I feel crusty, oh so crusty.

I keep a pretty tight ship around these parts. A place for everything, everything in it’s place. Crapola is not allowed to collect in any part of the house. It helps me to sleep and stay somewhat sane knowing things are {mostly} in order.

Who said control freak? I heard that….

But you know, sometimes, something will slip by me. Something can sit in one place for so long, that it becomes part of the norm.

And in our pantry, this became the norm.

This pre made crusty crust sat in the pantry.

It became the home for the extra soy sauce packets and fortune cookies.
It housed those packets and fortune cookies for some time.
Recently, I noticed the soy sauce packets and the fortune cookies were becoming too bountiful. Too much.
I could not take it any longer. {I don’t even like take-out chinese food!}

So, I did what any somewhat sane neurotic person would do.
I threw the soy sauce and the fortune cookies across the kitchen towards the garbage can.

{Sadly, I could neither recycle or compost them.}

Whew, I felt better. The world was back in order.

Then I thought: “I don’t even like graham cracker crusts. Who even bought this?” 

I considered keeping it, just in case.
Then, I checked the use by date, just in case.
I gasped loudly.

Yes, that says Better if used before October 10, 2008!

Apparently, my neurosis is slipping…cause this baby sat for more years than I like to admit.
As it turns out, this was near the time that I started blogging too.

A coincidence?

Me thinks NO.

24 thoughts on “I feel crusty, oh so crusty.

  1. Mwahaha! But now a ?…how do graham crackers go bad? Kinda like the 'use by' date on my bottle of dish soap….hmmmmOh ya, and blogging does things to people…like makes friends outta someone in the west with a cool someone cleartheheck in Florida! And keeping outdated crapola to use as a post subject:) xoxo


  2. That's too funny… I went and cleaned out some stuff in the pantry yesterday too and found dip mix from Germany. Wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact we brought it with us when we moved here in 2006. Expiration date was 2008, just like your crusty crust. 🙂


  3. isn't it scary how stuff sits so long? or maybe it is that i thought i just cleaned out the pantry last month, but it was really 3 years ago. i got no crusty crust, but i sure do have a lot of old jello! i'm not sure who keeps buying that!!!


  4. I'm glad you aren't holding blogging responsible for the long stay of the pie crust in your pantry. If it makes you feel any better, we periodically have to have a general clearing of our pantry as well. How does all that stuff get there in the first place?


  5. That is funny…and scary. That's happened to me too. I cleaned out my pantry of everything 'old' and everything over-processed recently and it covered my entire kitchen counter. It was probably two weeks worth of groceries…mostly expired or very bad for you…but all in the trash.


  6. Hahaha! Now I need to ge clean out my pantry. I'm sure I have winners like that too. Especially on bottles of sauce that I never use but keep buying….


  7. Anonymous

    Oh this is so funny to me. John will not throw away free condiment packs – Taco Bell ones especially! Who eats that stuff anyway! If I clean out cabinets and even throw away a few from the \”mountain\” he KNOWS!When we were getting ready to move, I went thru the pantry and found umpteen bottles of outdated ketchup – I don't even use ketchup!!!!!!Scary that we are so much alike!


  8. It's our fault that chaos was allowed in your pantry!!! As you know, we have done some deeper cleaning – – – – especially since all the kids are gone – – – – found some older groceries of theirs – – – but you beat me with that date. I'm impressed the crust still has the original color. . . . . doesn't it feel so cleansing to toss stuff?


  9. HA—you have made me think of things which may be in my pantry –which I never use and which are OLD…. Yipes!!!! Makes me also wonder about spices. How long do they last? I'm sure I have some spices in my spice rack which are too old to think about!!!! Oh Well—-sometimes, as one gets older, things like that don't bother me much anymore… Life is too short!!!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  10. I occasionally (ha) find outdated stuff in my pantry. My husband sometimes thinks he needs a can of Spam. I have learned to write the date of purchase on the can, then I can show it to him before I throw it out a couple years later. Last week, we found a bowl of pork that our son had cooked, frozen and dated 2009. We pulled it out of the basement freezer, set it on the dryer and forgot to take it upstairs. We went to the lake for the weekend and our daughter went down to do laundry two days later. She said the laundry room reeked!


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