My party pants are getting tight.

I survived another Christmas party…I’m sure you were all worried.
I had the girls snap a bunch of pictures through the night.
Speaking of snapping….I did get a little snappy with my family just prior to the 7’oclock party start time.
 I always get a bit crazy trying to ready the food and myself….even with the help of my three favorite people, I get snap happy at everyone. I always apologize and they still love me. But maybe, they love me a little less each year. 
The Coach really did a lot of the food this year…ordering and picking things up without me having to get into the middle of it was fabulous. He is a keeper. 

We learned new billiard game called CRUD.

Our pool table has never seen so much action….it was a blast. There was pushing, shoving, cussing and laughing.
   Cussing is always fun when drinking is involved.
I might have burnt a few calories running around the pool table, while cussing.

Crud is a cuss word…right?

We had a great time…and we were all exhausted on Sunday. Ok, maybe the kids were not exhausted, they went Christmas shopping.

Do you see that someone left a fork in the middle of my nativity? I have a feeling I know who did this…
and Jesus does not appreciate this type of humor.

And late Sunday night, I found a dirty dish IN MY REFRIGERATOR.
What is this world coming to?

Out of our 31 guests, I’ve got the perp narrowed down to three people.

It is Monday morning, and I am still tired. How old am I?

How was your weekend??? Any parties? Any cussing?

23 thoughts on “My party pants are getting tight.

  1. Sounds like a fun party. We had bunco at our house on Friday and yes, there was lots of food, drinks and some cussing involved. ;-)And you're not the only one that gets a little nutty before having a house full of guests. 🙂


  2. I love how brave you are. I would never post photos of my coke habit on my blog. But really, use a credit card next time instead of a fork. You'll get much better results.m.


  3. No parties {unless you count our cookie baking get-together}, lots of cussing. Noooooo, just kidding 😉 No cussing either. But my pants are getting too tight. It's the dang cookies! Oh wait, is dang a cuss word? If so, I guess I *have* been doing a lot of cussing. Whoops!


  4. Anonymous

    Mornin' Suzanne, Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the pics! Did your cats stare at you guys through the doors??? Did they cuss, too????


  5. That looks as if it was a very good party. Look at it this way: if you DON'T find assorted dishes and household items in odd places, perhaps the party was too tame. You must have struck just the right note between \”lovely\” and \”CRUD.\”For swear-word assistance, please see Laura (Smileygirl). That beautiful, sweet lady can cuss more creatively than anyone I have ever known before. Words like \”ratb*astard\” just roll right out without a hitch.


  6. three perps??? wow. now i'm a little shocked!!are you sure Jesus doesn't like the fork? he did eventually eat, you know. your party was amazing, as always. and you were beyond amazing. and sparkly! love you!


  7. Your party! I am always so jealous when your party rolls around because you and Dawn get to be together…and I don't get to be with either of you. But it looks like a good time was had by all…but ew on the dish in the frig. That is kinda weird. Love the pics..festive night. : )


  8. No parties – – that would be this weekend coming up! We finally had a non-stressful weekend – – – still quite busy but relaxing, too – – – as much as it can be with all the extra Christmas shopping, cards, etc. …… and you are probably not alone in being snappy before a gathering. It's a LOT of work and it gets to us right before it's time for fun!


  9. Our weekend was positively quiet compared to yours. But then, we haven't found any dirty dishes in the refrigerator, so I won't complain. It sounds (and looks) like your party was a roaring success even if a few forks did get misplaced.


  10. Looks like fun was had by all!Last action our pool table saw was me doing sommersaults on it…but it wasn't a Christmas party it was a post birthday celebration…Happy Monday!


  11. Oh look at those happy faces sweetie. I can tell your the hostess with the mostess!!! I bet ya'll had a blast!I've got a jump on ya with the tight pants dept. We had a wedding here then we had three different Thanksgiving dinners!!! Now I'm finishin' up the candy and fudge. {{{SIGH}}} Heeehehehe!!!I hear ya loud and clear on the picture takin'. I get so busy takin' care of the food and guests that after the house is emptied I think….Dang it to thunder, I didn't take any pictures….again!Love your nativity scene, it's just gorgeous…fork and all!God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!BTW..Giveaway…my place…ya'll come!!! :o)


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