I’ve caught the bug.

Well, not really that one. 
But I did catch him….feasting on my tomato plants.  I cussed him OUT big time. Right.in.front.of.the.dogs. 
And then I found this one IN the house…he was casually trotting down the hall, like he owns the place.
I cussed at him too. 
I am going to h*ll in a handbasket. A fashionable handbasket. 
I’ve got the fall, thanksgiving, spray painting bug.
I found these wooden pumpkins in the clearance section. I already had the orange plastic one. 

Metallic spray paint and (gasp) glitter. 
Usually I avoid glitter like I avoid Chinese buffets, but I gave in. Most likely, I will be ready for more glitter in a few hours. You know how that goes. 
I don’t know where we will put the food. 
My best behaved child.  
Just because I put out a welcome sign, does not really mean: WELCOME. 
To really be welcome here, you have to get through security. Or hop the electrical fence. 
Unless it is YOU. I don’t like it when people just walk up to your door all willy nilly thinking they are welcome. 
Unless you are in fact invited.
Did I tell you that YOU were invited?? You are. 
Those Saturday people who want to share their wonderful life with me, well, they Are NOT welcome. 
I don’t go to your house telling you have fabulous MY life is. DO I???
Fall finally arrived in Florida.
That is, if falling leaves mean fall has arrived.
It is currently 83 degrees. 
Bah hummbug. 
We have cranked the thermostat down to 73…trying to fake fall and to keep Florida Power and Light in business. 
Thats me, always giving. 
And thanks to my sweet friend Jamie for making my new header for me!!!!
If we don’t talk between now and Thursday, have a beautiful Thanksgiving!!!

23 thoughts on “I’ve caught the bug.

  1. That second bug looks like he's on the attack. I wouldn't fu(I mean) mess with him.And I'm glad that even though you're in the land of heat and sun, you're still gettin all Pilgrimy with your tablescape. You go girl!m.


  2. Anonymous

    I love the header! Love the pumpkins too. Hope you guys have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Apparently that bug thought he was welcome! Love to everyone and smooches from Harriet!


  3. Your table looks positively lovely!!! I sure would love to visit since I am invited – – – but my daughter's invitation came first – – – and I really like her a LOT so guess we will head for the mountains of Copperhill, TN on Thursday.


  4. LOVE the pumpkins!! And I adore your table! I am actually putting all 4 kids at a different table this year so our main dining table can be missing two chairs (and two people), thus leaving room for additional Thanksgiving decor.Or food.Hmmph! ;)Glad you like your header!


  5. I'm a HUGE fan of the metallic/glitter pumpkins!!!! I may have you create some for me next fall. I'm not much on creating on my own. Can't be trusted. Nope. Really. Can't,Your new header is FABULOUS! One of my faves. Actually, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, let me tell you that you, your friendship and your humor are some of the things for which I am thankful this year. It's not been the greatest year of my life…but you've made my mornings continually fun. So, thank you!Happy Thanksgiving to you and that fabulous entourage, Suz!


  6. Oh, the things I miss when road tripping! I come back and you're all foofied up and I think I'm lost….But I know I'm not cause it's still the fun lovin' quirky you in all your silliness that I love so much:) Now I'll go see WHAT ELSE I MISSED!!!!


  7. I like your new header…very cool. I get envious of your weather right about now..ha..I really dislike when it gets cold here. But today and tomorrow are supposed to be perfect. And our fall looks a little bit like yours…for now. We don't get color…just messy leaves. Happy Turkey Day! Hugs and love, sweet friend! : )


  8. bugs? ICK! glitter? YOU? wow… i am impressed. you went all out! i loved jogging along with you in this post 🙂 and we, too, had the air cranked down. maybe lower than 73. gasp! xoxo(fyi… bought my sombrero today. it was the ONLY ONE left!!!)


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