Finding moments in minutes

I feel so behind. I feel sooooo deeply behind in most everything and I can’t even pin-point why. Working part-time? Trying to be more organized? (as if?) Getting my garden going? Dr.’s Appointments? The feral cat? Car stuff? House stuff? The never ending laundry?  (I swear the neighbors must be bringing their laundry too)

I do feel like a neglectful blogger.  My reader is full of stuff to read…and as I try to fit in a read here, and a read there, the number keeps going up.

The news on the cat front is good. FOR.THE.CAT.

{Have I mentioned before that I didn’t want any more cats? Ever?}
How often can you see a cat on the underside? Hopefully not often. 
All 2.8lbs of her.

I have some other stuff on my mind too. A very scary moment and then the sigh of relief; thankfulness. Made me not even complain about this stupid little cold I have.

I hope you are all doing well…I’m trying to keep up as best as I can.

Isn’t it lovely when have someone to lean on?

25 thoughts on “Finding moments in minutes

  1. Helloooo! Where's Suz?Who's writing this post anyway?Seriously, you sound like a mess right now. I can only imagine what you must look like. Yikes!Take a two week break and pull yourself together, woman!Don't make me come down there and slap you!m.


  2. Hang in there till Tuesday and I'll try to fix your cat problem! I'll be in touch soon. Oh, and I've never even had time to put things into my google reader….there it sits empty and I go limping from blog to blog trying to hit my favorites. One of these days I'll get organized.


  3. What a great picture – – and you know for sure Screen is a her? How do you know she weighs 2.8 pounds? Did you finally catch her. She definitely looks quite contented and secure in her environment. It has been fun to follow your blog as long as I have but it's definitely worth it to see a cat living on a pool screen roof. Only you could have this unique feline.


  4. Me likey Screen's under-carriage pic… although, I wonder what she was thinking… lol 'crazy woman.' ;)I hope that everything has calmed down and that you are doing well. I say that without knowing anything, so if it doesn't apply, know I mean well and want you all to be well and happy. ♥


  5. I'll try not to break out in song 'cause ya know we all need somebody to lean on. Heeehehehe!!!! Cute.What a sweet little kitty…I want one!Sorry 'bout the sniffles, hopefully it's the short lived kinda crud.God bless ya and have a fantabulous weekend sweetie!!! :o)


  6. Anonymous

    Take good care of yourself and only blog/read when you want to. We love ya and will still be here. Cute little kitty and the pups are precious together.


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