W/W and Don’t burst my Bubble.

Read this in a very fast and furious tone:

You know when you are super duper happy, ecstatic, giddy, joyful etc….and then someone comes along and takes a big fat needle and tries to insert it into your happy, ecstatic, giddy, joyful bubble?

And at once, your super duper happy, ecstatic, giddy, joyful bubble starts to deflate and then you remember HEY WAIT, IT”S MY FREAKIN’ BUBBLE and YOU can’t BURST IT!!

So,  you proceed to take the biggest shank from your arsenal and you take down the bubble popping culprit. With glee. And joy. And giddyness. And ecstaticness. And all that other stuff. 

The shanking part only happened in my head, but it still felt good.

Anyhoo…I got that off my chest.

So much for wordless Wednesday. I was never good at that quiet type of stuff.
This photo has nothing to do with what was on my chest.

Lolo’s boyfriend has been gone since early August for Air Force basic training….he came home on Wednedsay of last week. They met at their ‘old’ high school to pick up both the ‘little Sisters’ together. 
Did I just hear a collective ahhhhhh?

This photo will be reenacted next week when he has to leave again. Minus her smile.

The moral of this post, and surprisingly, there is one…is: Give the finger (or shank) to all bubble bursters. Metaphorically of course.  Then go hug a soldier. You can actually do this in reverse order if you like. 
Have a great day! I know I will.

16 Candles!

No one wants to compete with Jesus….and their birthdays are so close together.

BUT, we try to make HER day as special as possible.
She will never be forgotten like Molly Ringwald was in the movie 16 candles
nor will her Grandma’s tweak her you-know-whats and horrify her.

{what kind of family DOES that?}

And I HOPE  she will NOT end her birthday sitting on a glass dining room table with a cute guy named Jake blowing out her 16 candles. 

We do have the glass dining room table, but I NEVER let anyone sit on it.

FYI: Movie making people, glass breaks.

 {BUT on the other hand, Jake IS cute and could possibly be worth maiming yourself.}

Did you have a stretch Armstrong doll? Lindsay didn’t.


Lindsay….a little comedienne, a laughing, silly-as-heck girl.
She got this all from her Daddy (or both of us)
Lindsay, Happy birthday baby!

 Lee Ann Womack said it best: “if you get the chance to sit it out or dance…
 I hope you DANCE!”

I hope you ALWAYS DANCE!
What is better than dancing?
You, like your Sister, bring ME JOY every day! 
Every day. 

ps. I tried for an hour last night to make a movie/slideshow for her birthday, and I ended up mad, flustered and kinda cussing. Thanks Mark for hanging the tribute slideshow bar so high.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! The Coach surprised us like never before!