You’ve got a friend in me, even in 2012.

I was going to do a clever and witty recap of 2011…so I started going back through the posts of last year and 4 hours later I realized I’d lost 4 hours of my time.

{I noticed that I used to post a lot more…3-4 days a week and I had gobs of comments! Where have all the bloggers gone? If you are still here with me, I like you better than the quitters anyway. You’ve always been my favorite}

Anyhoo…I would like to thank you all for being on this journey with me. The journey of being a mom, a wife, a recycling diva, a small town girl, living in a lonely world, she caught the midnight train going…. Oh, sorry, thinking of Journey makes me think of that song.

Oh, back to US you: We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve cringed together. 
Thanks again for being my ever present cheerleaders, my sounding boards and my friends.
You are special.

XX Smooches XX

Da’ girls when I started this blog:

And they have grown into this:

My camera skills have come a long way too.

They both love being part of this blog and are most happy when I blog about them. (Linds especially)
If it were up to Linds, there would be a 24/7 feed of all things Lindsay.
{2nd child who?}

On a serious note, they LOVE all the funny comments…and really, that is what keeps me going.
I love your feedback! Maybe I didn’t get enough attention as a child.

Who am I kidding. I never got enough attention. Still don’t get enough.

Look at me! Look at me!

Happy 2012 to you all!!!

 Don’t let the sun go down on me.
Wishing you all the laughter, love and fun adventures you can handle in 2012!

30 thoughts on “You’ve got a friend in me, even in 2012.

  1. Awwww! You have had one fabulous year, lady! LOVE that photo of your girlies from when you first started blogging. My girls {Sierra, especially} love it when I blog, blog, bloggity blog all about them too 🙂 Good thing they are my life!Here's to a wonderful 2012!


  2. I'm still here! I haven't left you, yet. To make up for your missing comments, if you want, I'll pop back every few hours, posing as a different person and leave a comment. Would that make you feel better? But really, where would I go to find this kind of entertainment. Who else dresses up their dogs like hookers and photographs them in doggie-porn situation like you do? No one else, that's who!And really, there's not one darn thing that pisses me off about you. I'm sure I'll figure it out one day. You know, like the others did who used to comment here but are now gone. But until then, you're stuck with me. Whether you like it or not.Your Friend, m.Happy New Year!


  3. xoxo. you are my favorite, too. always. and i think one blogging gift is that we see how we grow, too… not just our kids 🙂 and as we grow and share and learn to live just a little bit more, we become more beautiful. yep. that is right. i love you!(and i hope during those 4 hours you laughed and luaghed and laughed. which means that it wasn't a waste of time at all!)


  4. hey gorgeous, I am here! Always here, but not always commenting {right now, I AM that preverbial fly on the wall} I love listening to what spills from that head of yours and how proud you are of your girls….you also make me chuckle, which is VERY welcome! ;o)Hope you had a fab New Year's Eve and saw the new year in in style….I am almost sure you did! Well, you probably made it an unforgettable experience anyway! ;opHere's to 12 months of achievements, positivity, surprises and family time….love, hugs & snogshello gorgeous xxx


  5. Happy New Year! I love reading about all of your house projects, and your pictures are always so much fun. You guys are awesome! Wow, the girls have grown up into such lovely young ladies. Nice job with the parenting, parents!


  6. Anonymous

    I suffer on the days you don't blog so I'm not going anywhere!!!It's been a blast following along with you and the family. Looking forward to all the great things that take place in 2012!Love you all!


  7. Thank you for the good wishes, Suz. I love your blog – you are the sunshine of my life; that's why I'll always stay around…wooo…yeahhh…ahh…oops, that's Stevie Wonder there. But your blog does brighten my day. Your photos have gotten way more sophisticated! And your girls have really grown up. I love that photo of YOU.Happy New Year to all at Casa Suza!


  8. I love you, your girls, every bit of it and I will never leave this happy place! I wish my kids loved the blog spotlight as much as your girls. Well, the daughter is ok with it, but the son has banned himself permanently. Once I snuck a photo and I got in trouble. Now I'm a good mommy. But I might have to blur his face and at least prove he exists one of these days. Yep, I'm gonna. Happy New Year, Suz!!!


  9. Is that a recent picture of you…talk about bombshell!! It's amazing how the girls have changed, it doesn't seem like it when I see pictures of them all the time, but boy they are quite grown up.And yes ma'am I still check in all the time, but usually at work so I can't comment as much. Shhhh, don't tell my boss….


  10. That is a great way to get some perspective–the kids then and the kids now.I think people still read, they just don't comment as much. At least that's what my stats say.You are a must-visit for me every day–I need the smiles.


  11. I'm glad you're still blogging. I'm an infrequent commenter but check every day for an update. I don't have a blog, my kids are grown and my life is boring, so I have to live vicariously through yours! Hoping you and your family have a wonderful 2012!


  12. It's okay if you are not there frequently. No sense putting words there out of a sense of obligation. I had to drop down to once a week and feel so much better about it all. It doesn't stress me as much – – – plus, I probably was (and still am) spending too much time on the computer – – – – but I LOVE reading about what my blog friends are up to! So – – – – looking forward to hearing more about your beautiful lives in 2012.


  13. I love your blog posts, Suz… They always make me smile –or laugh— or cry!!!! That is a good thing!Your daughters are both gorgeous —just like their Mom (and Dad of course)….Hope 2012 is a great year for you and your family.Hugs,Betsy


  14. Suz, I might have to go back to an early pic of my girls on the blog…I am pushing 4 years as well here in just a couple of months…I have noticed my comments lagging lately as well as the content in my posts…a goal for the new year? Maybe,,


  15. Wow, your girls have grown up so much in just a short time. Sigh..time flies, doesn't it? : ) Love all the pics…the sun is so pretty over the water. (another sigh) Happy new year, friend. : )


  16. My, how your girls have grown up during your blog years. I've enjoyed watching them grow and change and achieve so many things. Happy New Year to you and your family, Suz!


  17. awwww suz, you KNOW i would nevah leave you! i've just been taking a break, but i am back i think… lol… i love you and your blog, it makes me laugh and smile… we share the same cutenesses, in my opinion. think of the fun we'd have if we lived nearer eachother. i could then see the goggies all i wanted. hah! happy new years to you too! you are one of the peeps in me life that make it worth while. i feel like i know you, and have a friend in flo-rida. hugs


  18. I'm the commenter who usually comes late to the party….but WTH, here I are, with you, whom I love the pistolies outta:) Besides, you were the brave on to take on Nelson! Lucky little poop anyway….As for Da girls, and the other two kids living with you, what else would you blog about? I'm here for the long run:) xoxoxo


  19. I am sorry I haven't had a chance to see this post until now. Lovely!I can't believe how YOUNG the girls were when you started blogging! Happy New Year, Suz! Here's to me being the same bright stalker in 2012! ♥


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