Tripping over milestones

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in stuff. I’m doing W2’s, 1099’s, year end reports and other stuff that I’ve NEVER done before in my life!!! Learning is exhausting…just ask me. I’ve stepped so far out of my comfortable little box…. and surprisingly it’s not that uncomfortable. 

Guess who got her license…
This is great news!!! But then again, if you ask her, “I won’t let her go anywhere” so, what’s the point?
It’s my job to suck the fun out of every moment…I should get a raise cause I am really good at it!

And guess who is incompetent?
Did I say incompetent?
I meant: incontinence. 
Yeah, she is 49 7 and is losing her bladder skills. Welcome to my world Cocoa!
Luckily, they have pills for this now. 
 I’ve been dealing with some sort of inner ear issue that is effecting my outer body. I feel like I am in a cave with really really loud people shouting at me. Similar to my visits to NYC. 
Today,  I woke up with a bit of vertigo too. 
I am a PARTY I tell ya!
Going back to bed, perhaps I’ll wake up feeling normal-er.
If you don’t have dogs or care for dogs, then stop right here and leave a nice comment. 
This is mindless. Silliness. Goofiness. And it cracked us up when we watched it.
If you have a dog, you will appreciate how hard it was for these canines to NOT attack the plates.

Have a great weekend….keep that bladder in check and drive carefully! Doing both at the same time is a good thing.


29 thoughts on “Tripping over milestones

  1. Congratulations to the newest driver in your house – even if you won't let her go anywhere. 😉 That picture of Cocoa cracks me up, she's got it made, doesn't she?


  2. Life is definitely never a dull moment at your house! Congrats on the driver's license that shall remain in a picture frame on the wall. Life is less stressful for all parents that way! You can let her choose the color and style of the frame though so she has a part of that action!You really don't need more stress with the ear thing you have going on. I pray the doctors can fix that quickly because no one needs to deal with vertigo and hearing problems.Those dogs in the video were amazing to sit there and not gobble the plate down. They weren't related to any we have ever owned! And none of our past pets had the incontinence problem but we did have mostly male dogs – – – just worked out that way. We have dealt with bladder infections with cats. That's why we use Hill's Science Diet for food. hmmmmm – – – sounds like a good time for a vacation in a sunny spot – – – oh wait, you already live there!As always, THANK YOU for the smiles even in the midst of your situations!


  3. I know a cat (not mine) that has bladder issues and it takes Viagra I think. LOL I'm sorry you aren't feeling quite right. I hope you feel better soon. and don't worry…you aren't the only party pooper mom out there. It's well known at my house that \”mom's no fun\”. Ha.


  4. Your dog looks so ridiculous in that position on the chair! lolWoohoo to the license! Actually that's the kind of woohoo that's said while biting nails.I hope your vertigo goes away soon. There's not a whole lot worse than that feeling. 😦


  5. Oh thank goodness they have pills for doggy bladder problems. Can you imagine putting a diaper on that baby? :)Congrats to your new driver…keep sucking the fun out of her new freedom. I love that \”That is your job\”!


  6. Congratulations to your brand new driver! That is so exciting for her, though these rites of passage can be hard on us moms. Could this have anything to do with Cocoa's bladder issues? Is she stressing about the new driver in the family? Perhaps sitting UPright would help, or was she upside down to try to hold it in? It's hard to do those Kegel excercises upside down, isn't it?I hope your inner ear regains its balance and that you have a good weekend! HUGs to you!


  7. We don't have a dog, but I sure enjoyed the video. Please accept my congratulations to the newly-licensed driver and my condolences to her parents. But based on personal experience, you will survive.I hope you will soon be feeling better.


  8. Ha—you think you and Cocoa have bladder problems. Just wait til you are almost 70… Yipes!!!!Congrats to Linds for getting her license… Will Daddy buy her a car???? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you want some snow and cold temps, come to TN.Hugs,Betsy


  9. Yay for the license! Don't you love being the mom and having all that control? :DThat clip is hilarious! What well behaved dogs to do that! Mine would've been all over the place!we're not dealing with incontinence yet with our oldest dog…except when I spent $900 on surgery to have bladder stones removed. 😦


  10. Moms do have a way of sucking the fun out of things! lolOn the other hand, with all of the idiot drivers on the road these days, maybe the driveway is the best place to be!


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