Circular seating and my mouthy boy.

I’ve been himmin’ and a hawwin’ for new lanai furniture for a while. I finally stopped talking about it and started {cyber} shopping.
Life is good when I get what I want.

And I did. Cyber-style.

Nice, right? Circular dude. 
 How many minutes until it is covered with pet hair?

I’m betting 10 minutes. Baby. We love it!

I ordered it on Sunday…and it was here on Friday.
How is that for service? The fed ex guy was pleasant too…and luckily he wasn’t able to heave the boxes over the gate.  HA!

Mother’s day morning we all chilled out here….coffee and mother’s day french toast. Life is GOOD!

We generally like to spend mornings out here….relaxing, listening to some tunes and pretending we are on vacation.

I ordered the round zebra rug from
Relax, It’s not real zebra.

Have you shopped there? I LOVE IT. That is where I got the composter……and I’ve got an outside dog bed coming too.
The dog bed is for the dogs….I hope you knew that.

You will see though…they really enjoy human furniture.

Sunday morning found Ozzie in rare form…..he started talking to Maisy for some reason. He is a vocal dog, but never ever messes with the cats, so this was very out of the ordinary for him.

I caught some of the action with my cell phone:

Ok, it was five minutes before the animals took over the sectional.

I was having issues loading A video….somehow I ended up with two?
I’m cyber challenged when it doesn’t involve a credit card…

Do you like how I teach you what a cat looks like….and I can count cats and dogs.
Yes, I was good at math…when it involved numbers one through five.

Have a great weekend!
Saturday will find us prepping for PROM!!
Remember this smallish banner?

And still….I’ve not decided what I am going to wear!!


27 thoughts on “Circular seating and my mouthy boy.

  1. Suz., your voice, I'm finally hearing it! And it was everything I hoped it would be. I might have to play it on a continual loop. Yeah baby!Love the furniture.m.


  2. Anonymous

    Love the videos and the way Ozzie KNOWS what the cat-swatting distance is! Pretty furniture, too. Fun weekend coming up for you guys…we need lots of pics!


  3. Suz, the furniture is awesome!! Makes me wish we had a covered patio so we could have something as beautiful.Hayneedle is the best! We bought a bookshelf and a bed frame there for Hannah and were very pleased with everything. I would highly recommend them to anybody!


  4. What Mark said – it was fun to hear you! Somehow I lost count at two cats on this blog – you prefer dogs, but you have more cats than dogs! That's amazing. Love your new sectional – it's so pretty that it would even work indoors. How long do you think it will take Screen to investigate it?


  5. It looks as if your new furniture got the seal of approval from the dogs and cats. I enjoyed the video of Ozzie 'talking' to the cat.I trust the Prom will be a huge success. Will you be sharing pictures?


  6. For some reason, there's no sound when I play these videos. But, unlike Mark and Karen, I've HEARD your voice, and I think it's better this way. ;-)Ouch!! I felt that shank!!LOVE the new furniture. I've been looking for some for my deck for about 10 years now. I may just have to check out I can put it on your tab, right? Coach will never notice…


  7. Love your new patio furniture!!! Too bad it will be 'furry' very soon though. But the same goes with my sofa…beautiful red chenille sofa and it's COVERED in white cat hair. I should do a post on all the measures we've taken to keep her off since I de-furred it the last time. What a stubborn cat. So good luck with your furniture. ; )


  8. Your taste is excellent. I love your new patio furniture. Your dog with the cat reminds me of my dog and cats. She just can't leave them alone. So funny!


  9. Beautiful furniture! I'm surprised it took the animals 5 minutes to try it out. I made a slipcover for one of my chairs. I barely got it on before one of the dogs got on it…I hope you find something to wear to wear to prom. My hubby saw a shirt the other day that said, \”DADD: Dad's Against Daughters Dating.\” I sure hope our daughter gets to go to the prom one day! 😉


  10. Belated Happy Mother's day to you, Suz, your teen girls are awesome and I always like to hear about them (and their laundry)!! (Of course you're mom to fur babies, too, and that's like having toddlers!!) Ha-ha on the video of Ozzie telling the cat that those seats are for DOGS, and the cat doing what cats do, giving him the unblinking stare and showing one paw in ready for a quick swipe to the nose. Everything will work out once you get the Dog Bed out there…..right?!!Yes, Sasha will be on the furniture as soon as your back is turned ;-)Now your lanai is officially a Staycation Destination!! Looks so cozy.Will watch for Prom pictures…lizzie from mississippi (I'm in one of those moods where I want to do name rhyming! Rosanadana, etc!)


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