Dance like snow-one is watching.

Our county goes big during the holidays…kinda.
We have the annual SNoW FeSt at one of our community parks/rec centers.
It is sponsored partially by the recycling dept…you know that makes my heart happy.

BTW, I had a dream about one of you bloggers and you were not recycling and I was conflicted as to shank you or not. Did anyone wake up sore on Sunday morning??? Yeah, you deserved that.

They spare no expense importing snow from up north. Or maybe it is imported ice?
 No worries….little kids just know it is white and cold. They are so naive. 
Anyhoo, our main reason for going was a very special dance show: 
The Lindsay Show!
 Her dance studio had six performances on the snow fest stage on Saturday. 
Lindsay was in five, one was a solo.
And the other one she directed from the sidelines. 
It seems it was just yesterday that SHE was the little one behind the BIG one…following along.
I am so thankful they had that NO SMOKING sign above them, I saw one of these five year olds about to light up a pall mall before she saw this sign. 

But now, SHE is the LEADER….leading the littles. 

I may have mentioned before, that Linds is not a huge fan of short people. Well, I mean YOUNG/SMALL people. 

But between helping with these dance students 2 days a week, and four days of week dealing with the 3 & 4 year olds in her childcare class at school; well, she is coming around.
 Pretty soon, she’ll be asking to bring a few of them home. I can imagine the conversation: “Please Mommy…I promise I will feed them, walk them and clean up after them!”

I will stay strong….she doesn’t even remember to feed the snake one day a week.
I pulled 3 ligaments and both hammy’s uploading this photo.
Aren’t these little girls adorable? I want that pink dress something fierce!

Black swan? I can clearly see who is going to make it to the big stage.
After the dance extravaganza, we hit the fair part of this fest. Guess who won a fish? Not sure what that guy is doing behind her.
I wanted to name the fish: Snowfest. Coach wanted to name it: Orangey. 
His name is Squishy. 
Defiant children.
Don’t you love taking photos when they don’t know you are taking photos?
Surely this guy in the back didn’t know I was taking his photo. Isn’t NO-SHAVE November over?
If you want to swim, you will have to come back later. When it is colder.
Later in the day we put up the Christmas trees. By 7:30 on Saturday I was wiped OUT!!
It’s hard being 44. I can’t imagine what my 45th year will bring? More exhaustion?
How was your weekend??

27 thoughts on “Dance like snow-one is watching.

  1. Looks like fun was had by all. I know you said you want the pink dress, but I'm in love with all the striped socks. Is 42 too old to wear striped socks like that? 😉


  2. Hmmm, we need a Sunshine Fest here. I think the high today might hit 20…Love all the short wearing peeps looking at the piles of white stuff:)That' Linds sure knows all the moves, specially the gettin down one… It'll be fun watching her become famous:)So who's gonna feed, walk and pick up after Squishy?I bet the dude with the beard knows my mom.My weekend was spend wrapped in a quilt dreaming of Florida and flip flops…


  3. Awww, she's doing great with those littles! Last year at the girls' recital, I was thinking the same thing. Once Sierra was the little bitty dancer, now she's a big girl dancer. A few more years . . . well, let's not get ahead of ourselves! 🙂


  4. Anonymous

    Love the pics and it all sounds like fun! What cuties in their Christmas outfits! I'm the oldest, I'll tell the dude to shave the beard! (and Harriet can be my backup)


  5. You have a very talented (and pretty) daughter. I'm glad she got along well with the short people. I think she's a keeper, even if she didn't accept your suggestions for names for the fish.I'd pass along some tips about what being 45 can bring — but I can't remember back that far!


  6. Aren't those little ones cute! As long as they go home with someone else after class I am all for teachign them :)And to answer your question: Yes I do miss my kid…but I am so jealous of all the fun she is having and all of the world she is seeing….and I had 21 years of her to myself so it's time she has some adventure.Happy December!


  7. What fun! Your daughter is now a beautiful leader. Do you think the second one grows up faster than the first? It happened that way for us! I am very, very impressed with that split. My legs hurt just looking at it!Our weekend – – – – mainly plain old housework and working on Christmas gifts. Plus both of us had to work a few extra hours. It happens at this time of year.


  8. The sight of those little ones watching your \”little one\” just about did me in. I hope you put one of those photos in her college application under \”community service.\” She is a lovely gem!Love the photo of Coach and your college girl, communing without knowing the paparazzi were stalking them!


  9. i love that it was a whole family affair 🙂 and squishy, too! i wish i would've come to watch linds… you didn't brag before when we were talking and kept it a secret that she was the STAR! so glad that she is coming around to the littles!! but how can she not when they are smothering her with love?!


  10. I think you really should look into having someone custom make a pink dress like that little girl. Your sweet girl did a great job, but those two littles on the right seem to in some form of sock trance.I like the name of Squishy so long as he doesn't take his name too seriously.


  11. You have the sweetest of girls! My \”little\” was in a Santa Claus parade last weekend, led by the big girls like your gorgeous girl. I can just see one day her having the chance to be a leader. Dance is so wonderful!PS Love the socks, the splits and the fish:)


  12. Hi Suz, Looks like you all had a great time at the Snow Fest… Bet the kids will love playing with all of that snow…Thanks for sharing Lindsay's Show. Working with those little children has to be fun (well–most of the time)… ha ha …. I remember going to my oldest granddaughter's dance recital when she was about 5 I think… (She's 18 now.) That was a HOOT watching those little ones 'trying' to dance.Linds is such a gorgeous gal—and a great dancer. I agree with Woody… Good name for the fishie is Blizzard.Cute picture of Dad and daughter on the stools!!!!Thanks for a great post.Hugs,Betsy


  13. I too adore that pink dress, though I could never pull it off….Linds is amazing…it is young ladies like her that have inspired my daughters in their dance and gymnastics…keep smilin linds even if they are short and annoying sometimes!


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