I’m a little bit country…

….He’s a little bit rock-n-roll.

Actually, I am more rock-n-roll. But yesterday, I got my country on.

If you are old enough to remember that song, then you are as old as dirt me.

I said I would never ride in it.

I thought I could never get into it.
Did you have any idea that I was such a liar? Me neither.
I told Linds to take a photo...’cause this may not happen again.’ 

On Sunday, I mentioned some errands I needed to run.
The Coach mentioned some errands he wanted to run, in the jeep. with the pups.
He proceeded to twist my arm really really hard.
Ok, not really really hard. Just a little hard.
Ok, he just suggested I join him.

I am easy, just like Sunday morning.

Surprisingly, I was able to climb into this contraption. {Not very lady like mind you}
Surprisingly, it does drive nicer than I had anticipated. {But, I will be wearing a sports bra next time}
Surprisingly, it is not as loud as I had anticipated either. {what? What did you say?}

The DOGS loved it. We even stopped at Petsmart for some supplies….they thought they were in doggie heaven on Sunday. A ride and shopping?

They were so excited by it all, they both required 4 hour naps afterwards.
I think they are more rock n roll than country too.

BTW: My shoulders started aching yesterday evening, and this morning, I can hardly reach upwards to brush my hair. Using your arms to pull your entire body weight into a jeep contraption like this is work!

Have a great day…and please, would someone come over and do my hair for me???

22 thoughts on “I’m a little bit country…

  1. OH MY GOSH! I love it so much! : ) I showed it to Kaish and Jonny last week when you posted and both of them thought it was SO cool. Both of them said they wanted a mom like you. I told them you weren't going to ride in the actual jeep but they said NO WAY! They knew that anyone with a vehicle like that could not resist riding in it. I am glad you had fun : )


  2. Um…yeah…here's a newsflash for ya…You really don't need to tell us you're easy, cuz DUH! We already know that thanks to the bathroom wall! Geez!You two look too cute WAY up there. Next time, have Coach give you a boost, or at least kneel down so you can use him as a stepstool. 😛


  3. i need to see this thing in person!! does it have a beach sticker?!?! for our next walk? hmmm… you might need another garage.coach- that was a JOKE! you don't really need another garage!!!! even if you think you do…


  4. I'm definitely more country than rock-n-roll… And by the way, that song is much younger than I am!!!!!! haI'd love the jeep –and we'd love it driving back in the mountains searching for waterfalls.. BUT–I'd need a step ladder!!!!! haHugs,Betsy


  5. Oh, sakes, Suz! It looks like a boxer-mobile – they clearly loved it! Was it the fresh air in their ears?I am so glad that your Coach found his dream toy -er- car. He is such a good man, and this is a harmless gift for him…much better than a mid-life crisis. Please just be sure you all wear your seat belts!


  6. I'm proud of you for riding in the jeep. You do look good in the seat, but I do hope your shoulder is better by now. I'm glad Cocoa and Ozzie enjoyed their ride as well. By the way, I'm definitely more country than rock-and-roll. I remember when that song was new.


  7. Tap Tap back… Ya, I'm still kickin. Had a fun day with my kids last week in a somethinlikewhatyougot. But we went stompin through mud puddles:)Glad you got to go for a ride, Think he'll ever let ya drive? Mwahaha:)


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