This, That & The other thing

I’ve got some very life altering information to share with you. {Don’t I always?}  I’m going to limit it to three things for today…hopefully, the things I hold back won’t interfere with your living this week.

If you ever find yourself to be 44 years old AND going through puberty, you will need this:

Who gets acne at my age? Well, not acne…just ONE large, painful, “I”m not leaving your face for a long time” type zit.
This stuff is a miracle worker. It just better not say: I’ll be back! {freakin’ Schwartzenager}

Next week, I’m shopping for training bra’s.


We have planned a big little trip this summer that required my children to get these:

I’m ecstatic.
But on the Debby Downer side…this trip will require me to be in a bathing suit for most of my waking hours. wahh wahh wahhh.

I texted Lolo to let her know her passport arrived.

Me: It is now safe for you  to leave the country…and more importantly, you can come back in!

Her reply:


The Other Thing:
Yesterday, Linds and I came home from an errand…the Coach was already home.
We chit chatted for a minute catching up on stuff. The Coach asked me how my day was.

Me: “I rode the exercise bike for 16 miles today…..can you tell I’ve lost weight?”
His response: {dryly} “I couldn’t even see you standing there.” 

That means I only need to ride 15 miles tomorrow….I refuse to be overlooked.

See, I told you this would alter your life!
YOU are so welcome!

26 thoughts on “This, That & The other thing

  1. I hate those zits, seems like they would require their own \”zit code\”… Good to know there is something out there for it.Yay for passports! I actually need to renew my green card so I don't have to get outa here. 😉


  2. \”Zit-code\”? Anke, why didn't I think of that?And Suz, I'm almost done with my training bras so if you need them, they're all yours!Bon Voyage!m.


  3. Anonymous

    Yeah!!! A trip!Thanks for the zit cream info – Mr. has had one for a week now – the kind you used to get before a BIG date!!!


  4. You can't just tell us that you'll be swimming and lazing about somewhere and leave us in the not know about where it is. Brat.I'm going to keep that Terminator info in my back pocket cuz I'm pretty sure puberty was just delivered by UPS.


  5. That coach is a wise, wise man!I am SO excited to hear the details of this trip!!Apparently, I am entering puberty as well. I am totally going shopping for some of the miracle cream tomorrow.


  6. I don't need your zit cure but what have you got for cellulite? (I'll keep checking back because I could really use that)In a bathing suit for most of your waking hours…. hmmmmm…. I guess a sailboat cruise in the British Virgin Islands.


  7. Cool – – – we will get to see LOTS of pictures after your trip!!! And you won't have to be seen in your bathing suit in them if you don't want to because someone has to take the pictures!Do you think you could find some kind of ointment that keeps ornery hairs from growing on an 'older' woman's chin – – – like the hair will not be there one day and an inch long the next!!!!!


  8. Wow, a passport and the promise of days in a bathing suit. Sounds very fun.Better tone it down to only 14 miles. You don't want to be in danger of disappearing.


  9. Love that daughter of yours, she got your humorous bones:) Zits show up just to remind you you're still a kid…Beaches and bathing suits? Sounds like Florida to me….Better send Nelson home or he'll whine all the time you're gone…


  10. obviously, we need to talk. cuz i had NO IDEA you were going back to montana!! 🙂 costa rica? that is my guess. and if i'm wrong? i'll still be calling wherever you are going costa rica. kk?


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