October Photo Dump

I must give credit to the monthly photo dumps to my friend Mark. Even though HE did not come up with the idea, he swiped it from someone else, and then I had my turn at swiping. Swiping is a form or flattery. No?


Prepare to be unamazed. And amazed at the same time. But only if you are that talented.

Early in October, Linds and I made a quick trip to Orlando to see my Aunt, Uncle and Cuz Patrick while they were there on vacation. We were with them for less than 22 hours after we traveled three hours each way, but they are so worth it.
We wanted to visit a theme park, but it was raining. So, we went somewhere else that was loud and costly.

Linds and Cuz Patrick.

 See that pink teddy bear? It cost about 46 dollars in game tokens. Still cheaper than Disney. 
The gamblers. I dropped them off at a G.A meeting directly after this. 
Oh, my Uncle Jim. He is original. He had relayed a story to me earlier that included an ‘all you can eat’ feast and him getting a toilet seat cover to use as a bib…..while at a posh restaurant. Anything for attention…this I understand very well. 

So, guess what they have in the bathrooms at Dave and Busters? Yep. I got him one to use for his Orlando vacation. 
And he did. 
What did Cuz Patrick have to say about this? Oh, Dad, you are embarrassing me.
Isn’t that what parents are for?
I have this pig. He sits on the kitchen counter. I put up inspirational sayings for my people. And one of my people keeps changing it. 
It originally said: Bee nice to your elders. But elbows also need some TLC. 
And then she sprawled out on the kitchen island. Just like that. 
 If the health dept. got a hold of this photo…and that hair so close to my cooktop, well, I would be out of business. 
I got these new plants and I love em…I had been looking for a fiddle leaf fig tree…but I couldn’t find one. But I did find the fiddle leaf fig plants. Aren’t they darling? 

Now, as I look at this photo…the one on the right is too far over compared to the one on the left. . I just don’t know myself sometimes. Ughhh. Must.fix.this
 But hey, isn’t saying fiddle leaf fig plant so fun to say?
And this just proves irony is well and alive. 
The cat wants in. The dog wants out. 
I ignore both. 
And the bloody dancer???
As she and 2 other friends were getting ready for halloween…I said: So, what is the story here? 

Their story? They are dancers and their dance teacher got mad at them and slashed all three. Sounds perfectly logical. NOT. What ever…she is only 15 1/2 once….and she will only be a slashed dancer once. I hope.  She totally rocked that tutu. 

Welcome to November!!!!

22 thoughts on “October Photo Dump

  1. I saw that plant and before you even mentioned it, I was going to shoot you an email asking you to move it.Love the photo of your babies wanting in and out.And yes, I did steal the photo dump idea but like you, I mentioned who I got the idea from. Plus, I even told them that I would like to do it. They never responded and quite Following me. Oh well, I tried!m.


  2. Anonymous

    Fun post! Great pic of Cuz Patrick and yes, parents occasionally do silly things! Glad you all could spend time together. Love the new plants and oh, to be 15 1/2 again!


  3. Photo dump looks good on you, Suz! I hope that's the only kind of dump, ever, on your blog.My favorite photo is the cat and dog one – that one looks as if it might win a contest. Maybe you should hold a caption contest, like the New Yorker does for its cartoons!Fiddleleaffigplantsfiddleleaffigplants…try saying that 5 times, fast!


  4. Great shots! The dog and cat photo was so funny because I feel like that's the story of my life. By the way, I probably shouldn't say this sine it's my first visit here – but did you ever notice your dog's butt looks like a face? ROFL! Sorry , I just couldn't resist mentioning it!Thanks for stopping by today 🙂


  5. I really like your October photo dump. I'm thinking of swiping it from you, but we don't have a cat and a dog, so I couldn't get neat pictures like you got. Come to think of it, we don't have a teenager on the kitchen island, either.


  6. You have a definite potpourri of subjects from the beautiful plants to the mutilated dancer! You tell great stories though. It's obvious you enjoy family and cousin Patrick is a favorite for sure. We can relate to the animals and doors. In the morning, three cats want to go outside – – – but not at the same time! They wait until you shut the door and then walk over to it – – – while all the while I am mumbling, \”I have to be at work. Opening and shutting doors is not my job.\”


  7. You'll have to ask Pumpkin Delight what Jason and I do to her chalkboard in her kitchen every time we go to her house. Let's just say, you should be glad we don't live closer…or not!!!


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