The birthday photos

I am sure you are all wondering this very same thing: “Where are the photos from Lindsay’s birthday?”
Wonder no further.
Do you know how hard it is to find a ‘clear’ spot to take a photo inside your house two days after Christmas? 
It is really hard. We had Christmas spillage and birthday mixed in in every room of this humble abode.  

These aren’t the best, but I’ll keep them anyway. The Coach wasn’t home yet, so he missed out on this photo session. 
“This is the way you are supposed to pose Mom.”
I still can’t manage the BIG smile like my girls. I’m working on it though.
Lindsay’s birthday dinner was at Carrabba’s. (her fave) She had two girlfriends and my Fil and Mil joined us. 
 Even though, she chose to go somewhere else for dessert, we had them bring something with a candle in it. You can’t get older without something showing up with a candle and the obligatory singing of that song. 

Then we were off to the jankiest dairy queen in the state for birthday ice cream.
If you ever want to wait 45 minutes for mediocre ice cream, in a really bad part of town, let me know.  
I was waiting for a drive by shooting to occur. That would have made for a memorable scrapbook page. 
Not the best photo, the lighting in the DQ is horrid. Don’t plan any family photos here, ok? Well, unless your family consists of gang members, then come on in. 

*Someone is going to TRY and get her driver’s license today…I don’t want to jinx it by making a big deal about it*

{{Updated…we she decided to wait another week or two on the driving test}}

29 thoughts on “The birthday photos”

  1. Those girls are so beautiful! And you too! I would like to be a part of a drive by shooting. I was hoping you would give me that opportunity one day. Please send address at once.


  2. Looks like a wonderful birthday evening. Even the janky Dairy Queen!I KNOW she'll be coming home with that license, so \”Congrats, Linds!\”Wait, did she get a vehicle for her birthday?


  3. love the three of you & your posing!! gotta catch coach in that position, too though!!! or maybe he should just lay down in front of you all :)the DQ in ggcity??? oh gosh, i hope not. we triedd to go there after a fb game and they met us at the door and said that they were trying to handle a situation, please go thru the drive thru. NO JOKE. and then you have to drive behind those bldgs… SCARY.good luck to someone. someone else is going to try to get his permit today 🙂


  4. I LOVE the three amigos photos – you girls are ALL beautiful! And thanks for the tip on \”how to pose\” – I'm usually trying to camouflage some \”problem area\” or other, and I don't see how this pose will work with that, but I can try.Also love the DQ story. It made me recall one from David's birthday celebration in Cali last Nov.: we went to dinner at the restaurant of his choice (with my parents). After that, David wanted DQ for his bday treat. We drove down the road and encountered some sort of \”gangsta-looking\” people there – odd, for a town that is crawling with senior citizens, but there you have it. One young fellow was with a girl. Her shorts were more like undies than shorts, and his pants were literally falling off of him. He bent over, and I saw more than I ever dreamed (nightmare) I'd see in public, much less in a family-friendly ice-cream store. Travel IS broadening! xoxo


  5. FINALLY!!!! And Linds got my heart with the ice cream! Better than…well, better than most anything anytime:) And Italian food too? We must be related somehow. I'm sure she'll do fine on her youknowwhat today….piece a cake! Ok, I'm outta here. Glad you got some awesome gal pics:)


  6. Look at the three of you – very, very beautiful!! Ice cream and waiting for a drive by – you're living on the edge…Good luck getting the drivers license!!


  7. Happy times with happy gals! Memories – – – and not at the hospital or police station after being in that section of town! Our DQ is in a safe neighborhood and less than two miles from one of the interstate exits – – – just saying if you ever head north on I-75 and need to take a break . . . . . . It's good to wait on the driver's test – – – can't take too much excitement in one week! Plus it seems like only a month or so ago when you wrote about her learner's permit. She said something really funny while driving – – can't remember it now – – but you two got a bad case of the giggles over it.


  8. Great pictures of the birthday girl and the family.. Love that picture of her and her sweet Daddy…The pictures of you and your girls are GREAT… Looks like 3 sisters to me. Did you have those girls when you were 10?????? ha ha Hugs,Betsy


  9. You Triplets look incredible! Who's the Mother, Who's the daughter? I don't know!So why is she waiting?Listen Suz, I Sh*% you not, when my dad was taking me up to get my driver's license in 1984, Who's Gonna Drive you Home? by The Cars came on the radio. Needless to say, that made me a nervous wreck. Long story short, I passed. I mean, of course I would. I'm not a girl!Your Friend, m.


  10. She has good taste! I love Carrabba's too. They have the spiciest, yummiest marinara sauce. :)I also love DQ! Their ice cream is so much better than Sonic!I'm glad you had a fun b-day celebration for her!


  11. All three of you look great in those birthday pictures. I'm sure you will soon get the hang of the BIG smile.I've always felt that the purpose of the restaurant birthday serenade was to embarrass the person having the birthday. Lindsay looks embarrassed.


  12. Glad Lindsay's birthday celebration was happy!You and the girls look so much alike, Suz! It's your smile they have. Coach must be thrilled to go out with the three of you in tow!!Happy New Year, Suz!! Thanks for being such a supportive friend for the past month. xoxoxox


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