My heart ain’t bad.

Technically, I’ve not heard back from my Dr. yet, but I am sure of this.

AND technically, if you live in the south, ain’t is a proper word to be used multiple times daily.

I am fairly sure, and this is almost too hard to type, but I think my palpitations are related to my ever aging ovaries. Oh, you know….it is getting to be that time. 
Or as, my Dr. said (with her 30 year old self) “This type of thing happens to a lot of MIDDLE AGED women.”
I looked around to see WHO the Dr. was talking to!
After the holidays, I am going to make an appointment with  Dr. Lady parts. There is a very good chance that my whore-moans are off. Either that or, I am developing multiple personalities. And I don’t really work well with these other personalities.

Some snapshots of Linds at the winter band show last weekend.

Fancy Dancer. 

Ballerina baby.

It’s not polite to point.

Anyhoo…I am up to my eyeballs in stuff. YOU TOO? What a coincidence!!

I will never ever understand how parents who work full time can get anything done with the family or house!!
I seem to be getting a lot of stuff done, but there is always more to do…and I have fit in three good workouts this week…that is so good for my brain!! And really, I am feeling good. Really good.

I am a lucky girl.

I’ll leave you with a vision for the weekend….
Check out the dude with the Orange shirt and black pants.

We love his dancing style, and on occasion Linds and I dance around the house JUST LIKE HIM.
Cute huh??? Ok, maybe not so much, but it is a good shoulder work out!

Wishing you a danceable weekend!


23 thoughts on “My heart ain’t bad.”

  1. Coming from a house of 2 full-time working parents and 5 young children…I'll let you in our little secret about how it all gets done. It doesn't!! If the house needs to be cleaned then we will probably order pizza. If I am cooking a huge feast, then the house is probably a mess. It's all about compromises. And online shopping. Love that online shopping!!


  2. I quite like his style of dancing, and also the green-shirted kid. Love to see her dancing; she's adorable.And you will be fine! It's probably just what you said. This middle-aged stuff is rotten to the core.


  3. Beautiful photos you have shared!Take good care of yourself and I hope you won't have any more scares.Love and Merry Christmas to you and the family. (and smooches from Harriet!)


  4. That's hilarious – I always tried to dance like the girls in purple, but it hurts my neck!Your dancer is lovely, and talented. That apple \”ain't\” falling far from the tree!When the doctors start looking young enough to be your kids, then it's disorienting (speaking from experience here). But I'm glad that you are taking a proactive approach to this. Menopause can be challenging, but I know you can find what you need. If you need to know what has helped me, give a holla'.xoxoxo


  5. I don't think I'll ever be able to go to my Dr. again without calling her \”Dr. Lady parts\” – and my \”whore-moans\” are off too, but I've learned to live with it. Vitamin E helps with the hot flashes by the way – or power surges as I like to call them.


  6. Oh, I'm so glad that I'm not middle aged. And the last time I checked, my ovaries are in tip-top shape. I'll send you a picture if you want!Seriously, if this is going to turn into a Mommy Blog where all you discuss is vaginas and depression, I'm outta here! I see enough of them in one day. Mommy Blogs! Not Vaginas!m.


  7. I love the title..Dr Lady Parts…you should put that in his/her shingle out front. Very classy. : ) I hope you feel more like yourself very soon…hopefully Dr L P can straighten you out. : )Your dancer is very pretty…what a fun time to share with your girl. : )


  8. She's the cutest dancer in the pictures :)And oh…I was that full time mom who never missed a game my kids played in…I didn't sleep fact I still don't…always too much to do.TGIF!!


  9. I didn't realize that the people who drew the Peanuts dance scene had seen me on the dance floor. I wonder if I could sue?Linds is obviously a wonderful dancer, and I can understand why you are proud of her.I've always known your heart is good and is in the right place. Did you ever find out who the doctor was talking about with that middle-aged comment?


  10. Middle-aged my arse!! I think your whore-moans are just fine. ;-)Actually, truth be told, I'm having my own whore-moan issues lately, cuz I'm a geezer. It's getting harder and harder to sleep through the night. I'm absolutely freezing when I go to bed, but inevitably, at some point during the night, I wake up sweating and ripping clothes off. Sometimes, I don't even remember doing it. CSJ makes fun of me all the time. \”How is it that you go to bed in sweatpants, socks, a t-shirt AND sweatshirt, but then you wake up nearly naked every morning!?\”


  11. that baby sure can take amazing pictures!!! wow!!! and linds looked so great up there. i only had eyes for her 🙂 hmmm… if you are coming over tomorrow leave those grumpy lady parts home! xoxo


  12. Bless Your Little Heart… That doctor had to have been talking about someone else since you are still so YOUNG…Just wait 'til they don't ask you anymore if you qualify for a Senior Discount!!!! They used to ask us–but don't anymore!!!! Dang!!!!!Great pictures of your gorgeous daughter.Merry Christmas… Hope you continue to feel better.Hugs,Betsy


  13. I think people who manage to do it all literally never sleep! I don't work full time and I still don't have enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do. Thanks for sharing the Peanuts video. I had a bit of a bad night and it put a huge smile on my face 🙂


  14. stuff, what stuff? are you kidding me? I can't ever finish a list before another list is started…take a deep breath and don't forget to take care of you, it is important


  15. How do mothers who work full-time do everything? We get stressed out until we decide to go on strike because everything we've done for the past 23 years isn't appreciated! (okay, I'm through now.)Have a good weekend!


  16. Gotta love that Peanuts crew. Glad to hear you're feeling good, in spite of that weird doctor referring to you as \”middle-aged.\” If you're there, I'm a lot farther down the line, and I'm not going to stand for that. Great photos of your pretty dancing daughter.


  17. Oh yuor dancing baby is so adorable! I too wonder how the full time working Mama's of the world manage it. I worked half time after baby number one and the only way I did it was extra coffee and no sleep!Wishing you extra hours in the coming week:)


  18. ok, I'm here late but wanted to say I'm glad it's just your ovaries..meds can fix them for awhile. I mean it coulda been much worse, like testicles…..mwahahaLove the little dancer you got living with ya. And that you can follower her around the house in a workout…Take care of you:)


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