I have heard the stories before; men having a mid-life crisis. It usually involves strippers, hair dye, sports cars and Las Vegas.
I won’t say the Coach is having a mid-life crisis….the most extravagant thing he has ever purchased was for ME.
BUT….he has been drooling over muscle cars for years. And old pick up trucks too. He has dreamed, pined and spoke about having a fun weekend car to piddle around in.

I knew the day would come eventually…and I looked forward to it. He works very hard. He never complains about anything, he is selfless, caring, sweet and he comes home

While I was off shopping with the girls last weekend The Coach attended a large car auction. He ran into Charlie Sheen…when does that ever happen? WINNING! Anyhoo….his inner redneck came to a head.

He came home with this little number. Not the cute teen. The jacked up Jeep!

Camouflage gives me a rash.

Lindsay thought he had lost his mind. 
Lolo was ecstatic. 
I was….well,  I just was. 

Just to give you an idea of how redneck this is…I am 5’11.

 Ok, I ‘m not 5’ll, but I’m hoping to be 5’4 by my next birthday.

I inquired about air bags. I was told I was lucky there were seat belts. Circa 1976 baby!

This is Lo…smiling so happy. She loves stuff like this. I don’t know where she came from. Oh, wait, yes I do know where she came from!

Lo and a girlfriend drove it to the Beach on Monday…and had a blast. Kids these days!

You won’t soon catch me driving this to the grocery store. I think you have to have a traveling gas pump as you drive…plus you have to actually use the tire as a step-stool to climb into this…that won’t work with my clothing ensembles.
Lord help me. 🙂

I usually go with this thought process:
What’s his is ours.
What’s mine is mine.
But in this case, THIS is his. 🙂

Have a great weekend….and if you are on the road, watch out for these peeps!

27 thoughts on “Rednecks-R-Us.

  1. You'll do anything to rouse me from my blogging slumber, won't you!Love the jeep! And please tell me that's a can of Schlitz Malt Liquor you're holding. That would totally make my day.m.


  2. I mean, actually, this paint job is really quite beautifully done, you know? Kokopelli on there! I am reminded of a line from a song by the band Cake, as best as I can remember: \”bowel shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse, impale him, assail him with monster truck force\”


  3. That is so funny…and kinda cool…in a Rambo meets Jeff Foxworthy sorta way. I would never last in a car like that…my hair would be all over the place. : /


  4. Oh, my hell!! I LOVE IT!!! Please, please, PLEASE drive it to Chicago!! Actually, if you did, you might not drive it home, cuz Stud loves him some camo!I had to reread the sentence about your height, cuz at first I thought it said 5'1\”. You know, your REAL height!! :)Coach deserves every bit of happiness this Jeep will bring him.


  5. That is some jeep! It would be ideal for some of the Forest Service roads here in the mountains. Does this mean you won't be leaving Coach home alone in the future?


  6. Anonymous

    I would kill myself getting in/out of that plus the ride would shake my teeth out!!!Glad he found something he really likes. Lo does look thrilled! Wishing all of you a nice weekend.


  7. Hahaha…not sure what Kokopelli has to do with camouflage ferns but the Jeep is totally cool! When I was a kid I always wanted a Jeep…I even went out with a guy once just because he had one…just once…and we were stuck in L.A. on the fwy drinking sodas and blarring music…it was fun!TGIF!


  8. OH My Heart—I have wanted a Jeep for years and years. I want to drive WAY back in the mountains with my jeep…BUT—my jeep wouldn't have those huge tires… I'd need a ladder to get in!!!!! ha (I'm about 5'4\” –and shrinking!)Not sure your daughters will allow their Daddy to enjoy his new toy!!!!! haHave a good weekend.Hugs,Betsy


  9. Oh my, that grin on his face tells it all…Big Boys and their Toys:) I'm with you Suz, let him have it. And what is it you want to be when you grow up? Oh ya, taller than a pissant:) Have a wonderfilled weekend…and buckle up xoxox


  10. CH bought a 77 jeep, but it was back in the mid-80's. He spray painted it camouflage and was sooo proud. (BUT he was in his early-mid 20's)And, it seemed like every time I went out of town for the weekend (before kids) we'd have a new car in the driveway when I came home. When I read that you were are 5'11\”, I told CH that I thought you were much shorter…and then I read the rest and got a good laugh! Yep, I can always depend on you!


  11. I, too, wish to be 5'4\” by my next birthday. My oldest (he's 6'2\”+ and still growing) crushes my dreams saying that it'll never happen. :(My husband would just DIE for a jeep like that. He's been wanting one for EVER. I guess I just always crush his dream with: \”Does it have air bags? Can the kids ride in it? Do I need a ladder to get in it?\”


  12. 5'11\” now that cracked me up!!!!!!!and i know yoga pants stretch, so i don't see why climbing in would mess with your ensemble!but look at those smiles?!?! priceless. ok. maybe not priceless, but still…


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