It started with a blog. It ended with a defeated blogger.

It is a funny little big world this blogging thing is…the people you meet can often be the best sort of people. You know, the ‘kind’ people. As opposed to the unkind people who want to chop you up into little pieces. I avoid those people at all costs.
A few weeks ago my friend Gary, {the potter} wrote a nice post about little ol’ me. Gary is often very complimentary to everyone he likes…and he likes me. I mean, who doesn’t, but that is neither here nor there….Gary is one of my favorite people, always kind, humble and NICE.  I find myself saying out loud to friends or family members: You know, my friend Gary, the potter…well yadda yadda…blah blah…and so on. Oh, he has great pottery too…I’ve purchased a few pieces!

Anyhoo, Gary wrote some nice stuff about me, and one of his readers Claudia, who I had never had the pleasure of knowing before, read the post. In turn she clicked over to my blog and saw my post about the cat Screen. {insert destiny, serendipity, fate, cosmic alignment, etc}

This is NOT the cat that I wanted in the carrier…..if it was HER who I wanted in there, she wouldn’t have been in the vicinity.
Claudia, being a smart and very very nice person realized we lived in the same area, and she had a friend who works with feral cats! And guess the heck what happened next?
Oh, you are wrong. 🙂
She contacted me, and offered to help with the situation.
I KNOW! a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

And guess what else…I’ve talked to Claudia and she is not even a serial killer. Not even close. She is a flutist! A big hearted cat loving flutist! What are the chances….

I was able to lure Screen into my lair. I mean, my lanai. She will do stuff if you give her food. As soon as she ate, she again hid from me. Little elusive booger.

FYI: we’ve renamed Screen…she will now be called Sasha Fierce. They won’t look at me so strangely at the vet next time. Well, maybe not AS strangely.

Sasha has been on our lanai for a while now, and she has two favorite hiding spots. Behind cabinet area #1 and cabinet area #2. When she is in her hiding spots, I can’t reach her….no siree bob.

I got her to the VET!!! She is spayed, and has her necessary shots too! A big hurdle has been jumped.

So, we set up a day/time to meet. I would get her to Claudia, and then she would transport Sasha to the feral cat whisperer.
It was to be on Thursday afternoon. I had a plan. I would leave work, go home and catch Sasha Fierce. I had arranged for Linds to be picked up from school…had it all worked out.  I got a fresh can of  tuna ready. I was nervous…I knew I only had a small window to catch her and drive the hour and a half to meet Claudia; the not serial killer.

I decided to NOT feed Sasha the night before, so she would be hungry. And that was hard for me…withholding food.

This is the carrier to get Sasha from point A to point B. THIS is NOT Sasha, again, if I wanted to take this cat somewhere, she would have been a mile away from the carrier! 
And I sat down with my can of tuna and waited for Sasha to come out from cabinet #1…and I waited and waited. She did not come out.
I then plopped down at cabinet #2….and I waited and waited. She is not coming out.
I am sweating. I am silently cussing. I am frustrated and disappointed.
My window of time is closing in. 
And finally. my window of time was gone.
Defeated by a 3lb cat. 

Did you celebrate VD last week?
I called Claudia and let her know our plan was foiled. Foiled by the elusive Sasha. I had determined that our pool cleaner came, and while the screen door was open Sasha ran away; escaped from my lair. 
Claudia and I agreed that if that happened, then perhaps it was meant to be…she is a wild cat. (which is ok, but I don’t want the wild cat living ON TOP OF MY Screen…remember the poop situation?)
So, the saga was over. Done. Finite.
I ended up going to pick up Linds at school, moving through my life as merrily as I usually do. 🙂
We came home, I walked out to the lanai heading to water my garden and who the heck runs out of the lanai plant beds?

Sasha freakin’ Fierce!
Yep, she found another hiding spot. 
And yep, it looks like I have another cat….another cat who doesn’t want anything to do with us.  She is not as terrified of the dogs as she was weeks ago…but she is just as scared of humans. I am wondering if something happened to her before she made her way to our home. 

27 thoughts on “It started with a blog. It ended with a defeated blogger.

  1. Beware of cat lovin' flutist! Oh, they play like they're all nice and sweet. And then after about 30 years of friendship, BAM, the real person comes out. I'm just sayin'. Do you really want your heart broken when you're in your 70s? Don't come crying to me when that happens. But, I am glad that she is helping with your current problem. Seriously, she sounds like a sweetheart. I need to find me a Claudia around here.You're making progress with that kitty-cat. Good job!m.


  2. You know by now how smart cats are…I'm guessing that Sasha Fierce has been observing the golden girls (the other well-fed, happy cats in your world) and wants a piece of that life-style. Your animals (and humans) have a very sweet deal, Suz. You are so good and kind that you probably emit a kind of radio-signal to all of the needy critters around you. But please, steer clear of any more snakes. I saw a creepy (pun intended) article about the proliferation of BIG snakes in your state and *shudder* eeeww. I suggest you draw the line there!


  3. Anonymous

    Well that is two of us who wrote about you recently – you are loved by many. I'm so happy that Sasha is coming around a little. The story continues…….3 lb. kitty RULES!


  4. Cats have that sneaky intelligence. Also the revenge factor. (Case in point, when I refused to let Marvin outside, he knocked 2 glassed off the counter, shredded the newspaper and ate all the dog's food.) You have a kind heart Suz! Good look w/ Sasha – I know you will win her over!


  5. There is an excellent song \”the cat came back the very next day\” which I think fits here 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind words. its true, some people on the interwebs you click with, and then the other 99 percent are serial murderers with little dungeons in their basements equipped with …well, anyway…thank you and best wishes with le cat!ps–you KNOW of course the cat wants to come back and live in your lap of luxury, DUH!pps–tee hee


  6. Oh what a cute story, Suz…. Maybe that kitty is just meant to be with you and your family!!!! Ya think?????Are you going to try with Claudia again???? I hope you keep this story going since I am SO enjoying it….Thanks for my huge smile today.Hugs,Betsy


  7. This is hilarious. See what I missed today by being off killing people…um..I mean at orchestra rehearsal. Yes, we gave it a good try but were out foxed by a tiny kitten. Let me know if you want to try again but I agree, it sure looks like you have yourself a new cat! And Mark? What flute player did you wrong? Just askin…Claudia (not a serial killer/flutist)


  8. I liked her from the very first picture so many posts ago. I know you didn't like her because of the poop issue but I saw the beauty in her ; )We have too many right now and I am going CRAZY with the fur. YIKES.


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