Tidbits and NOT panicking.

We decorated most of the house Saturday, Sunday and I finished on Monday. That really was only two rooms, so I don’t know why it took so long.
This is the little tree in the family room. Perhaps it is my fave? The girls call it the ghetto tree….

It holds all the colorful, home made and kitschy ornaments. Some tacky, some not.

I gave Lolo carte blanche on the apothocary jars….I think she did an amazing job. 
Don’t try to eat that candy…it gets reused year after year. yum.

You know how green I am. Old candy + clear jars= Christmas cheer!!

 Do you know that I didn’t have any anxiety throwing this eco friendly snow around.
Ten years ago, you would have had to sedate me before I would accept a messy table like this.

I’ve come a long way baby!

The other night, I went to sleep with two plates and a cup in the sink. And ~SHOCKERS~the world did not end. 

Speaking of anxiety…I thought I was having a heart attack early Monday morning. (4am)

{change of topic much?} 

My heart was pounding so hard,  I took off my ratty old PJ’s and put on nicer ones. Just in case.
Some of those paramedics are cute.

This came out of the blue.

My Dr. thinks that more than likely, I had an anxiety attack.
I do declare, that I am NOT experiencing any stress; anxiety. 
I’m not.

Why should trees only get to enjoy the Christmas skirts?

 So, they did an EKG and took some blood. I forgot to ask if they will give it back to me.
We will see what becomes of this. 
But, I swear, I have no anxiety. 
Don’t you think I would know if I had anxiety?

The FUN we can have with a tree skirt!
I’ve done no decorating outside. I just can’t motivate myself….must I mention our hot weather? Tres’ hotto.
 Global warming.

And did I mention that I started a part time job a few weeks ago? I didn’t?
Well, I was just too busy to fill you in.
I like it.

And also, we are having our annual Christmas party on Saturday! I am so excited.
I promised myself I would not go over the top this year. I think 4 buckets of chicken and a bag of cheese doodles should do it for food, a couple of boxes of wine for libations.

Thats all I’ve got to say about that.

Ok, comment away…but no mention of any anxiety. NONE. 
I have NONE. 
Don’t mention it. 
It’s all good in the hood!
What does your ‘hump day’ look like? 
If you would like some unwanted attention, just wear your tree skirt!

25 thoughts on “Tidbits and NOT panicking.

  1. I want to see what the \”before and after\” pajamas look like. Did you also take a shower, do you hair and make-up just in case? Don't worry, I'm sure you'd be a knock-out of a patient!And new job? Well, c'mon! Dish girl, dish!m.


  2. Beautiful decor – I wish you would all come to my house and help me this year. My Christmas \”decor\” – so far, this year – is a red table cloth on which is a Spode candlestick, a dish or two, and lots of gifts, gift bags, Christmas cards waiting to be written & sent, etc. But I have to finish proofreading the book first! And editing the video!And just WHAT is this part-time job? I'm so proud of you!It's possible that, with all you have going on in your life, your body simply sent some kind of sign to you…after all, your blog name is \”Busy Bee Suz,\” isn't it? And you are a busy one. But I will not mention the \”a-word.\”Sending hugs to you!


  3. I love the jars and the old candy – nicely done, LoLo! Your decorations are WONDERFUL! And merry and bright.I wish it were hot here… it's 31* in the morning right now. I haven't turned the heat on, but I am thinking about it. I am typing with a candy cane, stuck in my mouth for all of my fingers are FROZEN solid.Just kidding. Maybe.


  4. Decorating the house, getting ready for a party, and a new job — I think 'Busy Bee Suz' is an understatement.I like the way you and Lolo recycled the candy canes — very festive. And Lolo makes a great super heroine.


  5. can't wait to see your decorations in real life 🙂 your house always looks so pretty!! are you wearing a tree skirt saturday?ps… i am glad to hear that you like your job. saying that outloud on your bloggy-blog is BIGxoxo


  6. Anonymous

    I'm envious that you have \”back-up\” pj's for the paramedics!Keep us posted, ok?And….what is this bombshell about a job???Someone is not keeping me up to date on scoop!


  7. Love love love your decorations..even your ghetto tree! Wish you could come and decorate my house. We are going to decorate on Friday..we hope..but it will be different this year. But there will still be presents, so it's all good. : ) I hope your heart is ok. We can't have this sort of thing, ya know! : )


  8. I like the ghetto tree..and the blingier jammies, just my style:)Ok, spit it out, whachadoin on the side? Wait I know! Being a tree skirt fashionista, sitting on a reindeer with an apothocary jar full of vintage candy and tossing fake snowballs at little kids in the mall? Stress does idiot things to a body, even when you don't think you're stressed. Just sayin……


  9. Love Love Love all of your decorations and trees… SO gorgeous… It's great to have girls there to help with the decorating. I was a little discouraged this year when I had to decorate our tree all by myself… Tain't supposed to be that way!!!!! Geeessshhh.Take care of YOU… Hugs,Betsy


  10. 1. Great idea to put the kissing angels in a jar!2. Wonder if it's just hormones? My heart's been doing some crazy things for a few years, but I've been told by several doctors that as long as it doesn't hurt, it's normal. (It feels like it's skipping a beat, but someone said that it's really an extra beat.)


  11. I think I might just go wear my tree skirt! I love that! I'm starting to wonder if my tree would be classified as \”ghetto\”. I'm sure if I mentioned it to my 16 year old son he'd be excited and post it to his facebook page–\”Hey! Check out my ghetto tree!\” I can't believe your candy canes look so good! The ones I've tried saving to use over and over got nasty looking–the red ran.


  12. I want to hear about the job!I'm glad they took blood because it might not be the \”A\” word, it might be a form of tachycardia–my son's friend (18-years old and an athlete) developed it out of the blue. One surgery later, he's playing water polo again.


  13. I hope that word I'm not supposed to mention goes away, and that the blood work/tests are okay.Love the ghetto tree. It looks a lot like mine. Great fun with the tree skirt! I really like your new header featuring all of your kids.


  14. I may have mentioned before about cutting down on the caffeine. As for the party…those folks are supposed to be coming for fellowship, not eats. But if you do skimp in order to lessen your stress I suggest you put a note on the candy that looks so delicious. Perhaps beginning with its expiration date of 2005.Seriously…call the caterer or local deli to make the trays of food.


  15. your decor is amazing! I am a little jealous, I can feel the green monkey sitting on my shoulder as I type…and well, I am going to have to brush him off and move on…christmas is calling.


  16. I think your heart was very excited about your ghetto tree…which I love, btw. The kitschy ornaments show what we love. I have no apothecary jars, nor tables to set them on. But when I do, I copying you! Looks lovely.


  17. OMgosh Suz. A few days after my mom went into the hospital back east last July I had tightness in my chest for 3 days and when I had dizziness called my doc(I was in Idaho). He sent me to the ER. They did EKG & bloodwork. Turned out to be esophogial spasm. Probably from the stress (& I do get acid reflux on occasion). Not sayin' you have any anxiety, just sayin'! I hope your heart is okay. Good to get it checked.Those girls of yours should be models. How cute are they?! We got our 2 little trees up Saturday. I'm still scrubbing down the place after being away since last April. Patrick is very good at cursory cleaning…better than alot of guys would be, but not Cassie-Clean! I sure hope I can one day leave a dish in the sink. I'm still too anal, but at least I know it, so it could change.You are sure welcome to come visit us at our cabin in hi-d-ho. Only 1 spare room though, so someone has to sleep with the pooches.hehe. We're still working on it. When Pat retires will hopefully get it done. xx


  18. SUZ! You're making me nervous over here. Do I need to come over and we can hang out in PJs and eat chocolate and watch movies? I wish I had back up PJs. You're just going to have to see me in my ratty ones.And . . . new job? WHAT? I want to hear all about it!


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