Sasha Fierce; the Cat that refuses to be ours. And Mother’s day!

I’ve had several people inquire about our feral/screen/Sasha Fierce I’ll give a brief update.

I’ve been able to get more photos of sasquatch and unicorns than this elusive cat. 
Back in February, I caught her getting some sun. 

If I could sum it up in one sentence it would be:

One day, when we sell this house, the cat will ‘go’ with the house. 

She has been with us since January, and she is still terrified of all the humans here.

She is growing. We see her through the windows at random times and we say: 

And she senses our eyes upon her and she hides inside/behind a cabinet.
She is as tall as our smallest cat Krispy…but she is skinny. I see her eating, so I know she eats daily.
We figure she is full of nervous energy, and burns a lot of calories by being nervous. I’m going to try that myself.

This week: Can you see the terror in her eyes…she knows I am there watching her. Poor little nervous booger. 

Some evenings, I can see her running around attacking my hanging plants, the ties on the chaise lounges; having carefree kitten moments. And that is really sweet to see. Too bad the other cats don’t play with her! I told you they weren’t nice.

So yes, she will be part of this house if/when we ever sell it.

Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother’s day to all of you….you know, if you nurture anything, {plants, humans, fur-people, spouses} you deserve a day of recognition.
Of course, my MOM is my favorite Mom.

You know, I like to refer to her as my ‘life giver’….or “the woman who probably thought about leaving me on the doorstep to Domestic Animal services more than once”   {that is frowned upon in our state}

 Amish girls laughed at me in this dress.
 Now, do you see where I get it from?

We are always laughing about something…usually something really ‘wrong.’
And about me….I found this in a little notebook a few years ago. I’m not sure which of my children wrote it, but surely it was my favorite child. 

 I keep it on the cork board in our mudroom….and I gaze at it on the days where I want to take someone to Domestic animal services for a little visit.

Wishing you all a nice Mother’s day!!!
And to my Mom: I miss you and I love you!!!!

21 thoughts on “Sasha Fierce; the Cat that refuses to be ours. And Mother’s day!

  1. This post was so sweet. And since you already did it, I can't even rip on you for that sad looking dress that your Mother made you wear. Were your being punished? Poor thing.Happy Mother's Day to you and your favorite Mom!m.


  2. Happy Mother's Day to you AND your mom! Wishing that little kitty knew what a great furbaby-mom you are; if she did, she'd surely come closer and join in the fun! HUGS to you, Suz!


  3. Oh kitten! I had such high hopes that she would have mellowed by now. Rats. Lovely tribute to your mom. I have many a photo like that that will not be appearing on my blog anytime soon. You're a far braver woman than I.Happy Mother's Day. (I'm sure Sasha would want me to say that on her behalf from behind her cabinet!)


  4. That kitty is kind of cute but while she may stick around for food I doubt she will ever sit on your lap and purr. I say don't sell your house until she has moved on as the new owners might not be as kind and generous toward SF as you are. Your mom looks like someone I could spend time with – I love laughing at things that are all 'wrong'. Have a Happy Mothers Day Weekend! j


  5. Your poor little scared kitty! I guess it needs a mom and you're it, even if the kitty won't let you get close enough to show your love. What a cute note from your \”favorite\” child. I have so many sweet notes tucked away – makes me want to dig them out and drool over them.Happy mother's day!


  6. I have a feral kitty that we caught in my mom's garage 15 years ago. He tolerates us…but he is a love.Speaking of love….love that groovy granny dress :)Happy Mom's Day….I love that you saved your kids' writing.


  7. Happy Mother's day to you and to your mom! Funny, I keep little notes from the girls \”stashed\” throughout the house, in the car… Guess a lot of moms need those little reminders every now and then. 🙂


  8. Happy Mom's Day, Suz, and to your own sweet mama, too! Thanks for taking care of the scared little kitty…makes me smile to think of him playing among the plants and with the cushion strings, when he thinks he's invisible :-)In an earlier comment: Jenn spotted rick-rack on that dress! I had sooo forgotten that was the rage in the 70s,…I did not sew much, but I glued it onto almost anything; bookmarks, placemats, shoes, and clothes!!Have a lovely weekend,hugs,Lizzie in Mississippi


  9. Oh your little kitty is so skinny:) If only nervous energy did make for calorie burning…I could eat all day long!Happy Mother's Day to you, hope it was wonderful.


  10. I am so glad you wrote about the cat and YOUR mom! I got sort of sick of seeing so many people writing about themselves…and not their mothers on mothers day. Oh well. To each his own.


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