The good, the bad and the poop.

The good thing about having a cat who lives on TOP of your screen??? 

No hair on the outdoor furniture.
{No, Maisy didn’t just suck a lemon, this is her regular facial expression}
The bad thing about having a cat live on top of your screen?
The cat thinks the screen is it’s home, and part of that home is a litter box.
 Yes, that is poop on top of the pool cage. Ain’t that a pretty sight?

My friend Kelly was here this weekend, and she aptly named the cat; Screen.
Screen is kinda making me nuts. Screen still won’t let any of us near it. Screen is a feral cat.
I have two choices and I’m not thrilled with either choice….I’ve got to get this Screen situation under some sort of {poop} control. 

Anyone poop in inappropriate places at your place this weekend?

The Situation & the &.

Happy Wednesday!
What? well, all day yesterday I thought it was Tuesday. I know…a crime.

We’ve been dealing with a hairy situation this week….
This little bundle of claws!
 This crazed kitten is on top of our pool cage. Do you know how high that is? It’s really high. 
I’ve not been able to get near this little girl/guy…it constantly meow’s to our cats and then runs from us.

(when it is NOT on top of the pool cage!)
The cats want nothing to do with it and Cocoa wants everything to do with it!

I’m going to call in some help with this one, I am fairly certain it is feral.  😦


Look what I found!!
I am advising that the guy (and I know there is only one) who runs the inventory/shipping dept at Hobby Lobby should get a large raise.
I ordered this online Monday night, it was here on Thursday. 
The Coach has been in Vegas for a show/conference. He took one of his new ‘guys’ with him. On the phone last night he said:
“I’ve lost my new guy, but I’m fairly certain he is on the roof of the hotel. And would you believe I found a baby in the closet? Oh yeah, I’ve got all my teeth!”
{Raise your hand if you know what the Coach was talking about}

Have a great Wednesday! Or if you prefer to, get wild and refer to today as Friday!