


  4. I love the love in this post! I feel that way with my daughter… we just always have fun.Sorry that your baby girl is having problems with her shoulder. I know that is tough.


  5. I thought cortisone shots hurt like crazy! What is she laughing about? You two have the most fun, and I love how close you are with your girls. :)But I'm worried about Lo. 😦


  6. Cortisone shots don't make most of us laugh!!! Did they give her something to relax her first? The good news is it will help heal her for a while but as you said, it is not a permanent fix. So sorry surgery is in her future. It's never fun at all.Glad you got to be together. Time with our daughters is precious.


  7. So sorry to hear about her shoulder problems; that sucks. Best wishes to her that when the time comes. she recovers quickly from surgery.I used to have to get epinephrine shots and they would make me laugh and laugh and laugh. I think it was stress relief– getting shots is no fun!


  8. I adore that you are able to find reasons to be thankful for even the Drs. appointments. i am going to try and remember this the next time I am \”wasting time\” waitng.Hope Lo feels better soon!


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