The one where I feel really guilty.

I left the screen door to the pool lanai open on Sunday morning, and if you think I left it open to see if the cats would run away forever, I won’t make eye contact with you.

Later in the day, I went out to the garden to retrieve some cilantro {swoon} for my pot of chicken tortilla soup {double swoon} and I noticed a flurry of activity at the top of the lanai screen; inside.


And they were trapped; we counted 7 of them.

With the assistance of Lo, we saved ONE that was down low. And that took some time.

In case you didn’t know it, dragonflies don’t listen for sh*t.

I was even using nice words saying: Come here you cute little fellas….this is the door to your freedom. 


Not actual crickets…just the non listening dragonflies.

I feel really guilty about leaving the door open because it will end the lives of the dragonflies. And I said this out loud several times….”I feel so bad, I feel so bad, I feel so bad”

Lo told me to not feel so bad and something about the circle of life……..but I tuned her out. I am similar to a dragonfly in the listening aspect.

Of course, by this time in the afternoon, all the cats were back. And Miss Sasha Fierce, never even left.

One orange cat said to the other: Do I like you? And they both answered at the same time: NO!

 A few hours later, I walked by the glass doors and noticed Maisy the spry cat running with a lizard in her mouth.

If you weren’t aware,  I also save lizards.

I went out and hollered at Maisy, she froze, opened her mouth and the lizard flew away. 

Ok, it was not a lizard, it was a poor innocent, jailed dragonfly.

I got my handy dandy dragonfly saver LoLo, and we spent some time rescuing victim #2.

This is victim #2 after we got him outside…..and he attached himself to the screen.
Of course, Lo and I thought he was the coolest looking thing ever. I can’t believe we didn’t ‘name’ him.

Sun flare anyone?
We gently removed the cob webs from his wings...remember my screen was covered with webs?
If he is still there in the morning, I will give him a pedicure. It’s just how I roll.

After this event, we counted 7 dragonflies still INSIDE the screen. Do you think they are multiplying that quickly….horny little boogers?

I tried to make this a short post. I feel my short posts are better. But I have a hard time doing stuff short. Except for my legs.

And this is just me bragging again.

I do hope that I have not tarnished my tree hugging, earth loving, critter saving persona by sharing this.

Did you inadvertently kill any critters this weekend? Ants don’t count.

27 thoughts on “The one where I feel really guilty.

  1. Nope, the critters I killed this weekend were marked for death. Why? They were mosquitoes, and in the house already!! It's going to be a bad summer if they are already on the prowl…


  2. I had no idea you had such a big dragonfly population in your area. Is there something you can use to lure them out? Like a bowl of some kind of food, just outside the screendoor? I don't know why I'm thinking they would like some hummingbird food, even though I know they're bugs and not birds. I don't know, that's all I've got. And, no, I didn't kill anything this weekend, except time!BTW, 22 days…


  3. Wow, you should feel guilty. Why didn't you just fly a plane over your town dropping Agent Orange?Sorry, that was mostly for me to chuckle at and not you. But thanks!But seriously, sorry you're a killer!m.


  4. I am so jealous of your maters! They are going to be so yummy! : ) Kudos for you saving bugs…you won't see a post on my blog about saving bugs. I'm just sayin'.


  5. ha! I have kids with the same listening skills as the dragonflies!!I fried a bumble bee this week! Does that count…He came in hiding on the fresh washing, when he got INSIDE the house he decided to fly {obviously not at the front of the queue when dishing out brains!} straight up to the ceiling light {which is cup shaped}, try as he might he couldn't get out..we were all too freaked by the sound of his wings to go near it to rescue him, I swear it could have been a squadron of WWII bombers…not that I've had first hand experience of them!So I turned the light off in the hope he would see straight and fly UP and out towards the other lights that were on, but no he just sank to the bottom and rested his weary head….later {about an hour later} I switched the light back on thinking he just might have made it out, as we hadn't heard a single buzz in all that time, when all of a sudden he woke and started flying, round and round and round the lightbulb…as if he was on the wall of death! Well, in actual fact he was, he got himself so dizzy he collapsed to the bottom again and fried with the heat of the light…not a pretty site!Have a great {& death free} week sweetie ;o)hugshello gorgeous xxx


  6. I'm pretty impressed that you would go to those lengths for dragonflies. I feel slightly guilty that I wouldn't have lifted a finger especially if it meant a follow-up pedicure.


  7. Susan Walker

    I hate when dragonflies don't listen. The worst is when they put up their little… paw? foot? what is it that they have? Anyway, the worst part is when they give me the \”Talk to the hand\” thing. RUDE!


  8. Maybe you saved the dragonflys and just don;t know it? Perhaps they were being chased by some evile dragonfly eating creature and took refugue under your screen. Yes, you are a dragonfly saver, rest easy:)


  9. No, no unneccesary/unwitting deaths here in the animal kingdom – but we did have the pleasure of seeing a beautiful red fox in our neighbor's yard!Do you own a butterfly net? I'm thinking that should go onto your Mother's Day list of potential gifts. No guilt then – just Suz to the rescue.Your photos are cool, but your dog and 2 cats photo was my fave today. I don't know why, but it struck me as funny. xoxo


  10. No critters —but I almost got killed yesterday… I sent my best friend an email saying that I was in the ER with a broken leg after a fall.. I told Judy that the doctor might have to cut my leg off….. (It was an April Fool Joke… Am I BAD????) Scared Judy –and I'm sure she was ready to kill me after that one!!!! haGlad your kitties are okay–and some of the Dragonflies…. Oh Well–tis life.Your maters are looking GREAT.Hugs,Betsy


  11. I had 2 huge black snakes on my lanai today that, with the assistance of the pool net and one cat, have now been relocated OUTSIDE thankyouverymuch. Every damn day Henry, the orange beast, comes in with a lizard or two in his mouth. I think there is one living under our entertainment center as we speak. Oh, the joys of Florida!


  12. Oh, I love dragonflies. I collect dragonfly jewelry and my dream is the Tiffany dragonfly necklace. Poor things, but if there is anyone who would never hurt a dragonfly, it's you! They will have a beautiful life in the lanai. I love cilantro too, fresh?? YUM!


  13. Well, we have birds trying to nest on our back porch on the light switch box on the ceiling!!! I am afraid with all the wires and straw, well, they don't go together. My hubby took it down four or five times, but they are very persistent little boogers and keep rebuilding. I would try and relocate them but they aren't going to know where the heck I put the nest not to mention that once you touch it, they probably won't use it. So, what to do…I think I asked me hubster to tape off that area so they can't build in it again. He has yet to do it. Meanwhile….they continue to bring all sorts of debris and build, build, BUILD!!! lol


  14. Poor dragonflies….we have a pond and in summer the dragonflies hang out….but the cats leave them alone.Your orange kitty picture is precious…did I tel you orange kitties are my favorite? Shhh though, don't let my cats hear me…


  15. You had me laughing out loud with sentence #1!!!!It's tough when they get trapped. The adult dragonfly only lives a few months at best.My husband used to catch them and let them hang onto his shirts as a boy. I know, your life has been enhanced by learning that.You and my sister should team up and rescue critters. She'll save anything but a snake, a rat or a wasp or yellow jacket.Glad you didn't cut the post short. Truly.


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