The good, the bad and the poop.

The good thing about having a cat who lives on TOP of your screen??? 

No hair on the outdoor furniture.
{No, Maisy didn’t just suck a lemon, this is her regular facial expression}
The bad thing about having a cat live on top of your screen?
The cat thinks the screen is it’s home, and part of that home is a litter box.
 Yes, that is poop on top of the pool cage. Ain’t that a pretty sight?

My friend Kelly was here this weekend, and she aptly named the cat; Screen.
Screen is kinda making me nuts. Screen still won’t let any of us near it. Screen is a feral cat.
I have two choices and I’m not thrilled with either choice….I’ve got to get this Screen situation under some sort of {poop} control. 

Anyone poop in inappropriate places at your place this weekend?

21 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the poop.

  1. Now that's just nasty!You should totally take a hose to that cat(and the poop)! Because if he's pooping up there, you know that he must be peeing too. And when you're out there, it may not be rain drops that you're feeling. I would suggest carrying around an umbrella at all times. Unless of course you're into Golden Showers.m.


  2. Hmmm. I wonder where the pee is going? You do have your screen full.All that sort of thing was where it belonged this weekend, at our house (thanks for asking)!I hope that little feral sweetie will be safely moved to a more appropriate dwelling. What a crazy place to choose to roost – safe from predators on the ground, but what about hawks?


  3. Um yeah. With Olive. All over the house. Even after she's been outside for hours, sun bathing. She comes in and makes me an unhappy momma. Yeah, that cat would make me madazell.


  4. Are you sure that cat isn't part bird? That's really gross…and to answer your question, NO….no poop where it doesn't belong here…and I had 4 pets here this weekend. 🙂


  5. that cat is not only feral, it's certifiably insane. Hose it down every time it gets up there and perhaps it will learn how to behave. Or not. Look forward to hearing what happens next.;-)


  6. My guess is you may have come up with a solution by today – – but I am thinking the cat likes you all or wouldn't stay so close where it can see and hear you all the time. Screen really wants love but is scared to receive it. Obviously it is getting down and getting food from somewhere due to the evidence.One of our cats was feral for a couple of years. It ended up with injuries from a fight and we did a live catch with it using food. We took Ginger Ale to the vet – – warned the vet about him. They put Ginger Ale in surgery – – – cleaned him up and removed \”some parts\”. He is a docile thing now – – – one of our most contented and loving pets!


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