Dirty mind.

How sad is it that I am pining away for one of these?
{uber chic compost tumbler}

I know, I should dream bigger, but seriously, good compost would enrich my life. And my soil. 
My garden would be in dirt heaven. Me too. 
What it all boils down to:  my thoughts are always in the gutter dirt.

17 thoughts on “Dirty mind.

  1. Not sad at all… I'd love to have one of those tumblers, too. We have one \”normal\” compost bin and one that resembles a spider. Both are ok, but also have their drawbacks. I would do way more research before I bought another system…


  2. We have our own compost here —and George turns it!!!! Do you want him to come down there and turn your compost for you??????? ha haWe have heard that the compost tumblers are very very nice.. Hope you get one —so you can play in the DIRT—with that dirty mind!!!!!! haHugs,Betsy


  3. silly girl, your mind isn't dirty it is filthy gross! My stomach turns at the thought of compost – I know it has some great benefit and some great need and some great well…GROSS


  4. My daughter and her husband got a compost drum last year – – but not as good as that one. Keep your mind in the dirt – – – and remember Mother's Day is not far away!Or – – – do a cost effective presentation for it!


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