There is a slight chance that I am smarter than my dogs.

When dealing with very intelligent creatures, you have to get creative. AND, when you are dealing with DOGS, you also have to get creative.
Now, I am not saying my dogs aren’t smart, ’cause they are. But in this case, I am a wee bit smarter.

I have blogged about this issue before….the dogs and my little love seat in the living room. They love to lay on it. It makes me crazy because it shows all dirt and hair. And dogs come with dirt and hair.

I finally realized the reason they love to lay on THIS couch….it is close to the garage and they can clearly hear the garage opening. Therefore, they know when we are coming home and they can be on alert and let us know they know we are coming home. It is their job.

And the dirt and hair makes me nuts…that is my job; being nutty

I finally found the boxer couch Kryptonite.

Yes, aluminum foil.
Bad for the planet;  good for my upholstery.

Cocoa is so badly irritated with me, she can hardly look in my direction.

And Ozzie is just beside himself….instead up being UP my b*tt while I was taking these photos, he was actually 2 feet away from me!

I am available for preventative pet upholstery classes. Sign up sheet at the front office.

Happy Humpday!

19 thoughts on “There is a slight chance that I am smarter than my dogs.

  1. We have done that sort of thing with our cat. Sometimes it works..and then there are most of the other times. ; ) My husband made a big to do about one of the beanie babies around the house…a tiny dog…and 'barked at' the cat and everything and then put it where he didn't want the cat to go and she wouldn't go near it. It was pretty funny. But I moved the dog and now the cat is back. : )


  2. I need to try this with the cats. Hmmm. What do you do when YOU want to sit on the couch? Are you a dog-magnet? Whenever we sit down, Latte MUST immediately get up on our lap, on our laptop, or right beside us, grabbing our hands with his paws, or rubbing his head on them our hands (his message = hint-hint: Please rub my head). Will the tinfoil prevent this?


  3. I have never heard that dogs don't like foil and would never have come up with it myself. We have no trouble with our Goldens but we once had a Springer that we suspected sat in an armchair when we were away. One night we sneaked back and tiptoed on the deck to look in. Yep, there lay the dog, butt in the chair and head on the ottoman. She had fallen so deeply asleep she didn't hear our car. We finally gave up and made that a \”dog chair.\” Too bad we didn't know about the foil.


  4. Sign me up! Sign me up!!! The only was I can keep the dogs out of my chairs is to stack them full of stuff. Then they get on the couch…..before I know it everyone, dogs included, are vying for the couch. My dogs think they're too good to sleep on the floor. Does that make them spoiled? I am going to have to try this foil.


  5. So, how is it you figured this out? And what will you do when they figure out how to just push it out of the way? I think I know why Ozzie has that look on his face. He's thinkin 'That stinkin dang snowguy is there more than we are, you just haven't caught him yet'… Just sayin:)


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