Domestic OCD

By this photo, you don’t have to be a genius, or even a little bright to figure out which of our appliances has taken ill.


And 99% of this pile does not belong to myself, or the Coach.

99% of this pile belongs to two nameless people who didn’t seem to comprehend what I said…when I said: “I’ll no longer be toting your dirty laundry to the laundry room. If you want it washed….deliver it to the laundry room.”

In all fairness, one of those two nameless people may have been at college. Or softball practice. And the other one, well she is deaf when it comes to housecleaning. Or any type of physical labor.


In my life, this is considered a medical emergency. My laundry OCD is getting to me.
I’ve made the 911 call….now I wait for the professionals to come in.

*tapping my foot, while avoiding eye contact with The Pile*

I hope your Wednesday is without drama. Or toe tapping.

21 thoughts on “Domestic OCD

  1. Yikes, that pile would drive me crazy too. Avoid the laundry room at all costs until your 911 call is answered. And maybe have a glass of wine to calm your nerves. 😉


  2. Ugh…not fun. I feel for you..I hope the patient can be revived or duct taped back together or something so you can deal with The Pile. ; )


  3. The worst is when you find a shirt in the laundry still folded! so you know they've taken it out of the drawer, changed their mind, and put it in the hamper. You need a door you can close on this pile until the repairman shows.


  4. i feel your pain. since i've moved into my house, i have been without the ability to do laundry twice. first the washer didn't work. i just ran out and bought a new one. couple of months later the dryer stopped working, really? this time i called the repair man, but it took me 3 weeks to call him. why? because i'm a pathetic procrastinator, lol. i called him after i was fed up with the laundromat.


  5. So sorry to hear this! Is it fixable, or time to replace it? You know that we just replaced our washer, and it's a wide field out there – so many choices – maybe too many! But I'm happy with our new one. Email me if you want input.


  6. You are a good mom to do their laundry. Mine got that job given to them in high school when they wouldn't bring their laundry to me to wash. It made my life easier – – – except then I had to fight for time to use my own washing machine!!! Praying you have it fixed or replaced very soon!


  7. FUNNY you mention it, as laundry may be my FAVORITE household activity, after baking. (and gardening is NOT on that list at all 🙂 I just did a big load and set it out on the line and racks to dry and took some clean dry stuff for the wife to her pile. Somehow it always feels to me like I have BRAND NEW CLOTHES again or something! And I remember a program a few years ago 1900 House, and they spent 12 hours a week, all day Monday, washing clothes by hand…HA! I have a machine 🙂


  8. If only…..Just last week I took our washing machine apart. Thankfully, I got it all back together without any leftover parts. I'm not sure how that happened. Or why, but at least the &*%$ thing still works! Hope yours gets better real soon!


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