My Body Double~Trouble

Have you heard the phenomenon that humans, over time, start to resemble their pets?

Well, sadly, this is becoming reality in our house.
I noticed last week, that Cocoa and I have the same double chin/neck issue. I’m not sure who had it first, she or me?
As soon as my lips start to fall that far, we are heading to Dr. 90210. Or perhaps a Dr. in my zip code.
And even sadder, Maisy and I have the same mid-section. What’s worse? She has never done a sit-up in her life….and I have done several.
 Gravity is at times, inconvenient. 
I am still working on the look of pure disgust towards all human beings.
It’s harder than it looks, this girl is a pro.  
If you need me, I will be smelling every inch of our property, chasing a large bird that is 300ft in the air,   meowing at no one in particular and then I’ll be curled up in front of a sunny window having a 6 hour siesta.
Happy Humpday!

24 thoughts on “My Body Double~Trouble

  1. If I have to start looking like a pet, I'll choose our \”skinny as a rail\” border collie. Even if that means I'll have a grungy ring around my neck (from rolling in something grody yet again). I might have to come curl up in front of one of your windows – it's rainy and dark skies here today.


  2. Being a dog (or a cat) in this country is a great life! And I totally agree with you about gravity, at least on ME (I never saw you sagging in ANY of your photos, Suz!)…my tummy, fanny, etc…enough said.


  3. As long as you don't curl up on my computer desk for the nap, we are fine. It is already occupied. I am thinking I will have to begin shutting the curtain so our old male cat doesn't seek out Mr. Sunshine as he enters the den by my computer. In our locale, we are welcoming the sun's warmth.


  4. Well…since I don't have any pets other than the dust bunnies, I'll have to cuss the gravity. Oh but wait, I guess dust bunnies are sorta fluffy…there ya go, I'm just fluffy:) Enjoy your siestas:)


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